Future Human Life on Moon – Spirituality and Science

Future Human Life on Moon – Spirituality and Science

Acharya Shree, will there be human life on the moon? Is there life on the moon and human life on the moon? That is certain that moon is alive planet right now. But it used to be a time when we
killed it. Like if it happened on the Earth, third world war, you know the consequences. Nobody will survive and Earth will die for long long time. There used to be big population of humans on the moon. It was like
our planet. It was like Earth. It was always good atmosphere. There were animals, there were human life like on this Earth right now. But I always suggest
and always tell people that animal is not dangerous on the Earth, neither birds, neither trees. They are always helpful. But human is the most dangerous species
on Earth. Or on any other planet. Because the moon we get civilized – so called civilized.
Or the moon we get science improved or developed. So we were going to go forward towards destruction – that’s what it happened. When there was prosperity, there was a
big population on the moon. Humans started fighting. And when we destroyed the planet people escaped from there. Like we are trying to escape from the Earth right now. Many of us, they are trying…they know that
there would be end of the Earth one day. Not end of the Earth…end of the human life. At least animal. Because of nuclear, because of hydrogen bombs.
Because we have made
already that kind of bombs that we can destroy this Earth many many times now. Not only seven times. I used to say seven times. Is more times now. Same thing happened
that destruction. Humans start fighting and best planet, the closest planet to the Earth, Moon, was destroyed. Nothing left there. No human, no animals. But it doesn’t mean there was no life. There was always
life…it is still there life. We have water there, we have oxygen there, we have atmosphere there. Let me tell you psychologically and scientifically. From this Earth now it is full of population. Who will reach the
first, he was the last one to escape from the moon. Because that is the nature of the human. Like many person grows older. That old age, the old man or old
lady is going towards the babyhood. Same thing was the last one. All these Britishers. Not Asians, not Africans. Britishers. And American now – or in the beginning, not now –
now it is a mixture population. But in the beginning they were all Britishers – from Europe. There is a scientifical proof that moon has no gravitation. Only European people, they used to
have a tall people. The height. Not asians. Asians were shorter. So when the moon got destroyed , few people escaped and they
came to the Earth. And they started population in Europe. And that’s why now they are seeking their babyhood again. And their babyhood
is Moon again. No wonder American landed first on the Moon. Because they basically originally are from Europe. And they know that is their
planet. They are still tall comparatively, other asians and other countries. And no wonder Asians and Africans and Arab countries, they loved America. Why?
Because they know deep down they are the last ones to come here. Before that, from Jupiter, from Mars, the other people came.
I won’t mention who were they. Maybe other video. But that is sure in near future, in very near future, we
will have a colony – human colony on Moon. Because we have all kind of resources there. And who were the
last person are going to be the first on the Moon again. But, this is not certain that these will be on Jupiter first. Whoever came from the Jupiter
they will be on the Jupiter first. Time will come and you will see it. But on Moon there is no waiting anymore. It will
be very soon you will see the colony. And once we build the colony there it will be
easy to travel to the planet also. So, in my insight on whatever I know, Moon was a
very prosperous planet and it is prosperous planet also. And moon is worshipped in asia usually. They think that Moon is a God, kind of.
No wonder the Arab countries, asian countries, they loved American continent. The whole continent. So because they were the last one and they will be the
first to reach there. And they will make the colony. So, it is not a…you will see in your own life that we have
a colony. People will begin to buy the land on the Moon. Moon will be again a beautiful planet. And human life, it will
increase there. Moon has more resources than Earth actually. Because it was alive planet and it was very very good planet. It
has less gravitation so less gravitation makes a person less emotional. Is not emotional like we used to be emotional like people are emotional here. Less gravitation makes a person
light. Their emotions are there, they’re light emotions. They don’t kill them, they don’t kill the person. Like here when emotions goes too much, person is fully depressed. But when a person will live on the Moon, they will not be
depressed. They will be even lighter. It is possibility that when human life again starts on the Moon – starts growing… They will be spiritually advanced. And it is not…that day is not far away. We will see our own eyes and we will hear. We will
see “Where are you coming from? Oh, I am Moonie – I come from the Moon.” And they will ask “Where are you coming from? I am coming from the Earth. I am Earthian.” So
there will be words new in the dictionary. I wish all of you to see that life
on the Moon and advanced spiritual life mostly.

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  1. Let me tell you scientifically: The moon is a bare rock with no atmosphere and no biological mass to support carbon based life. No life on the moon, never was.

