God Has Prepared An Ark (New Jesus Center) For Us All – Amazing Testimony

God Has Prepared An Ark (New Jesus Center) For Us All – Amazing Testimony

Hello everyone out there!
I need to share a story with you, a testimony like you have never
heard before. You need to listen to this.
This is really, really beautiful, amazing, and a strong, strong confirmation
that God is behind all the things that are happening with me
and my family, and us coming to America. As some of you already know, we left Denmark
with eight suitcases, me and my wife. In January we came here because of the law
being changed and lot of persecution. We are now seeking asylum in America. And the last months have been very, very
hard, as you have also maybe seen in some of my videos. But God have been
working behind the scenes. God have been working.
God is so much in control. What happened? At the end I had
a half year that was very hard. In the end of that God started to speak
to me about starting different centers in America. We left our family,
our friends, our Jesus Center. We had the big Jesus Center in Denmark.
We left it all. But in Mark 10 Jesus said: Everyone who
have left father, mother, brother, sister, fields, for my name sake, will get
hundredfold in this life, together with the persecution and
eternal life. And God spoke to me about it. So the dream
of a new center started to grow in us. And we have been looking at different things
in New Jersey, where we have a big team. And we have been looking at things in
Florida where we have a team. And God started to speak to me about
three centers in the East Coast: New Jersey, Florida and some place
in the middle. And one day we heard about the center.
We found a center online in North Carolina, where I am right now.
And we saw there was a center there. And we thought: Let’s go and look at it. So we, one and a half month ago,
a month ago, went on a trip to visit some friends in Kentucky
and there we went to the Arc. That is like a big Noah’s Ark they have
done in Kentucky, beautiful place. I have a picture here where you can
see me standing outside the Ark. And it was amazing. At one time at the Ark
there, my daughter Simone asked me: Daddy, how did Noah bring the animals
to the Ark? And when she asked me that:
How did Noah bring the animals to the Ark? It just became so strong because…
I said: It was not Noah who brought the animals to the Ark. It was God. But when I said that
the Holy Spirit just came over me. I was just like: Wow!
God brought the animals to the Ark. And it became so strong for me and
I saw it in front of me how the animals came two by two, or one, two there, and we
actually have six, seven pairs of the clean one, males and females. And I imagined
how God was organizing all of this and bringing the animals to the Ark.
And we left that place. And that line just continued in my head:
God brought the animals to the Ark. God brought the animals.
God was organizing it all. God brought the animals to the Ark.
And it became very strong. Then we went to Charlotte.
We slept in Charlotte because we are going to look at the center the next
day. The center is one hour from Charlotte. We slept in Charlotte. In the morning,
when we woke up, somebody have broken into our car. And I have a picture here.
They smashed the window and there was the glass all over the place.
And it was… Ah… Of course, it frustrated us, and we needed
to fix the car and put the plastic on. And we were late two hours to look
at this place we were supposed to look at. And when we drove to this place
where I am now, it’s up in the mountains. We were driving, driving small roads
up in the mountain. And we were driving there.
And I was tired at this time. Life have been a little hard the last many
months and we have been on the road, we have been driving a lot, and now
somebody have destroyed the window, smashed the window of the car, and we have
the plastic and we heard all the noise, the plastic was giving noise. We were
driving a lot of small roads up to this place. And I was tired, and I was praying,
and I said: God, I just want to go home. God, why are we here? We were already
planning in our head: maybe New Jersey or Florida, to start there instead,
and not here. Why are we going here? Why are we going up here?
This place is too far away. It’s up in the mountains.
No one can come up here. And somebody have now smashed
the window in the car, and I just want to go home.
And I was tired. I was praying and I was tired, and said: God,
why are we going here? Let’s drop it go home.
It’s too far away. But then we came here.
We stopped the car, came out of the car
and everything changed. There was an older gentleman who came
and he lifted his arm and he said: Welcome to the Ark! You are the first animals
God is bringing to this ark. And I was like: What? I was puffed like,
that line have been in my head the whole day. I actually prayed in the car and said:
God, why did we go on this trip? The only thing I felt we got out of this trip
was that You sent the animals to the Ark. It was the only thing I’ve experienced
that You spoke that. And now I come out of the car and the first
thing he said: Welcome to the Ark! You are the first animals God is bringing
to this Ark. And I was just puffed. And he could
see I was puffed so he came and said: Sorry, sorry, it’s not to say that you are
an animal, but I’m like Noah, this is Mr & Mrs Noah. God have
called us to prepare this ark, this place. And God have showed us,
when this place is ready, God is going to send the people,
like God sent the animals to the Ark, and you are one of those people. And I was like: What is happening here?
And we had a beautiful day with that couple and the real estate agent,
everyone loved Jesus. And we prayed together and God just
did something. And it’s so beautiful. That couple, Fred
and his wife (…) They are so amazing and we love them
and he have “adopted” me. They love us, we love them,
and God have just connected us. And he have been faithful with this place
for three years. In three years he had this place,
he have only used it one weekend. He have mowed the grass. He have just
prepared this place in three years without using it. Faithful,
as Noah was faithful. And he have been waiting
for the animals to come. And now God have been speaking
to them that their time was over and they should move to California
and then start a small a smaller center there. And then he was waiting for the animals.
And when he saw me, he was like: This is what I have been waiting for. And it’s so beautiful how God have
prepared this place for us. Three years ago, when God called Fred
and his wife to prepare this place… Do you know what ‘ark’ means?
‘Ark’ means a place of refuge. That is the word ‘ark’.
We are seeking refuge, asylum in America. Three years ago, before I knew
that God called us to America, before I knew that we would seek asylum
here – God called Fred and his wife to prepare a place for us,
and everyone else. Three years ago. But it actually did not start three years
ago because God have done so much the last weeks and confirmed it
again and again. We had a couple here, just a few weeks ago.
There’s a golf court here. She was playing golf here seven years ago.
And seven years ago she got a dream about this place. And in the dream she was
standing there and she was looking down there and she saw how the animals came,
two by two, to this place, like they came to the Ark of Noah. And she
said that. Seven years ago she got a dream and she knew nothing about
what God have been speaking to us about. So, actually it did not start three years ago
with Fred. It started seven years ago with her. No, it started in the beginning.
In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Before we knew anything, God prepared
a place for His people, an ark, a place of refuge. Because there’s more
people who will seek refuge. There is more people who need to be trained.
There is a big harvest ready in America and God have prepared this place for us.
There is a lot of flies here. It’s so amazing and it’s so incredible.
The Ark, place of refuge. Now I understood why I should go to Kentucky
and see the Ark of Noah, because God spoke to me, so we can get
a confirmation that this is Him, and we have got so many confirmations.
And everything about this story is crazy because… Okay, it costs 2,2 million dollars.
I don’t have any money. But we came here and we believe
it’s God. Fred, the owner, and his wife,
