all the friends that I know of knew that farm rescue was coming and when they saw the trucks they just started shouting and hollering and waving and everybody becomes close friends you know anybody that's willing to help anybody out we just had a lot of amazing friends ourselves with help and letting us live in a house that already has a ramp on it for a while and a friend of mine a very good friend lost her husband last year to ALS and she's letting us use the van that has the lift in it right now so that you know we've been very lucky and just farm rescue was the icing on the cake to come in and help with the crops and he tends to worry about everything so it's kind of nice to lighten his load a little bit and now it's not relying just on these two guys so I'm currently a college student at Dickinson State University I'm going for a degree in composite social science with emphasis on criminal justice and I usually try to come home for a couple weeks to a month try to help out during the summers and got to go back to school in about a week and a half so I work up in North Dakota in the oil field I live up in Williston and I usually come back here and help out on days off and I was back and like you said we were working on that baler and accident happened I was gonna go bail and the boys are with me and I said well when I went to bail they come into the house and I jumped in the baler and I thought it one more thing I needed to do so I jumped out and you know the that momentary lapse of judgment ya judgment or whatever I I locked the gate up but I didn't think about the bail kicker and the bail kicker shorted and when it came out I was kneeling behind the baler and it pinned my legs to the ground and basically yeah I had me pinned for a while until it broke my legs and that kicked me away was able to get the bag that freed me anyway so I was able to crawl out of from behind it and I don't know how long I was there but my brother-in-law was spray-in and he come in the yard to refill and I was able to flag him and and he come and got me and then they airlifted me to Rapid that's it was a pretty bad injury his right leg is the worse and he totally broke the femur and then the bones in the bottom of his leg so he's got two rods put in this left leg wasn't as severe but he did break a bone down on the bottom so he's wearing the boot right now both ankles no bones were broken but all the ligaments were torn so they're all pinned and screwed and he's going to have to have rehab and kind of learn to walk again as soon as he can start putting some weight on his legs so it was a pretty serious accident he kind of pushes the card sometimes but luckily it turned out great and I just can't thank Farm Rescue enough and all the businesses that sponsored them and it's just amazing that people are willing to help us out like this it really makes you humble I think the volunteers are very wonderful people they donate their time and they're very conscientious about trying to do a great job here you know really worried about doing the best job they can do and no it's just been really nice to meet them you know and it kind of nice he grew up out in this area too or Jeff did and so it's kind of nice to meet him I just think they're amazing that they donate their time and they came out to help us and it's been nice to get to know them as people a lot of similarities and him growing up in Hardin County and us here there's a rivalry with sports teams which is kind of fun to talk about but there are just wonderful people and it's so amazing that they came and volunteered their time to help us times like this when you go through these kind of things you really see how great people really are and you know all everybody that volunteers is farm to rescue it pretty amazing to see them giving up their free time to come help people out out here and it's really awesome what they do the equipment is you know top-notch great shape you know I mean looks brand-new I mean yeah that's the state of the art you know farm equipment that they brought in here you know I mean that's that's always important too and yeah you know if if you have custom cutters come in and you're paying for them well you want to have the best equipment they don't break down you know you want them and that's what they showed up with here you know so so yeah it's very nice so a big thank you to our do for the equipment and for helping farm rescue and to farm rescue for helping us they take a while to count the number of different sponsors on there you know that you know anywhere from big companies to to local I mean to what I would consider more statewide you know from you know this wide range of sponsors it looks like I mean that's pretty good I don't think farm rescue would be possible if it wasn't for everyone that sponsored donations and you know the businesses that are able to support farm rescue we are just so appreciative all the way around and we know that something like that doesn't work without people without businesses without companies sponsoring so we thank them all very much for that a lot of people saw your truck show through town and ass and they're finding out what you're doing here you know and they think it's a great that's yeah they really think it's a good thing so it's hard to ask for help it's hard to accept help I mean it's a real hard thing to do when I initially contacted Farm Rescue I still thinking you know we can do it ourselves you know we get behind but Farm Rescue made it very easy to follow through because they persisted and they kept calling and saying we'd love to come one thing to help me was they make sure I knew that me getting help is not going to keep any help going to anybody else you know and now that was encouraging because you always worry about you know do we really need it do we we deserve it and you know I guess they they they really took that concern away and made it easy to follow through because I was very apprehensive about accepting help for this but it it turned out very nice I helped him fill out the paperwork it was really simple you know we were able to print it out fill it out and fax it back in and it has just relieved the stress on this guy a lot it's very hard for him though to ask for help and I've really got to thank his friend Brad Austin who mentioned farm rescue because we had never heard about it and now I'm gonna be singing its praises and letting everyone know how wonderful it was so it really helped us in a time of need and we are grateful and someday these guys are hoping maybe they can volunteer time to farm rescue and and work on that nice new equipment it's just wonderful to have the help and we so appreciate it

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