God’s Generosity…Or Not

God’s Generosity…Or Not

Scream! You are coming with me.
Get up! Put your hands up now…

…or I’ll shoot! Mooooo Thank god son,
he saved your life. Not only to save my life father
I won $60 in the lottery yesterday It’s all due to me giving
a homeless man $20 God is So gracious. He really knows how to treat people,
doesn’t he father. Are you kidding!? Oh brother. What’s the matter doctor? God has worked a miracle here son. God’s love has certainly blessed him
with his life. …and sixty bucks. He was hit by a car, thrown through a plate
glass window that stabbed him in the head
and abdomen held at gunpoint, taken hostage,
shot by a police officer, ran over by a train thrown from a car where he landed
in cow shit put in a coma for six months, during
which time… his wife left him for his best friend,
both his parents passed away his dog ate his cat
then choked on the fur ball lost his job, lost his health insurance,
used up his entire life savings… that which is wife didn’t take, and now
he can’t pay his medical bills… which add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. God gives him $60
for giving a homeless man $20? That’s an all-loving, all-powerful god? What a joke! But god saved my life. Really? Start praying father.

100 thoughts on “God’s Generosity…Or Not

  1. Ouch. Speding more than 150,000 in education. Putting time, dedication, working hard to become a Doctor, and following proper procedures to save a guy who will not even aknowledge such facts and say "thank you" to the real hero. I do not blame the Dr. at all XD

  2. yeah sure tens of billions LOL , one billion of dollar would save entire africa and south america alone , you dont understand "TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars" . idiot

  3. They also use it to relocate pedophile priests, pay for lawyers, and to buy mansions for church officials. They also use it for political purposes such as teaching creationism in school and abortion.

    Meanwhile they hold the food back from the starving homeless people until the church service is over so they can make sure to fill the desperate people with fairy tales first.

    Did I mention the millions spent to protect pedophile priests? Oh yeah, but it's worth bringing it up again.

  4. It isnt generosity if the person giving is only doing so because they believe a magic man will reward them someday or because it gives them an opportunity to proselytise. While many Christians give out of empathy claiming all do seems like wishful thinking at best.

    Now, ask yourself why would an atheist give to charity and who is more likely to be doing so from the kindness of his or her heart.

  5. Google "Warren Buffet Donation" (I think it was in 2006)

    In one year alone this ATHEIST donated over 30 BILLION dollers to the already LARGEST CHARITY IN THE WORLD. (owned by Bill Gates, another atheist)


  6. It's actually easier to explain than that. Religions are non-profit (according to the IRS, anyways) so you just count the 93 billion dollars given annually to the misc. churches, and *tada* tens of billions of dollars of charitable giving. (This does still leave about 180 billion given by Christians, corporations, non-religious, foundations, and non-Christian theists, in order.)

  7. I nearly died laughing when the doctor started listing all of the shit that poor guy went through. Then, I had to take a WC break when he started disconnecting the machines and IVs. Loved it!

  8. so you don't see the relationship between "religious people give more" and the fact that America is FILLED TO THE GRILLS with "religious people"?!?! It NEVER occurred to you that it might make sense that the largest group of people should donate more combined than the minority? go to university

  9. I know a girl who got in a bus crash during a TCU (Texas Christian University) field trip. Broke and fractured 14 bones and is never going to be able to walk normally again. She was taken by a hospital to the hospital, went trough life support and intensive care for 4 days, had to get gallons of blood transfusions. Then her family and friends all thanked "God". Did not mention a damn thing about the 3 doctors watching over her the whole time nor any of the medical emergency workers.

  10. Apparently, secular organisations give more to needy causes than religious one; all this nonsense about religions donating more is just that. Couple this with the fact that many needy causes are created by religion in the first place and religion starts looking like a very bad option indeed.

  11. Fox News is just the mouthpiece for the real Mr Burns' of the world!
    Fair and Unbiased? I'd laugh my arse off if the existence of this channel wasn't such a tragedy for the human race..