God have called them to go to California and start a smaller place
and they believe they can get that for 1,2. And he came and said: Torben,
I love you, I love what you are doing, I love this movement. I see this is so
different, this is so pure. I’ve never seen anything like this before.
This is like Jesus’ movement in the beginning, when it was good
and healthy and exploded. He said, Torben, I want to be a part of it.
I believe this is God. I don’t need anything extra.
You can get this for 1,2 million. So he went from 2,2 million to 1,2 million.
But it’s still a lot of money when you don’t have any.
But then what happened? What happened was that… They are mowing
the grass there behind me, you can see. What happened was that two months ago,
two months ago, I met a couple… a man, I met a man in Florida who come
from California. And he came and he got baptized, received the Holy Spirit
and God started to speak to him, God started to give him dreams,
changed his family. And God have put in their hearts already
three years ago that they should move to this area. And now he got the Holy Spirit
and God spoke to him. And he have decided to sell his house
in California. That house came on the market
a few days ago. That house is on the market right now.
800.000 dollars. And he has a company beside, but he have decided to take all the money
that come in from that house and donate to this. 800.000 dollars.
So we went from 2,2 million to 1,2 million. And then, as soon as that house
is sold, we will get 800.000, so we would be down to only 400.000.
And then it costs extra money, and so on, a real estate agent, so we would be down,
I hope you can hear me, so we would be down to 4-500.000 dollars.
>From 2,2 million and 4-500.000 dollars and it’s already payed for. We can now go
and get a loan because we have a building 2,2 million and we
only, when we get the house sold we only need the 4-500.000. But we feel
this is not the right way for us. We feel we should not get a loan,
because this is God’s place and God is doing something.
God is sending animals to the Ark. God is sending the people.
And we believe that God will provide the last 4-500.000 now,
so we can get this place. And we are very, very excited
about it. I will now go to another place
because of the noise here. And we are very, very excited
about it and we see God’s hand in it in an amazing, amazing way. Why do I do this video? I do this video…
Okay, we are not signing under the paper yet. And this is also special because
we have been allowed to, somehow, move in and renovate it. So we are actually now…
It’s not ours yet, but we are actually here renovating the place, even before we move in
and sign under the papers. And that is also not normal. The real estate
agent said there is nothing normal in this case. He have never seen anything like this before. But, in faith, we step out in faith,
renovating it, making ready, believe that house will be sold and the last
money will come, so we can move in. So this is actually a scary video to do
because it’s not ours yet – I do it in faith. But I believe, I know God is behind this.
I know it. I see it. So, we are renovating the place.
We are renovating an apartment right now, for me and my wife, my family.
We have been a little homeless the last nine months, like, we have been
moving around from place to place and have not had our own place,
since we left Denmark. And we are just so ready for it.
Ah, we are so ready to get our own place again. We are so ready to sign under the paper.
We are so ready to start schools here. We are so ready for it. I’m doing this video because time is going
and we hope we can sign under the paper next week already. We need some thing
to fall in place and I want you to stand together with us in this.
Because, time is going and we want to start. I hope to get my working permit, not my
asylum, I don’t know when will that come, but my working permit I can get
in the middle of October, so, as soon as I get that, we can start
with schools here. I can be a part of the schools here.
And we hope to be able to start a school already in November.
And you out there need time to plan. So, I want to tell you right now, in faith –
there will be schools like there were in Denmark, Luke 10, PTS starting from November, here,
near Charlotte, in North Carolina. You, the animals, the people God is calling,
be ready, prepare. There is not a lot of time for it,
but I want to make this video to prepare you already now. So, you whom God is calling, as the animals
to the Ark, to be parts of the schools, ask God if that is you, prepare in your heart
and be ready for the launch with the first schools in November.
Help, pray for us right now. You know our enemy is real and
he doesn’t like this to happen. God is going to do something amazing
on this place and this is just the first place. It has 19 rooms. You can see it’s a very long
building, like Noah’s Ark. It has 19 rooms. It has a restaurant.
I will show you pictures later. I will show you in videos later.
19 rooms, a restaurant, 40 acres. There is an ivy park.
There is a lot of things around. And later I want to do a video with Fred
and his wife, and with Chris and his wife, who are selling their house, so you can
hear the whole story. But first I want to do this video
to prepare you out there – are you going to join the school?
Ask God for that. Prepare now. I know there is no a lot of time.
Pray for us. Pray for Fred and his wife that they are going to…
They have another house they are going to sell and they want to move to California
and buy a smaller center there. Pray for Chris and his wife who are
right now selling their house in California. We need that house to be sold right away
and with cash, because we need those money so we can pay Fred, so Fred can move on,
so we can sign under the papers. So, there is a lot of details.
We also need the last 500.000 dollars. And I believe that we can get it
if we stand together. God have called people out there
already to be part of those 500.000 dollars, so we can do it together
without going to a bank. Because this is God’s place.
This is not my place. This is God’s place. And together we can see this happens. So, ask yourself if you should be part of this.
Ask yourself if you should be part of… join the school. Be part of maybe come
and help renovate this place. Maybe you have a company and business
and know about plumbing and roof and electrician’s work, and want to come
and help us make this ready. If you are a businessman and want to support,
or just a person with a good big heart, who wants to support and help with
the last money, if that is you God is calling, then contact us. Contact The Last Reformation
and let us see everything fall in place. So again, I hope, we pray, we do this video
in faith and we believe that maybe in a… a few days or weeks we will be able
to sign under the paper. I’m going to do a video with Fred
and his wife and Chris and his wife and you are going to hear the whole story. Come on! What are the chances?
You are the animals God is sending to the Ark. Ark means a place of refuge.
For me and my family this have been very strong. We see so much God’s hand in us
leaving Denmark. For us it can look like an accident.
For us it can look like circumstances. But God, thee, seven, many years ago,
prepared a place for us, an ark, a place of refuge. And this is going to be
our new home and we are so ready to move in. So pray for us. Stand together with us.
I want to say to you out there: God is faithful, no matter what you stand in
– God is faithful. We are a part of something greater.
Jesus is building His church. It’s not man’s work.
It’s the Holy Spirit. And it’s going to look different than
we thought. And this is very different then we thought.
And the real estate agent have seen anything like this before. So, God bless you!
I will keep you updated. Pray for Fred, pray for Chris and his family.
Pray for us. Pray that house will be sold, that money will come in. If you want to
support – contact us. If you can come and help to renovate it,
contact us. If you are going to join the new school
in November, we will keep you updated very soon. God bless you all!
It’s amazing what God is doing. Bye-bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. Dear Brother, Iam so glad for you and your Family . So god will i will come , too. God will give you The Money in a Month , i believe. All of IT.🙌🙌🥀🙌🙌🙌👑🙌🙌🕎

