Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Panic Attacks  – Meditation for Positive Energy | Episode 003

Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Meditation for Positive Energy | Episode 003

In this video, I’m gonna give you the
secret of how you can heal your anxiety and we’re gonna start right now. What’s going on my name is Athena and I’m here to help you hear your emotions and have a much happier life. If you’re interested to heal yourself and subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell. I upload a video every week. If you are interested to learn healing on a deeper level I offer a range of healing courses that would completely change your life and enlighten you about your soul’s
purpose so if you’re ready for a radical change contact me now my contact number
is in the description if you have anxiety then this video is for you if
you get panic attacks then this video is for you if you have fears of anything or
anyone then this video is for you and this video will change your life so
take it seriously many people believe that financial abundance is what they
need to feel safe this is absolutely not true the reality is the more money
you’ve got the more unsafe you might feel in fact some people live in
constant anxiety of losing all their money so money is not the answer to
anxiety on the flip side some people believe that positive affirmations like
I am safe and strong I don’t allow anxiety to affect me can heal their
anxiety again this is not true simply because it contradicts your experiences
you have experienced some scary events that has stuck in your subconscious
memory and you kept feeling anxiety every time you think these events might
arise at any time in your life positive affirmations and thinking differently is
not going to heal your anxiety the only way you can heal your anxiety is through
real-life experiences in this video I’m gonna give you a secret on how we can
invoke some real-life experiences that can assure you that you’re safe but
first I need you to understand five spiritual laws number one life is with you not against
you even though life is challenging and every time you feel uncomfortable you
believe that life is against you the spiritual truth is that life is all
about helping you progress as a soul life is just like it school the school
was made to help you even though you keep feeling challenged to pass your
exams number two life never gives you a
challenge that you cannot deal with your anxiety arises when you believe that
something is gonna happen that you’re not gonna be able to deal with the
spiritual truth is that life wants you to improve so life is never gonna give
you a challenge that you cannot deal with as long as you can remember that
the lesson is always about changing something in yourself you never need to
panic number three life is taking care of you
unexpected things will happen you don’t know everything happening around you and
you’ll never know what’s gonna happen in the future so if you feel anxious that
you don’t have the perfect plan to keep you safe in the future don’t worry even
when you believe that you have the perfect plan you’re not actually under
present safe life is always changing in unexpected ways
number four life is guiding you through your intuition relax and listen to your
intuition when you acknowledge that you weak and you really need this life to
help you and guide you you will eventually get the right intuitive help
without intuition you cannot feel safe about anything and you can never make
any decisions but don’t brag about your amazing intuition keep a very modest
attitude when you’re asking this enormous universe to help you number
five life is protecting you just think of how
many times you could have died in the past a divine power has been protecting
you all along of course you have to go through some painful experiences but
these were necessary experiences for your personal day
so you’re always protected but you experience tragedies only when it is
absolutely necessary for your soul growth now let’s ask the divine to give
you the necessary experiences to heal your anxiety close your eyes and get
ready for the meditation this is not a normal meditation it’s erequest you’re
sending to this universe a request that will be answered in the most unusual
ways I asked the divine to give me the
experience of all these five spiritual laws within the next couple of weeks I
asked the divine to grant me an experience that will show me that life
is with me and not against me I asked the divine to grant me an experience
that will show me that life never gives me a challenge that I cannot deal with I
asked the divine to grant me an experience that will show me that life
is taking care of me I asked the divine to grant me an experience that will show
me that life is guiding me and that I have a clear intuition I asked the
divine to grant me an experience that will show me that life is protecting me now you might get a feeling of the piece
this is a sign from the divine that your pure intention is appreciated and your
request will be granted as soon as possible well done now you just need to wait and
notice how life will give you all these experiences it’s good to repeat this
meditation several times in the future so that your fears gradually disappear
and your trust in the process of life gets consolidated good luck and have
great experiences

6 thoughts on “Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Meditation for Positive Energy | Episode 003

  1. Thank You for another great video what is your video editor if you don't mind my asking? You are very skilled in editing as well as healing.

  2. I felt understood and engaged in your introductions. I am VERY thankful I watched to the end I also should say I struggled with anxiety and fear based thinking most of all in the passed 20 years *(since around the age I think I was 10) but the last 10 years I worked harder to face and grow with fear. I have more to address too! In this is healing I feel stronger louder and bolder even today. Thank you!

  3. Hello Wassim! I really appreciate this video and grateful since I can very much relate to it, from some of these life struggles and experiences. You have great analogies in here. Life is like a school and we can all learn from it. I closed my eyes and asked the universe.. πŸ’— the powerful Devine grants us all with guidance, support, protection, and peace for all. Thank you πŸ™ so much for this video. It’s very insightful and helpful. Big like! πŸ‘

  4. My body shook and my eyes shut so tightly …..and a smile. I also saw blue and turquoise in circles like orbs very vividly in the end.

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