GOD’S OWN COUNTRY Official Trailer (2017) Francis Lee

GOD’S OWN COUNTRY Official Trailer (2017) Francis Lee

Come on That’s it 84, 84 bid, 84, 85, 85, 86, 87 bid, 87-8, 88 -they call the Georgio Summit?
-Whatever, get in Love Neto. I could have managed. I’ve done so far. Yeah of course you have Not running the charity for wheres and strays like It’s perfect for me It’s beautiful here, but lonely no? In my country Spring is the most beautiful Just so you’re clear he’s here to work Some on your shoulders now What do you want? I want it to be different? The way I want to do it

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  1. Can anybody translate what the man said at 0:31–0:33 and 0:39–0:40 (after "…charity for")? Don't get this man

  2. Hi Guys! My name is Kamila and I'm an aspiring director from Kazakhstan studying at NYU. I recently made a short project about homophobia and hate crime in Kazakhstan called Escape and would love if you would check it out. I'm also trying to reach 10,000 subscriber so that I can use the YouTube studios for my projects, so I would be incredibly grateful if you would subscribe if you like my work! Thank you! <3

  3. I tried to get it on Google Play but realized it isn't released yet… I can to yell about how I can't watch it and want to so bad, but knowing it's coming out soon, I'm not as mad anymore haha, I thought it was a regional thing and wasn't going to be happy xD

  4. finally a beautiful gay movie with a happy ending! & plz dont compare it with brokeback…this is unique in its ownway!

  5. I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did. It was pretty damn up there as far as gay movies I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot.

  6. One of the movies on putlocker I usually like british film, but will pass on this one. Lot of guys don't want to watch this stuff. Now 2 beautiful lesbians that's a different story. Ahh lesbians and sheep don't get any better than that. lol

  7. They should do a serie gay like The L word, something very deep and touching on every gay aspect because there's a lot of them… i think gay movies are always the same this is like brokeback mountain!

  8. I don’t care what anyone say or not say am sick of watching sad gay movies i want something new and fun comedy drama happy ending not about sex or dying at the end anyone have any recommendations?

  9. Only watched the trailer and yeah I'll watch it all coz it looks like a goodie, even though It looks a bit sus to me.

  10. Cringe-worthy sex scenes, sheezuz… Almost as crude and unreal as Brokeback. And spitting on wounds is just unhealthy. Why is Romania dead, btw? Looked pretty much the same as the UK. And can two guys kiss at a factory there? I think not. At least it's a happy ending, but I'd have teamed up with the cute boy in the pub – no visa issues, ha ha. Funny how hanging on to the farm is more important than the people running it.

  11. I'm not a gay guy and im here because a gay friend told me : "See some gay movie and learn something about us"
    Well i confess i fell shocked at first but the movie touched me !
    I felt the pain of the two guys trying to keep alive they love.
    Dafuq.. it really makes me think and- i confess- a cryed like a baby at the end.
    Im really impressed!!
    Beautifull movie!!

  12. Candy in a jar. You already know how it would end but still surprised by it sweetness. I always adore movie with quality, the whole movie itself is beautifull. While other queer movie centers on character, this one hit you in the eyes and in the heart, so real that it almost true. This movie reminds me of "this is how i live now", but less deep.

  13. I suggested watching this film to my girlfriend. I heard it was like broke back mountain which I am comfortable with but about 5 minutes in and she thinks I am actually gay.

  14. It does end happily-in this world thousands of gay people meet, fall in love, and as the cliché goes ,,live happily ever after! Perhaps with a few ups and downs like most relationships.  Beautiful film!

  15. yeb..it s the best movie..👍👍👍ดูเเล้วครับ 20รอบ ดีมากๆๆๆๆ เเต่ตอนนี้หนังถูกลบไปเเล้วผมดูตอนมันยังไม่ลบอ่ะ ดีสุดๆผู้ชายตัวใหญ่สองคน …กัน เเมนๆ👏👏

  16. Just saw the movie. Loved it. I could feel both guys, what they were going through. Could totally relate to the movie. Beautifully written and acted.

  17. Finally a LGBT movie with a HAPPY ENDING!!! There should be more made like this because there is hope in many cases without someone dying. We all need more happy endings. This movie was one of the best movies I have seen in years!!! Watched it 3 times. Very well directed and both actors were awesome.

  18. As an American watching this, all I can say is thank G-d for subtitles! lol j/k Some of the slang/English terms were hard to understand even with them. 🙂 But in all seriousness, this was an awesome film. Highly recommended.

  19. Got this masterpiece on Prime, buy will buy the (pal) dvd IF it has extra's, anyone know in UK if the Reg2 pal dvd has extras or not. It doesnt say on Amazon uk !

  20. This will make the Romanian nationalists fume. There is a current anti-lgbt stance in Romania. Connected to anti EU feelings.

  21. “Gods country” this is ridiculous , this is not gods plan. It goes 100% against humanity. It is a fucking abomination. As stated “he wanted to do what he wanted” and as stated from Satan “do as you please. Or do as thou art wants” there is no more morals, no values. God did not make a mistake , he never will.
    God bless you all . Please find yourself. God loves you all.

  22. 2 Cor 3:18 we can change in to…… the image of Him who created us…

    We all fell and come short of the glory of God and are being restored again to Gen 1:27.

    So no. Lhbtfipkl…etc is NOT the way God made us. It came with the fall.

    We are being recreated to our original created value by the blood of Christ and working of His Holy Ghost.

    Christ is the divine life giving spirit 1 Kor 15:44-49.

    So lets get on with it and display our godly origin by healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out fallen spirits. Yay.


  23. Finally a trailer that doesn't reveal all of the movie to the point of ruining it and managed to clearly depict what the movie is about.

  24. എന്ത് തേങ്ങയാടാ ഈ കാണിക്കുന്നത് 😕
    കേരളം കാണാൻ വന്ന ഞാൻ ആരായി 🙄

  25. I'd say that the movie is an underseller of an excellent, yet a rough piece of stellar performance. Impressive!

  26. i just finished watching the movie: it's worth it. It's sad but also sweet and it's just very human. I recommend it.

  27. LOL yanks keep comparing this to BM.
    Not because it has any similarities with BM but because BM is the first, last and only gay male movie ever made in plastic Hollywood. 😄 and even BM covered up anything except a few kisses and yet still the pearl clutching homophobes in the US found it "shocking" LOL.

    A movie like GOC will never be made in Hollywood. They dont mind making movies with Lesbianism because thats feminist and thats OK. Gay male relationships however are still taboo even in so called liberal Hollywood because none of the so called "A list" "actors" has the guts to play a raw gay role. They cling to the pathetic and outdated hunk, straight, muscled, cartoon hero garbage. Cruise, Gosling, Reynolds, Afflick, Hemsworth 1&2, .etc etc…… you're all deep down homophobes or closeted queens. even Jake gyllenhaal has distanced himself as far as possible from BM.

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