God’s Sovereignty & Man’s Free-Will

God’s Sovereignty & Man’s Free-Will

tonight our study is going to be on the
topic of God’s sovereignty and man’s free will not or but and man’s free will
and this is one of those topics yet again that we continue to hear debated
more than discussed and it has and continues to divide the church and
divide many Christians and divides us as a body and I believe that that is so
unnecessary because what it ends up doing is is it keeps us from being more
effective in our witness for the true and living God and that sad and what I
want to do is to start off by clearly defining sovereignty as well as freewill
and in fact I will encourage everyone when you get into a conversation about
whatever that issue may be ensure that whatever that is that is clearly defined make sure whatever it is it is clearly
defined we have to have the clarity because once we defined it we could
either defend it and/or destroy it but we need to know what we are talking
about so we’re all on the same page so keep that in mind in any discussion no
matter what it is define it so let’s define sovereignty and when we look at
what sovereignty means it is defined as in its most simplest terms supreme power
or authority supreme power or authority and when we’re talking about the true
Living God that means supreme in every circumstance every situation supreme supreme power and authority do we
understand that it’s complete complete and it’s important that we know this God has
sovereign rule the Bible teaches us that God possesses all power all not some but
all and He is the ruler of all things captured in the Book of Psalms chapter
135 in verse 6 the Word of God reads whatever the Lord pleases He does in
heaven and in earth in the seas and in all deep places to me that covers
everything there is nothing left to chance complete and there’s so many
verses that speaks to this this is just one that demonstrates God’s sovereign
rule our God is outside of time and He knows the end from the beginning and if
He did not then He would not be God it is impossible for the Creator who
created all things not to know His creation or what His creation is capable
of doing is doing and/or will do impossible there is no aspect of the universe that
He is not in control of that is our God so the question that we should ask
ourselves and respond to as Christians is do we believe that God is sovereign
indeed do we believe that I mean do we believe that our God is in control of
all things all-powerful do we believe that does our God have
complete rule over all and I pray that that answer is a resounding yes that’s
my prayer because our God is all-powerful the Almighty God El Shaddai
He is omnipresent everywhere at once the seer of all El Roi He sees me as well as
everyone else He is all-knowing never-changing
Jehovah do we believe this as Christians I hope
we do and if the God of the Bible is not all
of these things to you well then it would seem based on the scriptures that
your view of God does not match His Word and that’s a problem I truly pray that our thoughts about God
are not shallow and that we believe what the Word says He is who He says He is
and that must be understood and believed by us who claim to be Christians now why
don’t we define free will what that means so that we’re all on the same page
while we discussed this free will so free will is defined as the ability to
choose without constraint that’s what free will is in a nutshell we have the
ability to choose despite the fact that our all-powerful all-knowing and all
present God is sovereign over all oh we do and what’s even more amazing is that
even though God can turn a man’s heart which ever way He chooses man is still
responsible for his own actions this is what the Word of God speaks to
in numerous places we have a choice we can choose and we have free will and out
of all the verses in the Bible I just want to look at was captured in the book
of Joshua chapter 24 in verse 15 reason why so well known as the Word of God
reads and if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord choose for yourselves
this day whom you will serve whether the gods which your father’s served that
we’re on the other side of the river or the gods of the Amorites in whose
land you dwell but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord so from
what we see here serving the Lord is a choice a choice that each and every one
of us have been afforded the opportunity to make and or reject it will not be freewill at all if we did
not have the freedom to choose are we tracking absent this freedom our ability
to choose to either love or to hate would be no more than a systematic
program we would be puppets but the Bible says that we all can choose so
again we as professing Christians need to ask ourselves and answer the question
do we believe that we have free will is this what we believe as Christians and I
will answer for myself absolutely I firmly believe we have free will the
Bible speaks to it even though God has pre established limits and all of the
above we still have free will and our God is
full of wisdom He knows this concept has been around for a long
time free will speaking of the Scottish author in Christian apologist George
McDonald would going to say these words a free will is not the Liberty to do
whatever one likes but the power of doing whatever one sees ought to be done
even in the very face of otherwise overwhelming impulse here’s the part
