9 thoughts on “Guided Meditation Release Negative Energy Attract Positive Energy

  1. I found this video really helpful! Quite new to mediation but I listened to this with my headphones in. Your voice helped guide me right into it and once I was in a meditative state I let go of my worries and doubts. I could visualise shapes that looked like figures of people and hands reaching out.

  2. Voice is hard to hear without turning it up and then the music seems too loud, even more so at the end. I like the visualizations, but I think it would be helpful to have a little more intro into subconscious state and also when it goes to just music it would be helpful if I was told that I will continue to relax and converse for awhile at some point …again I think the music was too loud (kind of like the unevenness of commercials vs your tv show) to let thoughts enter easily. I found myself opening my eyes shortly after it went to just music thinking it was ending soon. Thank you for the positivity visualization though, that was cool. I may try it again…in hopes the volume is better.

  3. This is sort of a "half-helpful" point of view. Why not breathe in light and love and breath out compassion and gratitude or something? It CAN be positive in and positive out. We are what we think, right? I don't mean this as a criticism. I understand your intent and I appreciate it. I just think there might be an even more empowering way to look at it. If that makes sense?

  4. Wow!! I really felt a difference and I definitely feel more radiantly positive. Thank you for the guided meditation

  5. During this meditation I also found it hard to hear your voice. But other than that it was great! I had a weird experience though.. I was with everyone they told me to lay down. So I did, I started to feel all the good vibes etc. I heard a crack and I started to fall into a black hole. Everyone was starring at me as I falling, I somehow managed to fly back up. When I came up from the hole, it patched itself back up. Right as I was back on the ground after falling, I felt my physical body jump. Is this a normal experience?

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