‘Fascist and tyrannical’ or cultural preservation? Quebec passes controversial religious ban

‘Fascist and tyrannical’ or cultural preservation? Quebec passes controversial religious ban

a controversial ban on wearing religious symbols has been passed in a Canadian province for some people working in the public sector lawmakers have called the move the right to have secular public services and separate State on religion now the legislation will affect government employees police some teachers for example and will apply to Muslim headscarfs Jewish skull camps and other various symbols last-minute changes to the bill also included the introduction of inspectors who will be tasked with ensuring people abide by the new law but some in Quebec have criticized the move for violating basic rights the Prime Minister has once again suggested that Quebec values are incompatible with fundamental rights the 16th of June 2019 is a very set date that has just entered the history books of Quebec a date that will forever mark a vision of Quebec that divides rather than brings together that excludes rather than includes that stigmatizes rather than reconciles will there be police officers going after people to check if they have religious signs we don't know it's not clear we didn't even have time to analyze his modification clearly they did it in a very undemocratic way okay for a little more depth on this we spoke to university lecturer dr. Oren almaty and traumas patron the leader of the Canadian nationalist party down the rabbit hole we go because what is religious and what it's not I tend to believe that politics and religion are intertwined necessarily to a certain degree and at the end of the day when you say wedding rings could be seen as a religious symbolism the next step after that could be the apparel people we're not just talking about face veils but the the dresses women wear or the clothes men wear and what this is really pointing to is a Quebec that is known in Canada to be fierce about protecting their identity and that is why the Quebec voters voted in a nationalist populist government with the caq and right now as the premier mr. legality himself says they're getting exactly what they voted for well the problem is whenever you're prevented from doing something that you feel that you should have the right to do or that something that's so important to you on a very fundamental level like as something as many was Muslim to say about the religion you are really setting it up for a lot of I think both demonstrations and likely physical clashes because people believe that their existence is on the line and they feel that they are justified to use any means necessary to fight for what they feel is their right so when anybody feels that their rights are being taken away from them then we can expect there to be as I said I think physical clashes and it's gonna all be under the rubric or the guise of Islamophobia they're going to say it's a blatant attack against a particular group and and when you're fighting for that cause this has you know potential ramifications globally where people say oh we thought Canada was such a welcoming diverse country but it seems that at least part of it Quebec is Islamophobic and who knows what kind of repercussions we can expect moving forward when people from other countries might decide to make a statement beyond a simple protest you

48 thoughts on “‘Fascist and tyrannical’ or cultural preservation? Quebec passes controversial religious ban

  1. I am sure a man wearing womens cloths at work place is not forbitten! lgbt agenda who wants to ban religion and force on people their satanic religion!

  2. I love when north Americans (Canada and the Us ) try to stop immigration when they immigrated there centuries ago.
    Native Americans welcomed them happily they even got killed.
    Keep your gates opened, and see how your technologies will keep advancing,
    remember that Einstein was a Jewish immigrant from Germany, the CEO of Google is it indian, and Musk was born in Pretoria .

  3. I agree with banning the burka, the niqab and the hijab but this bill also banned Jesus-cross necklaces. they done it to submit to the liberals. this is wrong. they should get rid of the ban on Jesus-cross necklaces. Quebec is a Christian Nation.

  4. Interesting decision. This is the ultimate step in enforcing the secularization of government space. I'm surprised politicians voted for something so daring. If religious garb and daily rituals are interfering with someone doing their job, then maybe it is the wrong job for them. We'll see how this plays out.

  5. wow balance views – a Nazi and an Alt right. What? Muslims or constitutional scholars/lawyers were not available?
    I guy who implying that Quebec will be a target forgot that 6 Muslims died at a mosque at the hands of Bissonette?

    I for one welcome riots by Muslims, Sikhs and Jews in Quebec but sadly this will likely end up at the Supreme Court….

  6. Canadians rights are being taken every day, we live in a dictatorship, our government does what it wants against the will of the Canadian people.

  7. This law violates article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  .  The freedom of religion , in particular the right to practice and profess in public .

    Article 18 applies to all ,  public service employees  should not be excluded .  .

  8. I wonder how many ring-wing dummies in the comment section realize this means they just banned Jesus-cross necklaces for public servants.

    Oh well, school uniforms coming soon. – When people are immature, pass a law. Brush the dust under the carpet. Gets you more immature politicians who can only pass laws.

  9. Dreadlocks forbidden, too, now, I guess. Bummer.

    Compare that to Canada's neighbor where all public service employees will probably soon be REQUIRED to wear a kippa.

  10. **YES SIR .. Right on .. 🤗 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 GREAT JOB QUÉBEC .. IN QUÉBEC WE SPEAK FRENCH .. YOU WANT TO LIVE IN QUÉBEC .. start by speaking our language .. ACCEPT OUR RULES .. accept our WAY OF LIVING .. OR GO live somewhere else .. GO AWAY !! ..**

  11. The masters in Canada think is a gift to be around them?
    The imigrants never have a warm and pleasant warm place to work?.
    They think the rules in the states can be here , Canada can hate imigrants like usa?
    The economy is simple? If you want white workers in your land teach them to work.

  12. Doesnt France have a ban on burkas or something.?
    In the bible it is said holy books will be forbidden. Remember that Book of Eli film? That's exactly wat happens after a world war

  13. Quebec needs to be booted out of confederation because they think differently due to Alberta resource equalization bribe by the federal government. Equalization to who?

  14. Wrong. A man, and a woman, should be able to wear anything, proper. I’m an Anglican. I almost became a muslim, so I can sympathize. A person who wants to wear a Catholic or Christian pendant cross, Jewish yalmaka, or a Sikh headdress, should be able to without repercussion.

  15. This is wrong and I hope the courts strike this down. What we choose to wear is a part of us and who we are and if your offended, we'll tough.

  16. Quebec is a secular society. What is there to argue about? If you want religion in government move to a country that isn't secular. Easy . Right?

  17. Soon, beard will be a symbol of "Misogyny", and bald head will be "Sexism"…, at the moment it's about "Them", just don't cry when it happens with "Us"

  18. Another sociallusion social engineering project TOO change the minds , attitudes and beliefs of the people of the world. (William bill copper) RIP

  19. Sounds like Canada has become a Zionist state for real . What next cant wear clothes of different culture or just the way you dress. Socialist fascist state

  20. Its not enough. They should be banned from all the public places like Metro/buses and stop teaching at school religious bs to kids.

  21. Is me wearing a cross or a skull cap interfering in any shape or fourm with the law?
    You guys say that you want secularism because religion divides people and hence it should be practiced in private (almost in shame), yet this way of thinking is already dividing people. If I lived in Canada in Quebec I now have a lower chance of obtaining a job because of somthing I chose to wear that has no meaning to you.

  22. Just too bad white liberals in the rest of the country love diversity instead of their own beautiful historical culture that created this Country!

  23. “ wear the hat 🎩 🧢 of the country where you are” otherwise they have choices to emigrate in similar culturally countries.

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