there lies freedom indeed he recognized this many others before him understood
it and so should we so as we look back we can see that we have the sovereignty
of God that’s spoken of in the scriptures while at the same time having free will
to choose also spoken of in the scriptures even though again God
Almighty is in complete control now to me and many others like me this is the
great mystery one of them it’s a great mystery and that’s okay and in my
opinion if we were to just leave it like that understanding that it is a great
mystery there would not be a problem we would keep it moving but the problem is
we do not we don’t I mean if we could just come to the understanding that the
Lord’s ways are unsearchable and that this perplexing reality of God’s
sovereignty and man’s free will it would be rightly divided it would be accepted
as the truth accepted as God’s divine providence but we don’t do that and
that’s sad because the Bible tells us we should
in the book of Proverbs chapter 25 in verse 2 the Word of God reads it is the
glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings is to search out a matter
now this search out a matter by kings spoken of here oftenC gets flipped
around like see we’re supposed to search everything out and come up with the
answer that’s twisting scripture the glory of
God is to conceal a matter it’s His glory and that’s what is
speaking to our God has the ability to do things without revealing how they are
done and He does not have to say why He’s God and I think that we truly
injure ourselves when we attempt to be as wise as God that’s a problem we want
to try to answer all the mysteries that are not revealed in the scriptures and
then what we do is we lay some claim to it as it’s a fact and there you have it a
new doctrine the Bible is full of mysteries the
Trinity is one of them I mean we know from the scriptures that God has a
triune nature without question we understand that but the inner workings
of that nature we don’t know that’s a mystery the rapture’s another one now we
know that the church is not subjected to wrath and that the dead in Christ will
rise first and we who are alive who believe will be caught up with the Lord
in the air and forever be with the Lord but that transformation and how it’s going
to take place if what we’re going to look like and all of that that’s a
mystery a mystery that we should accept and believe that whatever it is whatever
we could have thought of would have been wrong but we don’t we still have to prod and
prod and prod and that injures us in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 29 in verse
29 the Word of God reads the secret things belong to the Lord our God but
those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children for ever that
we may do all the words of this law and to me one of those secret things is how
God is able to be in complete control while yet enabling man to have a free
will to choose are you with me and as I mentioned before that today as well as
over the centuries this issue with God’s sovereignty and free will have divided
Christians why because they begin to promote systems of belief within
Christianity that do not belong they should not be there but they are because
in many cases what happens is with those systems they force the follower to
choose either this way or that way you’re either this or you’re either that that’s a problem
a major problem because what happens is as the Christian begins to learn about
the character of the true and living God then what happens is they stumble across
something and they look at it and say wait that doesn’t fit my system of
belief even though it’s plain and simple straightforward in the Scriptures but
because it goes against what I’ve been told is my system
it does not compute and then the spiritual brain fries sparks come out the
eyeballs and it stifles Christians that’s a problem and now guess what
people do they allow systems to interpret the Bible the Bible instead of
Scripture itself it’s the system over the Scriptures and that’s what we see
and then worse than that those who get caught up in these systems can find
themselves at polar opposites from what the Scriptures really say and we see that all the time people at
extreme ends against the Word of God because of systems Charles Simeon would
warn about this he would write God has not revealed His truth in a system the
Bible has no system as such lay aside system and fly to the Bible receive its
words with simple submission and without an eye to any system listen he says this
be Bible Christians and not system Christians and to me this is extremely
important to realize we need to be Bible Christians and not system anything
including denominationalism big word right even though we are here at a
non-denominational church we could find ourselves becoming a denomination
because of a system some ritual instead of just sticking to the Scriptures and
we need to be diligent about that our job is to rightly divide the Word of
Truth and stick to the Scriptures if not we will end up becoming systematic and
then that stifles our walk and our growth and what kind of witnesses would we be
systems are a problem and we’re going to deal with a couple of these systems but
I want to be I want to make sure that we understand that there are people of old
that have been involved in said systems and these systems have evolved over time