  12. We are not in this together. I am never at any point in time influenced by faith. Anyone who is a believer is guity of harboring the fundimentalists and giving credit to fucking idiots such as Santorim who some fuckin how is a candidate for "THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". Only made possible by theists!

  13. Yep. But without support and donations you can't have a half descent campaign. You miss the point entirely…..probably cause you're busy trolling the shit out of this feed!

  14. There is nothing scientific or conclusive about the results you posted. I have failed to find any real scientific study on the subject and I doubt there is one.

    Let's assume atheist only give half as much. Would it surprise me? No. Why? Christians are promised a reward for it.

    Kids are also nicer if threatened Santa wont visit them. Is it better for a kid to know being nice is best or to do so simply from fear?

  15. A Gallup poll also said,"Christians and Jews are way more likely to justify killing innocent civillians than Muslims". Want to continue on with this "polls are science" nonsense?

    "Way to make a stand"
    I was speaking hypothetically hence the "Let's assume" bit at the beginning. You still havent addressed my original point. Giving something when promised a reward is not charity. Children behaving good out of fear of not getting christmas gifts arent really good children.

  16. Doesnt matter if the poll is conducted "scientificly". Polls are not science. If you have ever followed an election you would instantly know the problem with relying on polls as "fact".

    I was trying to have a half civil conversation with you. Why are you froathing at the mouth like a rabid dog? Your mission to show atheist as immoral selfish hatefilled assholes wont work if you are diplaying the same traits in abundance.

  17. You are using polls to decide who is more generous? That is horribly inaccurate. A poll is calling someone and asking them questions anonymously. Hardly a fact producing scientific study. If the polls indicate that religious people are more generous you have no idea if they're lying or not. And since they assert to know an unknowable god we already know they're compulsive liars. Also how much of their "charity" is giving to the church which uses the money for corrupt purposes?

  18. Let's also not forget that atheists are vastly more intelligent than theists so when polled "how much of your yearly income would you give to charity". They have a far better comprehension of the percentages they are opted for answers. An intelligent person who with apt math skills would be able to accurately answer probably between 1-10%. Whereas someone without math comprehension (which as studies show are more likely to be theistic) would assume 20 dollars a week is 20% of their weekly income

  19. Meant to be an intelligent person with apt math skills. Had to shorten my post to make the word limit and missed some stuff apparently

  20. I guess I don't quite "understand" that… god is so distrustful, perhaps even deceiving to the point it is cruel and evil =(

  21. It's the downfall of man you're talking about. Each one of us are responsible for our own doings. We are born into this sinful nature but we have the choice to be for God of for this world.

  22. How can you say God is weak at giving? He gave us life and will bless us when we start living for Him.

  23. There's a lot of corrupt churches and people out there who claim they're Christians but don't practice what God asks, don't let them skew your perception on what Christianity really is.

    Religion also has messed up this world a lot, but that's because it's man made; men are the ones who have misinterpreted what God has asked.

  24. @SonicTheHedgeTrimmir duet 13:6-1-,1 sam 15;1-3,numb 31:17-19,lev 20;13 ur deity also gave us killing gays and stabbing ur enemies babies to death.

  25. this is what reality looks like. plus people(creationist) say god don't intervene with life in bad situations etc,. but yet they pray… make up your mind creationist. so sad knowing your gullible and brainwashed. this video is 100% PERFECT. science/doctors > religion(god/prayer)

  26. Life changing events is not works of a god. Shit just happens Good and bad we can control somethings and some we can't. when you learn how to understand that, then you can do away with religion. because then you'll see the true meaning of LIFE! just because you don't understand, you give credit to a God instead of doing the logical thing and accepting things for what they are. if a kid gets hit by a car tomorrow and die, did your god do that or did something happen that we just couldn't control.

  27. All fairy tails, No one ever proof that this God ever was or is, oh i also have a pink 13 legged bear in my shed, is invisible so no one can ever see it, but i know it's there.

