Forgetting Sarah Marshall (5/11) Movie CLIP – Yoga Class (2008) HD

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (5/11) Movie CLIP – Yoga Class (2008) HD

Thank you. Please remove it
before class. Hey, everyone,
why don’t you all
grab your mats? Sorry, l recognize you from
the cover o_ Namaste Magazнne.
l’m a huge fan. Thank you.
That’s so sweet
of you to say. l appreciate that.
Obviously, l don’t do
yoga for recognition. Right, of course
you wouldn’t. Then stop being
so good at it. That’s very flexible.
That’s nice. And, you,
l recognize you
from your show. Thank you. You seem much taller
on your show. No, I _,ow. l’m not. Okay, if you iust wanna
start by bringing
your palms into your chest. Today we’re gonna start
with the Surya Namaskar,
or Sun Salutation. Let’s take
a deep inhale in. Exhale and
release the hands. lnhale, arms up
to the sky.
Continue. Good, exhale
and folding forward. Strong, strong backs.
Good, excellent. Remember this is
not a competition, although you two seem
to be the best in the class. Excellent. Perfect form,
you two, perfect. Coming up into
downward-facing dog. Good. It’s really important
in this pose, that you arch your back
and keep it flat
at the same time. l feel like
those are opposing ideas. No, they’re not,
’cause you’re arching
your back up while it’s flat. Okay. Good, yeah, sweat it out.
Sweat out all the toxins
from this morning. Come on, lady.
My name is Prana, and l know
that wasn’t just juice. You don’t really
need any adjusting, so l’m iust gonna
do this for myself. Just to learn
from your body, memorize your body. Good.
Strong legs. Come on. Perfect skin and form. Okay, class, l’d like
to now move into
a tripod headstand. This is more of
an advanced pose, so if you don’t
feel comfortable
or strong enough, please feel free
to just lay on your mat
in child’s pose. l got it. All right,
so let’s all come down
to our mats. Get in a prep position
for the tripod headstand. lf you don’t
feel comfortable, there’s no shame
in just laying on your mat
in child’s pose. PETER: Lady, l got it.
Okay. Good, so let’s prep
to come up. Good. Sir, if you iust want
to lay down
in child’s pose. (GRUNTS) Now, you all heard me say, ”lf you want to
be in child’s pose,
that’s okay.” Just in case
he gets hurt. Bring it, bring it. l don’t want you to
break your neck. PETER: What’s up?
Just relax. My legs,
that’s what. We’re doing
quiet headstands today. l’m doing a handstand,
l’m doing a handstand. Okay, you know,
why don’t we just release. Thank God. Good, everybody.

53 thoughts on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall (5/11) Movie CLIP – Yoga Class (2008) HD

  1. Even though I like this clip, and I do, the thought of me doing yoga would be futile enough as it is! So with that in mind, I will not be doing a handstand, motherfucker! I fear I'd be in the hospital for a fortnight!

  2. I could never do a handstand, much less yoga! I fear I'll break something in my body! So it's better for me to be a spectator of yoga than be a participant of yoga! #JustSaying

  3. This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie and it's not even in the regular movie..just the extended version.

  4. THE KRISTENS MEET!!! Wow, that’s crazy. They shared a scene in this movie. I was wondering if they’d ever met.

  5. Arch your back and keep it straight

    Kristen Wiig
    Learning from Russell Brand

    I can’t do headstands

  6. I would like to see the gag reel release for this scene especially when Jason would commentate his handstand

  7. Hilarious! Luv this movie!… I think the sequel to this, Get Him to the Greek is so Underrated, GHTTG is also SUPER FUNNY and is as entertaining and is as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a great pair of movies! 👍

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