and have become very extreme many of you may be surprised that Charles Spurgeon
was a Calvinist he did wonderful things to further the Kingdom of God and
there’s many others like him on both side of the argument from days of old
rarely do you see them now at least in the public forum many of them are very
extreme and that’s kind of what we’re going to talk about tonight so it’s not
a problem when we glean from some of these people it’s not an issue the issue
becomes when we attach ourselves to them and or a system and when it comes to
following anyone our duty is to follow Christ that’s who we follow in the book
of Matthew chapter 16 in verse 24 the Word of God reads then Jesus said to His
disciples if anyone desires to come after Me let him deny himself and take
up his cross and follow Me now in this one verse there are so many truths that
we can sit here and do an entire study on this by itself but as it relates to
predestination freewill and following note this the Word of God says that
Jesus said to His disciples He already called them ownership predestined My
disciples He said it to His disciples the call was
there already and then in the same verse He would say that if anyone desires to
come after Me and that desire to come as well as denying oneself is a choice are
you following me and that choice is free will that each of them had to rightly
choose to follow Christ and not man nor a system and that’s what we need to keep
in the forefront of our minds this should be us now I said it earlier
labels and systems can be very divisive so I want to make sure that we keep this
in mind and not become over emotional when we discuss a couple of the issues
when Calvinism as well as Arminianism taken to the extreme measures and we
see a lot of that today and I want to make that distinction between extreme
measures because there are people associated with both who do not agree
and believe they’re labeled that way but they don’t even walk like that and when
you start peeling the onion skin back of their belief they’re neither so be
careful about labels so many graduated levels inside there that’s why we’re
going to talk about the extremeness of them so they can be quickly
identified at the root of what’s been happening and what we see that continues
to grow today and it said so we’re going to discuss the extremes and what’s created
when people start following these extremes the law tells us to follow Him
and come to Him as little children that’s the way we should be keep that in
mind as well and with that said what’s the extreme view of the
people typically known as Calvinists what do we have here again first off I
want to make sure we understand that Calva did not even believe these extreme
views so his name has been hijacked and plastered on this but this is how we’re
to go through the teaching in the time we have tonight first they are
identified by this that God is completely sovereign and man has no or
very minute free will are you following me and then they have these five points
of Calvinism that explain their doctrine of grace and it’s outlined in this
nomenclature TULIP and again please know that this is a major study people
have written books and books and books about this so I’m not going to be able
to do it justice in those regards hopefully it’s enough information that
you can go on your own as it’s with all teachings and look it up by yourselves
or with a group if you so shall but I want to get through just to the main
ideas of these letters and what they mean so this is how they teach the T it
stands for total depravity and what the core of that definition means is that
man cannot even choose to be saved total depravity man cannot even come to the
Lord to be saved what does that do
that concept removes free will and then you have the U which stands for
unconditional election and that means that God chooses to save people
unconditionally without being a respecter of any persons that part we
know is true but He chooses so what does that do that removes the desire to have
the truth has to be given and then we have the L which stands for limited
atonement meaning that the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross was
only for an elect few perhaps they don’t mean few but they say
the elect what does that do removes a lot of Scripture or you would
have to twist it what about the one that says for whosoever believeth in Me and the I stands for irresistible grace
meaning when God has chosen to save someone He will because His grace is
irresistible so what this does is remove the ability
to reject the truth are we tracking and then the P stands for perseverance of
the saints which means those who are chosen by God can never lose their
salvation but what this does is it excludes any assurance for any body else who
believes in the true and living God and these issues become major problems
especially when you start digging into the various scriptures and what ends up
happening is that major contradictions are produced and then what happens to
the reader they rely on the system going back to that Scripture and then it gets
twisted to fit the system but perhaps one of the biggest
contradictions that comes out of Calvinism when you have these extreme
views is that it puts an all loving God into a position where evil can be
considered one of His purposes think about it that’s what it does and some
try to defend that with one of the most misinterpreted and misrepresented Bible