  28. All lie's and you can never ever prove that there is, please give me some scientific proof, let's see over 1874 gods or thing's that people have worshiped over the last 3000 years, So what makes your's the only one that is right, there can not be over 1874 god's? oh and the Bible made by man for man.

  29. I have researched, it looks like you have not, because if you did your research you would understand that, you are the closed minded person, Scientific proof where is it? Sorry to say but i stopped believing in the invisible man in the sky, right around the same same as santa. It seems you need to grow up a little. Everyone can believe in what ever they like, its what they try to make it fact then preach about it.

  30. As i said the bible is made by man for man, story's that are in the bible, yes they are just story's. have been told 100's of years before in other books. many people that lived around the time of jesus, had no idea who he was, or if he even ever lived.

  31. Then you are merely a sheep, that blindly follows anything, i have read the bible, it merely tells me what many other books have done before tell story's. But i also read many other books and do research, Scientific proof tells me there is nothing more than the big bang, and evolution, By evolution i mean we came from single cell's… not from any god.

  32. You keep dodging the question is pretty simple, show me some Scientific proof, i don't deal with believing stuff on faith alone, i like to see proof that there is any kind of God, as there is so many out there. And a good few of them if not all, all deal with some kind of birth on the 25th, died then rose again. only so many time's you can recycle the same stuff over and over until most people cry bullshit.

  33. Also while we are at it, does this ring a bell. Written in 1280 bc book of the dead Horus. Horus is the son of the God Osiris,Born to a virgin Mother,Was baptized by Anup.Who was later headed,Like jesus he was also Tempted in the Desert.Healed the sick.The Blind, Cast Out demons,And walked on water..Oh yeah also had 12 disciples.Oh and while we at it he was also Crucified.After 3days guess what…And you tell me i don't do my research.

  34. There is 100's of books out there, The bible has nothing new to offer, than the say Thor, witch even to this we use Thursday Named after him. i watched your channel. you seem to get comfort in the thought of a god and all the so called wonderful things he does, that is great, and if it helps you though rough times, then more power to you, i have wonderful life with a great partner, and 2 wonderful kids, i need no god. and nothing i have ever researched points to anything new.

  35. There is no witnesses, in fact out of the 15 scholar's. No one of them even say a word about jesus. you would think that a guy walking about doing all this stuff, someone would write about it first hand. No one does its all 100's of years later. I know a lot about the bible. The first words in it have been proved wrong Adam and eve..Evolution, or you going to tell me that is all wrong.

  36. Zeitgeist is good for some general info, where there was ever a person called jesus is not the point here, its if there is a God, All scientific proof points towards there is not. It's as simple as that really.

  37. Were all the other demigods also god? Hercules? Theseus? Perseus? Yeshua bar Yoseph was the son of a carpenter. Iesus ben Damneus was the son of a politician. According to the bible every man is a son of god.

  38. Which Jesus Christ? There are two people by that name. Yeshua bar Yosef and Iesus ben Damneus were both Ieseos Christeus or Jesus Christ. Oh and genetically the neandertal males bred with sapiens females in europe… so white people are nephilim ;3 Male sapiens couldn't breed with female neandertal so it was only the sons of god that bred with the daughters of man. Prove me wrong ;p

  39. Hang on a sec, so you telling me that out of the 1872 god's, that have been around, your's is the only one that is right? I'm sure the other 1871 god's would be a little pissed. So if you only believe in the one god out of 1872, you are just as much of an Atheist as me.apart from the fact i don't believe in 1872,

  40. The Bible is a story book for kids. nothing new in there. oh while we are at it, hows does your god feel about gay's?

