listen how do I feel about the pig I think she's good I think she's okay this is very difficult mm-hmm you don't have to proof your Indore India as well hmm all Brule Stremme fifty ouch this much will be formed for now I'll give my best monitor pop yeah hold on ribbon very nice oh it's this black guy again the survivor friends with someone that's going remember nice that off [Applause] tool boxes or insta heels all right power all time again another perfect observational example of who the true power Rowlands is in this game ignore it all now it's completely up to you [Laughter] you don't have things so no matter why do you I think I'm gonna leave this we'll see though they spawned on grooving so the Jen's can go quite quick they've insta heels one guy's proud of being toxic which I see isn't its profile so 2.2 K I was as well not the craziest most dolt it doesn't matter how good I'm doing here one has a key yeah it is about good I do here even if it looks like I have a chance they'll have so much though yeah cool I mean it's part of some big streamers community so what's right what are the wrong oh just missed Hey look at em the cloud goes up a bit of Angelou potential yeah I don't think we can all for it has ever been just missed nice um just dead old as well so she probably exes yep now let me come into that or did you lad nidia how's the game's mean this could be very difficult we're going against an organised potential it looks organised to me sorry here mr. so where's the time see if I can get in pasta I can count you do another block a hulking look ridiculous or something I think you might be dead on hook didn't she Marva dead on hook goes see if they can pop these gents book enough last year she's trying to run him find really powerful loops which is what I've been doing listen as powerful she's second-guessing herself stop it she's gonna have the s as well most like it all right we might get one that's the best working really old for you right here you call blocker who's to Plus you don't know the block Oaks low-key clown Assunta loop or this would have been really annoying I've got a pop as well on the go beautiful we will simplify nicely catch up to a quicker global look she's doing the optimal loop around here of the goals of the window fingers crossed leave over the tube Jen's they're doing over there mmm doing bad that up although I thought this would be a complete you know shambles Paulo here another service pallet off why do you know go for the window house free that of yep new trucks damn gloves los Alma said it we needed to look them last to have a chance here now the other girls going to grab her as well mm-hmm oh she messed up that are obvious oh my god is it stressful guys once again he's one of them dares we're just going against stupid survivors I think at best we probably not Pippin even we have fallen man I think at best we probably got to get to Bieber what potentially could have got four but she got past me all the myths that they used over the offerings obviously help in them there's one pop gasa weasels help in thank God you gave like giving out to my build I appreciate that oh hey you don't make up hey that odd oh my god guys we be a really strong team Ian I'm very curious to see what all we am being emotionally because they've got a key yeah they've got a key they can they can get trapped dork are there right now or is it one more dead so even in this situation that we've got them to they still can potentially get out of this car there I think one more dead they can get out of it right now they can holy shit oops I was wasted so two of them we can escape anywhere who had the key guys can ever remember you're gonna waste more time daaad yep oh she's okay they come with his two Jen's left now barely whose kiss I was pretty forget the requirements just saw these two now she is he chokes out with the other girls he's gonna keep nice it's so tight and so yep ridiculous like up to I'll play in the ballgame as well I think it's got me a black pit after all this bear lisa world complete domination which i thought it was gonna be you give me a random perk random bugs to be there the alright perks though will you give me random perks i'm using and we're going against like a proper purple mist insta heal in purple key like all these fucking people have evolved haha there it is there's a bullshit awesome what a good mechanic GG Brandi I think in the seven months normal thank you for all your bits at least that guy with toxic on his profile like it's something to be proud of died I guess silver lining yeah I played the best game I could against them to run his poker the messed up multiple times and we capitalized on pretty much every mistake we read every day at hard so yeah pretty much the best I could do I think British oyster deep it because they escaped through a trapdoor which was pretty much not in my control what a fallout if you went for the key oh really splat bit insta heal purple keep our flashlight DSD SDS no Deus for you interesting down hard dead hard dead hard dead hard and people said that isn't the best exhaustion Billy as it is I think so adrenaline adrenaline 22 Adrenaline's borrowed borrowed borrowed work in alman all ranked ones by the way pretty much yeah

30 thoughts on “FULL RANK 1 SWF VS CLOWN! (STRESSFUL!)