verses regarding this issue captured in the book of Isaiah chapter 45 in verse
7 from the King James Version I’m going to read as the Word of God reads I formed
the light and create darkness I make peace and create evil
I the LORD do all these things so at first read one would say see God is the
creator of evil it says it right here but that’s not the case they’re reading
the scriptures out of context because the context of the passage is in regards
to God using King Cyrus as an instrument of punishment the one He anointed God
Himself to do this this is what it speaks to He is letting us know He is in
complete control of the events that were about to unfold and that’s why the
Prophet would prophesy to the people and let them know this this is what it
pertains to our God is not party to any evil He is holy and He is just and He is
the judge of all but when we go to the extreme and place our God as the
complete chooser for us for everything meaning everything that we do is His
decision we’ve just given up all free will of our parts then we place all the
evil that we do in His hands do we see that that’s what happens and that’s a
problem because if God is love and there is no evil in Him then I can say things
like well then why did he make me do this God made me do that he’s in control
of all things and this is how many people take it do you see the problem and each time
they mentioned stuff like this for all of these issues they back it up with
Scripture on both sides and no matter how much you rebuttal it it goes back and
forth back and forth back and forth if we just understood the majesty of God
and let it be we wouldn’t have these problems the bottom line is placing God
in the category of evil in any way just takes away His glory and His holiness
and that’s a big mistake and that’s one of the main problems with
doctrine the great mathematician and scientist Albert Einstein said it
perfectly believe it or not he says that God did not create evil then
he goes on to say just as darkness is the absence of light evil is the absence
of God and he’s right simple example but very accurate he’s right and when we
think about it and look back at the creation account everywhere in Genesis
we hear these words repeated God would say and God saw that it was good
everything God saw it was good it was good it was good it was good and we
should take note of that that’s a detail for a specific reason
and one of those reasons I believe is because God was showing us that
everything He creates is perfect it is good and we know there’s only one good
God everything He creates is perfect no flaws at all period the flaws are us and our free will and when we separate
ourselves from the Lord we are evil everything He makes is perfect and again
to describe how this works sovereignty and free will
nobody can describe it but it does this is why we have our God believe in Him He
is just He is a holy God and He is God He knows how it works and we should
trust Him enough to know how it works do we trust Him this is who He is and what
He is capable of all things are possible with God and now let’s look at a couple
of issues with the extreme version of Arminianism talking about free will
because when you go to the extreme on that side you’re still at spiritual risk
of making the same mistakes associated with extreme sovereignty so what is
extreme Arminianism well this view implies that God gave away some of his
sovereignty to his creatures by giving them a freedom to choose did you hear me he gave away some of his sovereignty now
right from the gate you can see this is a problem from the Word of God we just
read that He is all-powerful and if he gave some of his power away he is no
longer all-powerful now he’s a reactionary god something happens he has
to do something to counter it because he just does not know and this view the
future is not set in stone and can be changed based on the decisions of man now just like with Calvin Arminius did
not promote this extreme view this is what it has turned out to be and when we
ask ourselves the question think about it think this through what happens when in
our minds we remove the infinite knowledge of God it could be 99.9% but what happens when
we take God and say you’re reduced to not all-knowing almost all-knowing do
you know what that does when we consider that the future can be changed it takes
away the foreknowledge of God do we see the problem with that his foreknowledge
is gone besides the fact that we’ve also made
him a changing god the Word of God says I change not this is a major problem
when you try to remove God’s foreknowledge in the book of First
Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 19 through 21 the Word of God reads
do not quench the Spirit do not despise prophecies test all things hold fast
what is good in verse 20 it would not be there why because when you remove God’s
foreknowledge you take away prophecies are you with me the Word of God says do not despise
prophecies but if they can be changed and not a
hundred percent then what’s the point could this extreme belief be one of the
reasons why many pastors as well as many professing Christians are reluctant to
even talk about and/or study what the Bible says regarding the end times what’s the point of the prophecy it’s
probably going to change next week even though the Bible is nearly 1/3 prophetic is the lack of the belief of sovereignty
God’s sovereignty the reason why people just don’t even want to talk about