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    I know God wants me to meet you, my gf and I will be coming to visit❤ praise God! I love you Jesus.
    Thank you Torbin for your obedience. You have helped me so much in the last 10 months through the healing of brain cancer and back pain.
    You are so special to my heart.
    God bless you and your family.

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    I am a born again Christian and an intercessor,I love God with all my life.
    I have gone through hardships that no one can fathom,broken marriage, financial struggles and this affected me and my kids to an extent I had to take my kids to my mum so that can pull up myself again.
    Everything is at wreck but I have stood my ground that I am and I will always follow Jesus Christ all the days of my life,I am not perturbed,God is still working things out for me.
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  9. I am not sure where this is located in North Carolina but your story seems very similar to the Moravian's from Germany who were persecuted and came to America around 1735.

    August Spangenberg from Austria started many Moravian missions in Forsyth County of North Carolina. I believe they are located in the Wachovia settlement. The Moravian's were known for their extreme faith and would even sell themselves into slavery to bring the good news to slaves in America.

    The Moravian's had a large influence on John Wesley and the Methodist movement as well. John Wesley recounts his trip to the Americas with the Moravian's on board when the ship was in a terrible storm and about to sink. The Moravian's began to sing a hymn to God in the middle of the storm, while John Wesley feared for his life. They all survived the storm but John realized from this experience that the Moravian's had something that John Wesley did not when it came to faith.

    He later came to know that the difference between him and the Moravian's was that he had Religion while the Moravian's had the Spirit of the Living God. John Wesley went back to Europe after being with the Moravian's and soon after the Methodist Movement began and changed the world as we know it.

    They say "History repeats itself….."

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    ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:8-10‬ ‭

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