Fit2Go Exercise Tutorial: The Burpee

Fit2Go Exercise Tutorial: The Burpee

– All right, so today we’re
gonna be going through P, the plyometric cardio and
the exercise we’re using this week is called the burpee. Now, the burpee might
be a little infamous, it’s not usually the most popular amongst clients who know it because in the past you might have used it as a drill, it can be tough,
it can be very hard to do. But, the burpee, you don’t
ever have to do a burpee but it’s a good exercise to learn, then you have it in your toolkit to use it for different purposes. So, first, we’re gonna
show the full burpee. Then, we’re gonna show
different modifications and they have different uses. So the full burpee is just a great tool for getting your heart
rate up very quickly. It’s a great conditioning workout. So, especially if you’re
trying to maximize your results in a minimal amount of time,
which we’re trying to do with PAUL for busy professionals. Then, if you’re able to do the burpee it’s a great tool to use sometimes. So, let’s go ahead and
we’ll show the full burpee and I’ll take it from there. So, this is a little bit
of an advanced exercise. So, Christy is gonna do
here is she’s going to, first she’s going to squat down, puts her hands on the floor. We’re gonna segment it
out a little bit first. She’s gonna jump back. She’s back in a plank position, she’s gonna jump forward,
then she’s gonna jump up and reach for the ceiling. So, that’s in a little slow motion. Now let’s do a little quicker. She’s gonna come down, jump back, jump forward, jump up. Now, let’s do it in full speed. Let’s do three of them. Good. Then she’ll just do a
grab and reach, two more. Jump back, jump forward, jump up. She’ll squat down, jump
back, jump forward, jump up. So, that’s a burpee. Does Christy got you’re
heart rate up a little bit? – Yup. – What’d you do there? We did three of those consecutively and she’s already spiked
a little bit there, and I would be too. They are intense workouts. You’ll be shocked at how quick
it gets your heart rate up. But, for a lot of people,
if you’re a beginner, don’t do that, don’t start there. You’re gonna do a modification. And to the modification is going to be A, it’s going to be easier on your joints. So if you have any knee,
ankle, toes issues, any thing like that, you
don’t want that high impact, you don’t ever wanna be jumping. So, we’re gonna show
you a modification here. This is also good if you have, if your conditioning’s just not as good, if your heart can’t take all
that jumping right there, then you can start here. The other thing is your mobility. So, for some people they might just not have the hip mobility to be able to jump back like that and so working on the walking burpee, the modification we’re about to show you, is not only going to be easier, it’s going to better for
improving your mobility and your function day to day. So, to show the walking burpee, it’s gonna be pretty much the same things, we’re segmenting it out
and we’re never jumping. So, step one is Christy’s gonna
start in the same position but she’s gonna squat back, she’s gonna squat as deep as
she can with keeping good form. When she can’t get any
lower without losing form, then she’s gonna place
her hands on the ground. Once her hands are at the ground, she’s gonna step one foot back. Now, as she’s in this position she’s gonna feel a little
bit of a stretch here so legs are separated. She’s gonna step the other foot back. Now this is where she’s gonna
get the real hip stretch. She’s gonna reach the left foot forward, shoot it up towards the left hand, and right there she gets a
big stretch there in the hips. If she wants to feel it a little bit more she can lean into that a little bit there as she’ll put her chest up and she’ll feel that a little bit more. And then she’ll step her right foot up, hips are down low. She’s first gonna get back so she’s back in the bottom of that deep squat and then she’s gonna
go ahead and stand up. And that’s the full walking burpee. Let’s do it one more
time, so squatting down. So, make sure you’re segmented because what a lot of people wanna do is they’ll skip the squat, halfway down they’ll
start bending forward, but Christy did that right,
she stayed in the squat, then she came down and she put
her hands down on the floor. Now, we’re gonna go ahead and step back. Good, other foot. Now, left foot forward. Good, right foot. Now, sit down back back
in squat, chest is up. Getting off the floor and that’s the walking burpee. Okay. Now, for some of you that
still might be too much, whether it’s for joint issues or because it’s still getting
your heart rate up too much, and by the way, don’t be fooled, three of those will still
spike your heart rate as well. Now, it might even be
that you have a knee issue where you just can’t squat that deep. Well, then you’re gonna use
the same kind of modification you would for push-ups or a plank, is you’re gonna do an incline. So, you’re gonna find
a surface in your house that brings it up a little bit and it shortens the range
of motion that you need. So, we’re gonna use the couch here so that, Christy’s gonna do the same thing with the walking burpee,
but this way she doesn’t have to squat as deep, so as if the floor were
higher up which is great. She’s coming right in front
of the couch right here. First step again, she’s not
bending forward the first step, she’s gonna squat back. She’s gonna squat back as deep as she can and then she’s gonna place
her hands on the floor there. Right, so pause right here. So, if she wasn’t doing this on the couch, if she was doing it out here, she would have to keep
going deeper, deeper, deeper into the squat until she
got her hands to the floor but she has this now so she
doesn’t have to go as deep into the squat and now she can go ahead and complete the burpee. Step one foot back, other foot, step forward, other foot forward. Now, she’s still gonna go
back into the squat here and then come on up. Let’s do one more. Squat back. Good, step back, other foot. Step it forward, good. Then, come on up. And that’s a good place to start if going to the floor is too much for you and then you’ll work your way up. So once you get good at that, you can then go a little bit lower. You can go to a lower surface and eventually work your way to the floor and eventually, you’ll
be doing full burpees. All right guys, if you
wanna get the full workout this Friday, if you wanna get
all the rest of these videos, go to Sign up for the whole full
home Fit 2 Go home library. We’ll see you then. (upbeat music)

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  1. Thank you as always Dani (& Krista) for showing the hard, medium and easy version of burpees. I did not know about the walking burpee with couch. Have to try that one! 🙂

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