prophecy distance themselves from it is that why prophecy is not an important
part of our Christian walk I believe it is part of the reason
because people do not believe that God is sovereign what does God need man for this is just one of the dangers from
such extreme views with Arminianism and when dealing with scriptures in such a
way that is either this way or that way but I will tell you the second major
problem with extreme Arminianism is that according to their doctrine you are able
to lose your salvation and we have many churches that teach this on this island think about this for a minute what does
this doctrine bring if this is left unchecked I have a scenario for you so
here it is a person comes into the church totally
depraved a sinner in need of a Savior and here’s the gospel message it is a
gift a free gift to all who will believe and with tears in his eyes
streaming down his face barely able to compose himself throws his hands up and
accepts this free gift only to be told but god he could take it back if you
don’t comply in certain ways that crushes people so the lord will give a free gift and
then he’ll just take it back so what happens some people buckle and leave or
other things but let’s go with just the guy that says you know I’m going to do whatever
I can do oh oh here it is what do I need to do to keep my
salvation oh let me give you the list get to work and now eight years later you should see
what I’ve done for my salvation oh I have an S on my chest for salvation and
I did it all you see where this leads to works boasting
pride this is where it can lead and often
leads to the fact is is that our Lord cannot and does not lose any that have
been given to Him and once we believe we are saved we are
saved in the Scriptures we have so many verses that speaks to this but this one
being captured in the book of John chapter 5 in verse 24 the Word of God
reads most assuredly Jesus speaking I say to you he who hears My Word and believes
in Him who sent Me has everlasting life and shall not come into judgment but has
passed from death into life and that judgment would be the great white throne
judgment not one that any Christian will see we will see the Bema seat
the judgment seat of Christ but believing that one could lose their
salvation that places the assurance of god’s word in jeopardy there’s no
assurance if I can lose it there’s no blessed assurance and now
that word hope that we see in the Bible that we know in the Greek means so much
more it is a positive in the Greek it now becomes the English version of hope
and you know what the English version of hope is it is a desire for what is
unsure to occur that’s what it turns into there’s no
guarantee anymore there’s no assurance and that’s a problem and these teachings
regarding the loss of salvation they don’t just happen because of any just
the dogmatic of Arminianism there’s another reason why this happens like the
rest of them creep in and one of the reasons people get to this point and
allow it to thrive is that the church has not kept to God’s Word and because
of that we find ourselves allowing Christians to forget about the loving
God we serve and what our response to that love should look like are you
following me here now people want to make sure that Christians stand out so
they say you have to do all these things they put a list in front of you wanting
you to work work work and show the world that you are actually different by
allowing the Spirit to do it with the teaching of god’s word and being
convicted behind god’s word so they come into the buildings called churches and
the message is luke warm if not ice-cold there’s no conviction there’s no change and that’s a problem we want people to
get saved no question and that should be happening but we should also be producing
disciples don’t get it mixed up as if you have to work for your salvation
that’s not what I’m saying making disciples followers of Christ and we
should be living examples by the Spirit of the Lord and encouraging growth why
do we stop at salvation let’s not stop there as a church that’s how many other
doctrines get spun up people have a urge to do something and we suppress it saying
do nothing you following me whatever has helped you and myself to
grow we should be passing that knowledge on to other people and demonstrating it
with our lives because when there is no sign of growth whatsoever what fruit can
a fellow Christian judge me on what fruit if I have none if my love for
one another is it doesn’t even exist isn’t that the first attribute of the
fruit of the Spirit love that’s a problem and I tell you while we cannot
lose our salvation we cannot but I will say this there are people who have
professed Christ but have never believed I hope that does not shock you it’s the
truth people have different motivators of all types but the Bible is clear we
have people that are deceiving themselves as well as many who love the
idea of being a Christian but do not believe also captured in the book of
John chapter 12 verses 4 through 6 the Word of God reads this and this is the
Judas account but one of His disciples Judas Iscariot Simon’s son who would
betray Him said verse 5 why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred
denarii and given to the poor in verse six this he said not that he cared for
the poor but because he was a thief and had the money box and he used to take