  1. They should start out by giving the killer a scaling movement and/ or action speed increase for each member in a SWF group, with a proportionally larger bonus if it's a 4 man. 2/3/5% as an example. Two two man groups would be 4% (add the 2% bonus). Could tweak numbers as the devs and community see fit. Just anything to help the killers be bullied a little less by the coordination.

  2. Mist offerings, purple flashlight, insta heal, key, 4-man SWF with meta perks

    because why would you need to be good at the game when broken shit still exists?

  3. I'm so confused by you. You complain about their perks, but you use the perks yourself. You need to take a break. Stop expecting rank 20 4Ks.

  4. Survivors have the power to take away basically everything from you lol

    Oh you got a down? Insta
    You picked someone up? Sike, flashlight
    You thought you could catch me? Whoops, key + hatch

    Fair and balanced right?

  5. 4 man, eaaaasily without that key. Last 3 gens were at 0, + you had pop for any gens that would be worked on. Great game from you whilst playing on the clown.

  6. I’m sick of all the people saying buff this buff that, gen pressure survivor loops need a nerf. Shut up honestly, I’m sorry but you aren’t good at the game if you think there needs to be major buffs to killers or major nerfs to survivors.

    People are just extremely opinionated on certain things in this community whether it being killer or survivor, it all depends on who they play. Any good player will know that the game is actually quite well done (apart from the hit boxes) and that you will always either get a good survivor game or a good killer game, it honestly just depends on how great the players skill level is.

    Yes I agree there are some killers that may need buffs or nerfs and some survivor items/ perks that may need buffs or nerfs. But don’t go around saying what needs to happen, when you clearly don’t know well the game has been put together. It could be worse ya know.

  7. Hello just to wish you good luck for the excellent work I like the fact that u didnt cut so we can see Every move and mindwork i know mt english is far from good but I Realy wanted to thank you because I learn very much from u keep give some advice. You never talk too much !! I like tour work thank you !! Would be great If the dev put a minimap at the end of the game with a timer so we can know where people were. Like an historical of mouvement when u pop gen when people are busy and where when you chase etc. Would be intresting. Dont you think so ? For a better understanding of what was going on during the game.

  8. Imo you shouldn't run Sulfuric acid and sloppy butcher on clown,Since they have the same effect.
    You should replace sulfuric acid with the Solvent jug 🙂
    Edit: do they stack ?

  9. keys are fine but let's nerf ghostface, hE iS tOo oP

    hoopsy, he was* lmao nerfed 2 like weeks out, feelsfreddyman

  10. They were not toxic as they didn't tbag or pointed at you
    They were just playing together i don't see anything toxic about that

  11. Probably the most obnoxious thing to see about this game is that those survivors very clearly sucked.

    Like, they failed every single mindgame.

    And of course the prick who was on hook wasted the 40 seconds instead of taking the L, what a goddamn loser.

  12. Where are all these potato red ranks when I'm playing. Seriously, they had this and threw it by trying to start a bully and fucked it. Of course True played it quite well to punish their fuck up.

  13. I get why everyone hates SWF I really do. Once had a 4 man 20, 16, 12 and 2. At rank 15 with no perk Billy. Instant heals everywhere. But then I see Tru3 tunnelling the Kate and complaining about using a key to open the hatch and I'm like; Dude it's an item, they're losing an item for it, it is a good mechanic cause it's fair. Better than 1v1 collapse. All I'm saying, it isn't really warranted. Have to give survivors something to escape.

  14. They should honestly just make key a rare item you only find in chest, only one person can use, and it gets destroyed after the match no matter what (used or not) Its just a pointless mechanic to give people a free out for no reason. Even as a fellow survivor, your teammate is straight trash at doing gens or farming people off the hook but they get the free out and you die, or a match where killer should clearly wipe a team but guess what, one of em has a key so there was really no point in trying in the first place I guess. It would also make that one ace perk more useful for getting keys to escape instead of just looting for good items.

  15. Wow. You are awesome with those bottle tosses. Seemed to be out mind gaming them the whole game. And not even using optimal load out. Great game

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