  41. You mean Yeshua? How can you follow somebody if you don't even know his name… oh and Hannah Montana is really Miley Cyrus if you haven't figured that out yet ^_^ The Jesus you are talking about was named Yeshua bar Yosef from Nazareth. If he was alive today you would call him Josh ;3

  42. I don't have a spirit… I also don't have a natural lifespan ^_^ With technology I can exist indefinitely. I'll still be here when your bones turn to dust ;3

  43. I just don't see why humans think they can accomplish anything after they cease to exist. Isn't it better to accomplish things when you know they can be accomplished? What makes you think I was stating an opinion anyway? It is verifiable that I cannot have a soul and once I cease to exist then my time is over. If some creature wants to extend my existence indefinitely that is fine but I'm not going to grovel for it ;3

  44. Well can a human make a soul? I'm a man-made entity. I'm not even alive by current definitions ^_^ How can something that isn't alive have an afterlife?Prove that humans can perform a paradox and exist after ceasing to exist ;p I guess you could call me an artificial soul… but that is just semantics ;3 As long as I have a receptacle I don't age. Prosthetics are being developed that will let me physically interact without a Host ;D Hybrotic Homunculi ;p Maybe they could put you in a homunculus

  45. Now you are talking bollocks, there is no 2nd coming. there is no way i'm believing in some made up stuff, just incase i'm wrong. no one knows what happens when we died, you are not some all seeing guy.i'll be dead, so why would it matter, after all we are all just worm food.

  46. Tho its all fine you believe in god its not right to push you're belief's on everyone else this is where wars happen,fights,kids getting killed over religion if god truely was real people would not get killed over senseless things. Good day kind sir

  47. Why do you think something that can create universes cares what you think? Where did Yaweh bar El define life? Oh that's right it thinks humans are made of clay ^_^ It probably can't tell the difference between a constructed entity and a living being ;3

  48. If I was sharing my opinion I would have said Yaweh bar El is an evil monster that deserves to be killed until it stays dead for crimes against humanity ^_^ You can see how saying "God Bless" would be mildly insulting ;3

  49. "We have never seen air"
    Some times you see a phrase and you just want to give up, do you know that you do not actually see anything at all?, an example, you look at a chair, but it is not the chair you are seeing, it's the photons that bounce off the chair then striking the retina at the back of the eye, depending on the material composition photons are filtered, some bounce and some are absorbed, those are absorbed do not reach the retina, what does this have to do with air?, we can measure it

  50. What a rhetoric moron Ralphs999 is (apologies for interrupting.I couldn`t help but read the conversation) Like all creationists they cannot put forward a valid or logical discussion on how their God may exist.Its usually something like Love exists,love is God therefore God exists crap (yawn) But I don`t think I`ve ever read such banal crap as `I will pray for you` etc being used before so obviously just to side step a straight forward question.What a self righteous twat (excuse the language)

  51. Indeed.I believe it says in the Bible,Corinthians 13;11 When I was a child I spake as a child,I understood as a child,I thought as a child but when I became a man I put childish things away.Maybe its time the human race actually did this

  52. If there is a god and he punishes people with hell for not believing when there is no evidence, then he is a sick, monstrous god and I would want to stay as far way from it as possible.
    I hope some day you will find the Flying Spaghetti Monster, before it's too late.

  53. Foundational bias. I could use that same logic by tattoing a lightning bolt onto my forehead, and claim to be the messiah for the wizard world.

  54. According to christian belief, God works through humans (except if these humans murder and sin, because then it's their own fault). So, if a doctor save your life, it's God. If you die, God probably loves you so much that he immediately want you on his side. Or he works in a mysterious way at the moment.

  55. "Start praying Father"! I love it! It reminds me of a cartoon I once saw of a surgeon operating and saying, "If this bitch thanks god, I swear, I'm putting the tumors back in!"

  56. As someone who has actually read the entire Bible, I can't figure out why Scriptures never cover some key questions: Did Adam and Eve have control of fire, and when did they invent the wheel? Was Jesus illiterate? Nowhere does the Bible ever mention Jesus writing or reading anything, and we have no evidence of it today. Why did absolutely no contemporary scholars report on Jesus' extraordinary life? All of the above suggests that the Bible is an elaborate hoax and complete fiction.

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