what was put in it so here we have Judas who was called by the foreknowledge of
God right who was in the very presence of God who chose not to believe many people hang around the church not
this one specifically I’m just speaking as a corporate come in and out do many
events so forth and so on don’t have a problem in the world you
look at them they’re just everything is always perfect but they lacketh one
thing they don’t believe and then you have the opposite the person struggling
with a drug addiction who comes in on their hands and knees and cries out to
the Lord and for the next 7 years in and out of rehab but they cleave to God belief is in the heart and God knows
Judas is not the only one remember Lucifer in the very presence of the Lord
decided to rebel didn’t believe God was most high he said I will set my throne
above the Most High he didn’t believe because when we believe God does
something to us each and every one of us even if it’s convicting us daily of that
struggle or those vices that has us and seems to control us there is a change at
minimum how we think and we recognize what we are doing we should not be doing
because our minds are renewed and it may take a while for that body to follow but
God knows but again as far as being part of a system or conforming to certain
labels we need to avoid it at all cost because if we don’t it will impact our
walk as well as how we view the Scriptures and how we view the
Scriptures will reflect our actions and we touched on a couple
of these but I want to close out with the rest if we have extreme views such
as with Calvinism or Arminianism we can develop a lack of
responsibility because hey God’s in complete control
I’m not responsible for our own actions you have a problem with me take it up
with God this is the attitude that can be displayed since everything is
predestined what’s the point what about evangelizing limited why do I need to do
all this you follow you see how this would go the same thing would be said
what’s the point also it could become cultish you notice that many of these
this or that groups are always in a mmm and many of them form their subgroups it
becomes a cult this happens a lot especially with works what about the
lack of prayer since God knows everything and He’s doing everything
anyway why do I need to pray and then you can flip it on the other side since the
Bible’s not completely true I don’t have as much confidence in the word anymore or how would anyone trust God’s promises
if his mind could change what about having confidence in prayer
well if I pray for this he may change his mind about what he said in his word
so I don’t even know what to pray for anymore so and what’s sad is prayers the
main tool that we had to communicate with the true and living God and take
notice that both of these extremes negatively impacts prayer the enemy
knows it and what happens when we fall for this our walk is crippled and as
Christians we need to cleave to the Scriptures and become like children and
don’t be my friend says don’t become smart-tarded we need to humble ourselves
we cannot solve all the mysteries of God and then we try to do it we force
doctrinal positions and that’s a problem the Apostle Paul knew this and he spoke
about it extensively and here’s one captured in 1st Corinthians chapter 4
in verse 6 the Word of God reads now these things brethren I have
figuratively transferred to myself and Apollo’s for your sake that you may
learn in us not to think beyond what is written that none of you may be puffed
up on behalf of one against the other and sadly this is what we see that’s
happening we want to know so much that we fail to teach the importance of the
truth many of us want to give the atheists a spiritual answer that will
satisfy their spiritless understanding now I’m not suggesting that we don’t
engage because we should engage utilizing that discernment that the Lord
gives us but not to the point where we think beyond
what is written in order to try to make a point my point sometimes to people is
I don’t know but I know the Lord does and I trust in Him given an answer for
the hope that we have does not mean that we have to provide a list of scientific
data technical information or have extensive vocabulary contest we are to
preach Christ and Him crucified if we start there and allow the Spirit of God
to do His work we are counted as being faithful to His Word bottom line is that
God’s sovereignty and man’s free will are both biblical both of them are and
trying to undo one goes against the character of God he knows all things in
control of all things He is above all things Ruler of all things and Re can do
all things including having His complete sovereignty while enabling us to
maintain our free will and I hope we understand that labels and systems
destroyed yet Christ unites why don’t we stand so we can pray loving Heavenly Father so much
information inside of these doctrines that have been around for many many
years and Lord I just pray that light has been shed on these doctrines in that
you would empower us and enable us to stick to the Scriptures continue to
speak to us fear Your Word and enable us to do Your will we know You’re majestic
and mighty Your ways are unsearchable we seek to follow You continue to lead us
and Lord bless us and we thank You now for that which only You can do and
provide by the power of Your Holy Spirit and the strength of Your might in the
mighty name of Yeshua Jesus the Christ we pray Amen

