Guided Meditation for ADHD and ADD, Free your mind,  NO MUSIC

Guided Meditation for ADHD and ADD, Free your mind, NO MUSIC

Guided Meditation for ADHD and ADD. Free your mind. The concentration state… You’ve watched
the video you know how to do it. Open your awareness with your eyes.
Whether they’re opened or closed you can do the exercise. Open your awareness with
your ears. Now, we’re going to relax the body
and the body only. Pay attention to the toes of your feet. A cool
soothing liquid is penetrating your feet. From your toes into your feet, over the
arches, over the bridges, into your ankles, up your shins, up your carves, into your
knees, the backs of your knees, your kneecaps, your quads, your hamstrings. Up
it goes. It doesn’t have to take time, we can do this quickly… Up to your pelvis, to
your internal, external organs, to your ribs, to your lungs, to your heart, to your
chest, to your shoulders. Start feeling this now
coming in through the tips of your fingers, filling your fingers, your hands,
your wrists, your forearms. Up it goes, you can do this as fast as you want. Up to
your elbows, your biceps, your triceps, up your upper arms, where it meets the other sensations. In your body of your
shoulders. Take it up your neck into your head, your jaw… relax… your jaw, relax your
tongue, relax the bridge of your mouth, your cheeks, to your nose, your eyes the
muscles in your eyes, your temples, your forehead, your scalp and your brain. Relaxed, be aware in the concentrated
state that your body is relaxed now… We’re going to breathe in deeply through
our noses. Take a long slow deep breath. Fill your diaphragm, your ribs, your chest…
breathe as deeply as you can. Hold it for the count of one two and slowly let it
out breathing out through your nose. We’re going to repeat this four times
more. Breathe it in slowly… fill up your diaphragm, your ribs, your
chest… and hold it for a second and then let it
go. Three in and out – in and out and we now bring our awareness who are
racing minds. If you’ve got this far congratulations. Focus on your mind, you
know what you’re going to do… You’re going to start speeding it up… It goes double, triple, quadruple… as
because the room, as big as the house, as big as the street you’re on or the park
you’re in, as big as the city or the village or in, the county, the state, the
country, the continent, the planet. It exceeds the planet… goes to the moon as big as it needs to go. Listen to my voice, pay attention only to my voice. We’re
going to count from ten down to one and each time we’re going to go down, doubling our relaxation, doubling our
calmness, soothing, relaxing, withdrawing from all our senses. Ten.. calmly… deeply… down we go… we lose the feeling of our
feet and our legs and our body and our hands and our arms and our shoulders. Losing, fading away, deeply, slowly and
calmly… 9 down, we go deepening softly, deeply, slowly… eight down we go
again down and down and down… seven start feeling the feeling of pure
consciousness and focusing on this… six thoughts have ceased long ago down and
down and down we go…. five relaxed at peace… four times deeper… three times more down… 2 be still and be here now in
consciousness… consciousness…. is vast… it’s as big as the universe. float subconsciously in this vast
universe of consciousness… using your concentration…. focus… focus
on the vastness of your consciousness…. stay here… stay here by yourselves just
for a minute… That is one minute… congratulations… now
remember you’re going to want to practice this exercise. Use the video if
you wish every day for 30, 60 maybe even 90 days,,, until that entire minute is effortless pure
consciousness,,, as big as the universe,,, free from any thoughts,,,, perhaps you did
it on the first time. Congratulations. If you could only stay there for a few
seconds that is absolutely fine too… Keep going with this video until you can
do it for the entire minute… now it is time to return. refreshed… calm and at peace… full of vital
energy…. we’re going to count from one to ten and bring you back slowly. One start
to come back from universe… passed down back through the galaxy, the solar system
back to the planet, back down to your country, to your town, to the building to the
room, to your body. to we’re now here… coming back …being at
peace feeling at rest. Three start becoming aware of where you are…
4.. your body.. start bringing your body back… 5 … we’re halfway back now… you’ve done so
well… congratulations. Six… feel your body feel your toes feel your mind remember
the state your mind is in now… hold on to it as much as you can…
Seven… up we come. Eight, nine and ten. Congratulations on finishing… and waking…
when you’re ready open your eyes…. and when you have time please remember to
like, subscribe, share ,click the alert button and of course comment on your
experience. Remember to practice this video. Do not move on to the next until
you have acquired that entire minute. Concentrating on your own consciousness.
Thank you very much for joining me in this meditation and I will see you when
you’re ready again in this all in the next video.

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  1. excellent series, using these videos to prep for a long medical board exam! Keep up the good work my friend

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