(ENG SUB) THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY “ขอบคุณวันสุข”  | EP.4 (1/4) | 14 ก.ย. 62 | one31

(ENG SUB) THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY “ขอบคุณวันสุข” | EP.4 (1/4) | 14 ก.ย. 62 | one31

Hi, my name is Vichuda I’m the new music teacher Nice to meet you all I hope we will have a good time together Hello, Miss I thought you guys suck Shut up. We don’t suck We just kept our good stuff a secret Real talent don’t talk too much I don’t wanna brag But whenever this band goes to Siam Square, it’s always a riot. Wow! So many people come to see you play? Nah it’s the last Friday of the month. Everybody goes shopping there But seriously, every member of Porjai Band is good. I guarantee we won’t let Friday down. What’s the name of the band? Porjai (pleased). Why is that the name? Why? I name the band as I please. Enough! Don’t fight with each other You guys gave such a good pitch. What songs are you going to play? We already gave you our set list. Tilapias All Over, Penguin Villa, Solitude is Bliss, Take Me to the Bus Station. Are these real bands? You don’t know these bands? If you don’t know them, just look them up. It’s Thailand 4.0 now, you know? Or don’t you guys have internet connection here? Do you think old folks would look them up? What? Then you won’t have an audience. Therefore, you won’t get paid. So what should we do then? Let’s brainstorm. Damn! Jump! ‘Ant! It must be ‘Ant. This is how his fart smells. It wasn’t me. You’re trespassing! What? Is this a private property? No, but you don’t have the permission. Wait, didn’t you tell us to make ourselves at home when we first met? What are you watching? Nothing. You’re this good Do you even need more practice? Nobody’s too good to learn. By the way, did you just admit that I’m good? I haven’t nailed the song we played today. Actually, you guys can play songs you’re familiar with. No What’s the point of playing when we enjoy it but the audience doesn’t? Do you want the audience to enjoy it or do you want the money? Two birds, one stone. Isn’t it against your will? No, I love playing music. Why? Why do you love playing Music? I think music is like a friend It can speak for us When we feel sad, whatever we play sounds sad But when we’re happy, it sounds happy no matter how sad the song is. Have you felt that? Yeah. Although it’s the same notes same melody it seems to understand me so well. I can’t lie to it. Yeah And it’s like a friend who listens when we’re sad but never asks anything It’s a friend who shares our sadness, right? Yeah It seems like we have a mutual friend. I guess What did your folks say about you playing music? My mom was a great musician. Really? If she were still here we would have a blast jamming. Oh… Come on, let’s go. What are you doing? I’m tuning the drums What are you doing here? Nothing. Aren’t you going to eat? I’ll eat later. Come on, go ear now. You can do this later. I must do it now, so the band can play when they’re back. I can eat any time. Why do you have to tune it? Does it sound bad? Yeah. I could tell during the rehearsal. I couldn’t tell any difference. Is it different now? You’re right. See? Didn’t you say you’re not good at anything? This is the only thing I’m good at. But it’s huge. It’s really useful You can tune the drums What else can you do? I guess I can tune the guitar. Only with your ears? Yeah You’re good. You wanna try? Of course To tune it, you turn it like this. What are you guys doing? Oh, we’re tuning drums Jump is so good, he can tune the drums. Really? Yeah It sounds fun Jump, can you teach me how to tune the drums? Yes, of course. Home, move. This is called a drum key To tune it, you just turn it like this Nana it’s loose now. It’s okay. I know you can tune it

31 thoughts on “(ENG SUB) THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY “ขอบคุณวันสุข” | EP.4 (1/4) | 14 ก.ย. 62 | one31

  1. Sorry but I do not like Nana because she is trying to come between Jump and Home. Why when it is quite obvious that Home likes Jump! She is only going to get herself hurt!

  2. Although I do not understand the language, I have a feeling that there was or is a joke or innuendo that was made when Nana said, "I know you can tune it." Reason why I said that…? The dramatic drop of the drum key by Jump and the dramatic head turn by Nana as she said those phrase, leads me to believe an innuendo was made!

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