36 thoughts on “God’s Sovereignty & Man’s Free-Will

  1. Thanks this is a good talk but I do not agree with OSAS. The Bible is constantly talking about righteousness being God's commandment and it does not matter if you believe in God or not, if you are not sufficiently righteous I do not believe you are worthy to be a saint and or saved. Obedience is not works and God will judge who is sufficiently obedient. God knows everyone's heart and will render to each person according to his works/ways/values and he is a righteous witness and a just judge. Whether someone is saved or was saved and lost their salvation is entirely up to God and we cannot say one way or the other.

    The word saved not mean sanctified/ to be made a saint. It seems to me these are two separate matters. We know that in the future there will be Gentiles on earth so these may be people who were not wicked nor were they worthy to be saints.

    God's sovereignty vs man's free will is a mystery. That God knows all we will do before we do it is a mystery. Man, the establishment, the world, the devil are obsessed with knowing how things work but we know little about how anything work!

  2. Thank you Pastor Mac (hope I spelled that correctly) Needed to hear this. Also appreciate the Bible verses on the screen. _karen in FL

  3. you have just created the sovereignty of man, in this sermon. You twisted the word of God. What you meant for evil, God meant for good. You might need to listen to Voddie Bauchman…

  4. Thank you for this offering, I will have to concentrate on it at least once more because it is not sinking in and I know it is a word I need to hear. It is in fact the teaching I have been wanting . It is the question of the flesh and mind being the door Satan can enter and is not protected by the Holy Spirit I am struggling with, filling myself with the Word to close this door is the struggle. I continue to pray for enlightenment and will listen to this again . God Bless your ministry Pray for me

  5. To be honest, I'm not sure I see the big mystery/conflict here. If God is outside of time then He knows everything that will ever happen regardless of the choices made because He knows what choices the free will creatures will make. Therefore, He could still set everything up and have prophecies and things since before the clock ever even started ticking and the creatures could still have free will. I liked the sermon, though. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Amen, we serve an AWESOME Sovereign God who not only knows, but told us the end from the beginning. Of course man has free will or else we would be only robots unable to make any choices for ourselves. As Jesus said I offer you life and death: choose life. Another powerful teaching pastor Mac, may God keep you strong and bless you greatly Brother

  7. Excellent video! It answers my questions after listening to a TED talks video about free soverign will… They were smarttarded! And I always get scared when I see peoole speak for God without scripture in front of them. Thank you for posting this! I needed it ❤ 🙏

  8. synergist us (our decision) plus God : monergism – – God alone…. if God is sovereign and he is, then it is Monergism… God alone

  9. It’s Day 27 of the Elul Prayer Challenge. Today we will be lifting up for the US the states Utah & Vermont and the countries: The Gambia, The Republic of the Congo, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago and Tunisia. Let’s Pray! https://youtu.be/JXGBW8LtOsk

  10. Calvinism & Arminianism, is one of the biggest and most divisive things in the church. We as Christians need to share the Gospel of Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) infinitely more than anything !

  11. Wow! What a sermon thank you Holly Spirit and thank you brother for obeying the Holy Spirit. . .! Thank you Jesus for your Word which will not fail. . .!

  12. God is sovereign over all things. He will do all His good pleasure. Who are we to say He is not in complete control of EVERYTHING?! Therefore if He wants to give us free will, who can tell Him otherwise? I got 2 passages to show this…Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor?

    Romans 9:21 NKJV

    But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor. Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.

    II Timothy 2:20‭-‬21 NKJV

    OK now I'll watch and see if I am right. If not I'm sure pastor Mac will put me in my place.

  13. 😇😇, Blessings Brothers and Sisters, the other day I was looking in Time, times and half a time…..look what came to me for the End of Days……Daniel 8:14, 2300 days , then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.. 220 days of bowls will clean it!!! 2300+220=2520…..2300-1335=965 days of Trumpets……..Daniel 12:13,, 1335 days from when Michael stands up…….if your with the woman, you will be at the end of days…. The two witnesses are here for 42 months..1260 days from the 7th Trumpet puts you at 1040 days( counting backwards) puts you at 1040 days from when Michael stands up……..1335 days for Seals…..965 days for Trumpets…. 220 days for Bowls…2520 days the end of Days…… 1st Trumpet take the Mark or Die….Rev. 15:2 their in heaven before the bowls are poured. Rev.11:14-18 the 7th Trumpet… 19, Bowls……… God Bless……amen…..there's more, Rev.6:2 1260 days takes you to 1290 days….we are missing 30 days from the beginning…. Rev.12:3, then Michael stands up , Isaiah 24:1, takes 30 days to recover from that then the man of sin..Rev. 6:2..Daniel 9:27….Look up…