  2. I don't want to live on the moon or mars! We would have to live in underground bases or structures that are completely enclosed.

  3. This video has been vetted and approved by the International Illuminati Jewish Banking Cabal. If we don't get a one world government soon, we will end up like the MOON YO. A BIG EMPTY ROCK.

  4. @ArtypNk There is an atmosphere on the moon but it's very thin.
    Look into Richard C. Hoagland, Pari Spolter and John Lear.
    Hope that helps.

  5. Michael Jackson is first man to move back to the moon because he is moonwalker and changed his skin from black to white in order to blend in better on the moon. hee hee. And all the plastic surgery was only to create an exoskeleton to survive the cold temperatures. hee hee.

  6. the moon is far too small to support a breathable atmosphere. Mars is even too small–this is why its atmosphere is very sparse, and why the other small rocky planets and moons have no atmospheres. The gravitational pull of these small bodies isn't strong enough to keep a robust atmosphere-if one were put on a body of this size artificially, it would simply dissipate.

  7. What I know of science makes me skeptical of the things discussed in this video. I do have an open mind though and I have learned a lot from your videos. This stuff does make sense to me.

  8. hm.. do you censor comments here? … dont's see my comments and some get deleted.. why? PS: human on the moon (without the suit).. very very unlikely….

  9. @Shkarya
    I'm reading a very interesting book about mayans right now.
    It's just awesome…. Briefly, mayans used to believe that everything natural has to deal with the Sun, that Sun has something to deal with our destiny and since Sun has exactly same cycles, we do have same cycles for humanity too…. Mayans used to believe that there were 4 eras before our, each one lasting 4 – 5 thousand years.. at the end of each era, human race was destroyed by nature.. 5th era starting 22 dec 2012 =)

  10. I gotta say it's an interesting theory for the creation of how humans got here and why there are different races…to say that his nuts just because he doesn't agree with nasa or the bible or w/e religion is pretty ignorant….NOBODY has the real answers…maybe he's right maybe he's not …do i agree with him? not really but I don't think we evolved from apes or from 2 white people in the bible…i do believe our species did come from another planet though. not intentionally though.

  11. good thing we have the prosperous moon to use as a launching pad to the other planets! it's sooooooo much closer to jupiter.

  12. This is so hard to believe.
    People came from jupiter and mars ? how did people travel from jupiter to the earth ? How long did it take :S

  13. he speaks wrong english but i like him because of his speech is like a science fiction adventure comic but somehow some points i agree that small gravity can help in many ways to evolve one even taking off a rocket from der coulde ve taken 2% of the fuel for the same journey which nasa is doing from earth to moon as it consumes 95% of the fuel to just cover like 200 kilometers to achieve escape velicoty to break the edge of space and atmosphere and gravity

  14. Science teaches us many things but it cannot teach us ALL things. Too many people think that science is everything even though some of the things that we thought we knew turned out to be wrong. There needs to be balance in order to know the truth.

  15. god won't let humans kill the earth cause he still has poeple here that our his people. He will wipe out the wicked

  16. All different colours evolved on earth. Climatic differences can explain eye colour, skin colour and so forth. The other planets in our solar system are not suitable for human life.

  17. LOL, I filled out one of those goofy survey things on FaceBook on the 17th of this month, and one of the questions asked which three places I'd like to visit before I die. My response?

    1. The moon
    2. God-knows-where, on any ocean
    3. Egypt

    That's funny.

  18. @blkcpdconure The people who defended a flat Earth were, at one time, the ones being rational and "scientific" about the issue. It was "common sense" that the Earth had to be flat, and anyone speaking to the contrary was subjected to, at the very least, ostricism.

    The science sheep are just like the religion sheep.

  19. @lilwaynemixtapesongs whenever there are civilizations and high populations the nature of human are bound to war, competing with each other even though there are "light" emotions. So, no matter it is a "heavy" or "light" emotion, in circumstances it bound to happen. That is the nature when you play with fire, with a wrong move, it will burn you throughout. Then you tell, was that "light" or "heavy"?

  20. @MrSpikyyo i'm not in the position to answer questions since i'm nowhere near enlightenment…but it seems to me that your inquiry is scientifically driven i think you cant understand the world with science since its man made in my meditation i found that scientific concepts are in the way of understanding reality…like when you try to understand matter with the concept of elementary paritlcles you cant do that

  21. where are higher spiritual realms located…like can they be thought of as being located…. like if we could fly very far could we stumble upon them? can they be thought of as planets or are they to be understood with completely unimaginable by our mind concepts? …cos i think i saw a deva in my sleep once it was huge and merged with the world around me and had no mouth or other facial features but had legs and arms and head…where do they live…how can their location be understood ?

