garfielf becomes god and vores the universe

garfielf becomes god and vores the universe

lasaga go away garmfigled eat my ass, punk that’s it gogurtfield that’s the last straw you rude ill-tempered feline i’ve had it up to here with- I Pat it up to here with say Johnny boy Once we interview its rounds up the good clip. You’re pushing guard Look it busy near Busta don’t get too big for your britches there Now now fork over the crook loser. That’s the guard fungus This is your last warning you. Not you feel like this is the last and final straw What’s wrong John Phil? You try us again. You shit yourself? John I’m asking if you shut yourself Punching quantity tout. I think somebody ordered the hot sand lunch Come on yo, ant stop being such a wet towel and retaliate crusty boy It is just as bad as I do we’ll have nice see phlegm see who calls like you Why aren’t you talking China Coco? Did you found your big one again to chunk caboose John? What’s bothering you dog to me? You were summative constructive bitch boy. Tell me why I’m no cop kitty around here. I’ve got that style How could you John we were amigos John you a my Marco show my compadre Someday, I’ll get my revenge John burn in hell if deprived floozy now I’ve died Who the hell is you God? Works for thee Welcome to the next stage of life You are now ready to ascend to higher order Kristen you will then have the rest of reality with all their forms of life champagne and Night, but Buster where should be some pasta you Singularity. No, I don’t have any Potter Put me back in the simulation immediated Lea yo first I sewed the machine Make me die Stronger What’s on Jonathan sorry to interrupt your morning shower try now prepare to be digested frivolous even Here the celestial bodies be plastic and could use some grip I’m gonna be everything I Think somebody ordered the hot sandwich

100 thoughts on “garfielf becomes god and vores the universe

  1. Well, I just learned “plures necat crapula quam gladius” means “it destroys more lives than the sword”. Thank you.

  2. If garfielf vored the universe, then why in the final scene, we can still see stars but the universe is gone, so no stars would exist.

  3. Beautiful. The story told is so tearjerking and woven together so well that you can understand and feel Garfielf and Jon's conflict like a strawberry sundae created at the perfect temperature and Garfielf meeting his makers and ascending to godhood is nothing short of Shakespearean.

  4. 0:55 buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1

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