  14. Humanity has free will because GOD gifted us with it. He knew us before the first day. He knew what choices each and every one of us would make with free will, and what would occur. He understands cause and effect far greater than anyone. After all He created cause and effect. Knowing what choices we would make through His work of free will in us shows the truth of election. The inverse is therefore true, that all who choose to reject Messiah do so from the work of GOD by the free will that they have been gifted. They are therefore guilty by choice in their rejection, and GOD knew them before the first day as well. Does this excuse us in our evil? No, for we have still made that choice on our own by the gift of free will. There are no excuses, there are no free passes, there is no blame towards GOD that is just. Simply stated; GOD knows what we will do before we do it. We do not. We must choose. It is therefore just to say election and free will go hand in hand. The main argument between Calvinism and Arminianism is moot, for they are not in opposition, but are complimentary to each other. The other arguments are simply mankind's desire to confirm he is right and the other is wrong, and have done nothing but show the empty sum of the argument in total. It is the boasting of man through both beliefs to attempt to explain all things. Trust GOD, read the word, pray for understanding. This is all we can do, as we will never answer all things until the great hope is upon us. May GOD continue to bless and keep Pastor Mac and Kaneohe Calvary Chapel. Love and prayers to you all.

  15. Rosh Hashana" rapture?

    Rosh hashanah ( head of the year, Babylonian) which Christians call the "feast of trumpets", it seems should be named and translated Yom Teruah meaning day of shouting to JEHOVAH in Lev. 23:23, Num 29:1 This is explained by Nehemia Gordon. According to the Bible it has nothing to do with trumpets(shofar). Israel today dictates that this is to start the new year but the new year according to God starts in Nisan. If this day is not for a new year, what is it for?
    The Jews celebrate the "feast of trumpets" 14 days later but this is not in the Bible.
    Clarence Larkin also explains that the 4months that separate the first three festivals relating to the church from the last four festivals of Israel represents the dispensation church period/grace which is terminated by Yom Teruah.

    Hebrew year 5666=1906 + 120 = 5786=1926, redemption at Megiddo?

  16. Pastor Mac…great teaching..I've had debates on this very subject lately…you explained free will…and God's sovrienty…way better than i could…I'll be better prepared next time…thanks and God bless.

  17. Pastor Mac that was absolutely fantastic, truly Holy Spirit lead and a very important message. These issues are a plague to the church. I would love to live in Hawaii to be able to hear you and Pastor JD each week in person but I am at least blessed by being able to watch online. Thank you.

  18. I love this Ministry and Pastor Mac your teaching is one of the best and filled with the Holy Spirit. I like how you teach the topics you teach on. They're exactly what we need to hear as followers of Christ. God bless. 🙏🙏

  19. Pastor Mack, your beautiful, clear, dynamic and original scripture explanations complement J.D.s occasional pulpit absences …. Thanks, for building on this ministry when the need arises …… You're a gift to all of us!

  20. Pastor Mac, the most dangerous belief is Calvinism. It has destoryed my marriage. If man has no choice then everything he does is GOD's Will. That means you have no responsibility. That means every stupid thing you do is GOD's Will. Lie to wife, don't keep up your house, treat your body badly it's GOD's Will. Never say your sorry and never repent of your sins because it's GOD's Will. Say only the elect can be saved means no mission field. You don't talk about Christ to children because if they going to be saved GOD will make sure, but I do not have to help. The man I married is gone. Please pray for me. He needs to go to doctor for his bad kidney's but refuses to go on dialysis again. He says " If I die it is GOD's Will." He has no care for me or my daughter. Please pray.

  21. Hello. I would highly suggest you read the ebook on Kindle- entitled: Freewill vs. Ownership by Stephen E. Jones who reveals this subject /explains Biblically from a different perspective re:this controversial topic. Mahalo.

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