  22. whatever guruji said in this video seems very new and unacceptable.

    But if you think again and again,you may open up to this theory as well.

    bible's explation of Adam and Eve is not at all believable and human from apes is niether too.
    Even Darwin did not knew how modern human came into existence.

    As we don't know the truth yet i think we should be open up to every possibility as we don't have the history of human. anything and everything was possible 10000-20000 BC.life existsted 4 bn years

  23. please tell us more pleasssse!….this is just fascinating…..how many plantes are there in our galaxy thta have human life?….what do those people from other planets look like…omg i so want to be enlightened to know what is out there

  24. @Chrysaetos11 how do you explain then that i have already had those concepts intuitively even when i was achild before being introduced to any school of religious thought….science can only explain the obvious things that need no explaning anyway…its man made and its goal is to create comfort and civilization not explain the world

  25. @freshprnce987 have you been to jupiter?….can the telescopes really tell you what its like there….or was there infinite years ago

  26. @lilwaynemixtapesongs
    I'm guessing that they had advanced technology way back that's been lost or surpressed by the ptb…

  27. Hey man, I'm a 21 business college/science student in California and i have to say that the first thing i noticed is he says 50 years from 2010 which is 2060! Isaac Newton said the world is going to change in 2060! The Mayans said this will be the beginning of a spiritual change in 2012! Let me tell you science answers no questions, i know this. Basically, put humans in a steel cage with only a limited amount of resources and all they can do is think what its like on the outside….

  28. It’s not necessarially what he’s saying that matters the most, but rather the intention and message of our beautiful planet slowly being deteriorated. And he did make a particular point that I agreed on – I think people will be buying land on the moon one day.

    Besides, as someone pointed out, it's a metaphor.

  29. Acharya Shree, this comment also kind of disheartens me. It sounds like a similar comment that Li Hong Zhi of Falun Dafa made. Your comment needs to be explained so that you won't be discredited. Noreen

  30. Maybe he is using the moon as an example. Such as, "Imagine people had lived on the moon at one point…" But clearly his understanding of English is limited, so maybe he messed up.

  31. Dude, I get where you're coming from. I do the same thing. Wisdom is a bonus, but he has an awesome sleepy voice.

  32. Secrets secrets secrets, people, open your minds, these statements are Truth, they are written and have been told by many Masters & Disciples Not only from this age but from many ages before, I dare you to read H.P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine take I, II, III, IV… You will see that there is a deeper understanding of matters, there is a deep truth most of us have forgotten and are afraid of knowing it. These books have been read by the most legendary scientists (for example Einstein)

  33. Okay, read by a scientist does not quantify anything as proof. Secondly, none of this is true. There is absolutely no evidence that mankind game from a geologically dead object we call the moon. When Armstrong took his first steps on the surface, and I can't believe I even need to type this, there were no signs of some previous civilization.

    You have no scientific information to back this up. A man writing books with anecdotal opinions "truth" does not make.

  34. The Lunar Probe Chandrayaan 1 launched in 2008 proved the existence of water on the Moon's surface and the International Space Station (ISS) is "THE" most expensive object ever constructed with at a cost of $150 billion to serve as a base for missions to the Moon and Mars.

  35. well if all this is true [ ummmm] there really is no hope for humans is there. i mean so we lived there on the moon [ummmm] then we "killed it" [ummm] then we started over from scratch on earth went through all evolutionary stages to get to where we were when we lived on the …moon [ ummm]…to become present day earth destroying humans. ??? whats the point?

  36. I have been watching his videos for the past few weeks and have enjoyed and believed them.  Now I'm like :0 huh.  Is he talking about another dimension or something?  I hope someone can explain what he is saying.  So many contradictions he says in this video.
    The moons gravity is too weak to hold on to a substantial atmosphere. Jupiter is a gas giant, a failed star.  I don't know if it has a solid surface.   Also I think science proves all humans are related, the same species.  I feel disenchanted now, ugh. 🙁
    I can see how Mars once could have had life though.

  37. Getting lost here… Let me watch it again…. Love your video's but this one got me laughing in disbelieve… But I have heard that white people are from another planet didn't know it was the moon…. Make sense that's why they burn in the sun….

  38. I thought European ancestors came from India that's why so many Indians look Europeans with darker skin (caused by the strong sun).

  39. if on the moon its in a different vibration level , same as Venus or some place , you cant get there in a space ship –

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