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  2. Real miracles are the ones that can't be explained away with science.
    Like me. I'm not even supposed to be alive. I was supposed to have died back in 1997.
    Not only am I still here but I no longer have a chronic disease doctors say is incurable. They're still baffled.

    I can't stand these kinds of hoaxes. It makes it harder for people to believe you when a real miracle happens.
    Besides, real believers don't worship idols. That includes statues of Mary and Jesus. Or a plant.

  3. Oh, well, if the government says it's true.
    Because the government 'never' lies. :-

    There is a plant called the 'Shame Plant'.
    "The compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, defending themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later."

    I'd be more impressed if the table moved without their hands on it.

  4. number 3 is true.
    I was enjoying my freedom and was called into the police station and was pointed out in a lineup by the stool who later testified against me.
    Now I am writing this letter along with my confession before I head in to the penitentiary to do 25 to life.
    Thanks a lot stool.

  5. You know if you have any kind of faith in Jesus Christ,he would not do such a thing. His brother is technically the only person brought back during his time that’s a miracle. The Roman centurion daughter is about the only two people that I ever heard being Catholic you need to know that Satan was once and angel cast out of Heaven. Today he still slithers like in the garden eden tricking this is fake but for movie purposes willies. Now if you could have Jesus dine with you at thanksgiving ask all kinds of questions cures for things let him give philosophy that would be something to making a video about.

  6. Be mindful rigged statue hollowed out hoax sad though tears are salty so when tested saline solution mixed right makes up the tears. Two the tears are not coming from the corner like Mary being here and having tear ducts. As though she were alive today she is but not stooping to making a statue weep.The church as to examine to look for fraudulent miracle. Being a lie.A lot could be. The Vatican has to approve of it

  7. catholics are deceived. this is why one the commandments is to not keep graven images. You make statues by your own hands then bow to them. Satan has power too and can keep you deceived by these idols.

  8. How Dumb can people be to believe such lies ? THE LORD OF ALLLLL LORDS SAYS , YOU SHOULD NOT WORSHIP NO OTHER GODS BUT ME ! 🙏💙😇 but people still want to believe in things AND FAKE GODS AND VIRGINS that have NO POWER WHATSOEVER ! SUCH A SHAME ! PLEASE GOD HELP US ALL , WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU !

  9. The name of the walking stool phenomenon sounds like you're saying "a can a poo a" which translates to "a pile of 💩" which is exactly what the walking stool is!! Come on slapped Ham, I love you & your videos but that one was scraping the barrel………. Or at least the can! 🙈🙈🙈

  10. I think there's a conspiracy with the two priest that decline commenting, I thought they were all about miracles and stuff

  11. The statue of Jesus blinking is fake. It looks like it is CG. The footage of the "walking" stool is also fake. You can clearly see the two guys who have their hands on it is manipulating it. If the stool was really walking under it's own power, then these guys should have removed their hands.

  12. the walking stool, lol what a joke, any money it wouldn't walk if the 2 stooges took their hands off it,you'd think there would be a miracle that auto focuses cameras to catch all those so called miracles.

  13. The painting is some kind of trick. A clever trick, but a trick nonetheless. If you look at the baby Jesus his lips are moving too.

  14. Douglas Bader has got more chance of walking under his own steam than that frigging table has.

    Hes got no legs, and hes dead.

  15. If some god is doing miracles like that, then this god is a moron. Those are all useless miracles. I mean, what good is a moving tree or a crying statue? It's useless.

    The stool is obviously being moved by the two guys holding it.

    The eye opening Jesus is interesting in regards to people's reactions. The video of this alleged event makes them go to church and face their sins. Which means, they're all phonies in the end. If this really was the second coming of Zombie Jesus, then it would be too late for them already. Theologically speaking, they've been sinning until this moment without care, they've basically lived against Zombie Jesus, but suddenly, essentially under threat, they all want to experience salvation. Yeah, that's not how this works, people.

    And as for Jesus blinking, well, it would be another useless miracle. Poses also the question, why would Jesus need to do what is basically a parlor trick? That doesn't fit into his alleged actions in the New Testament. He never did parlor tricks there. The guy allegedly raised the dead, walked on water, fed an entire wedding on 2 fish and a loaf of bread, etc. Crying statues and crucifixes opening their eyes? Not in the same league.

    The painting of Mary, it's dark, the light is bad, the camera is moving. It makes it appear as if she's working, but it also makes it appear as if Baby Jesus is moving his arm. It's a classic illusion. As for the eyewitnesses? Eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable.

  16. U can see people walking under the lower half of the cloak that is on the statue, so its the cloak thats moving, not the statue itself, u can see it.

  17. The stool is lame, but Jesus opening his eyes and the talking painting from two different people totally Slapped my Haaaaam! 🐷

  18. It never ceases to amaze me how far ppl go to believe in this stuff (religion, etc) and how strongly they defend it, but mention climate change…omg.
    Oh, and that painting of Mary is absolutely horrific

  19. All are fake how dare they photo shop with my saviour and virgin Mary they will be condemned to Hell, whoever has messed with my Savior

  20. Has anyone seen the recent video of fire in the sky?!? It’s looks and feels 100% genuine, meaning if it’s real, the second coming of Christ is upon us. I’m very hopeful and excited as our current society and world need Him now more than ever!

  21. Im more likely to believe painting talking then all the other ones for one reason only. When i was a kid 5 6 years old there was a statue of mary in my room and almost every night i would scream cause i could see her lips moving

  22. The only one of these makes me go “…huh” is the Jesus statue one. I mean, yeah it could be fake ofc, but if it is it’s well done

  23. That stool thing is dangerous and shows how important education is to understand how the universe works (it’s a magic trick because real magic doesn’t exist)…

  24. I'm really not one to knock other cultures' belief but I really want to point out something.

    #2 – "They began to worship the tree" [not God] for this miracle (which was able to be scientifically explained.

    #3 – Are people so desperate to worship "something" that they would fall for the walking table?! My kid used to make our table walk from leg to leg with NO EFFORT simply because he wanted to move it from point A to point B! It is ENTIRELY TOO EASY to manipulate an object (apparently people as well) to rock back and forth like that! This makes me cry sad tears for those people.

  25. It would've been a miracle if that stool still had the energy to walk if a big bum was sitting on it. There's definitely something wrong when Mary starts praying to herself.

  26. I'm surprised the V C , gov't allows this., vietnam, they always used eyes opening in horror movies I've seen a few so far of his statues

  27. If the best a supposedly omnipotent being can do is make a statue blink or cause water to drip from another statue's eyes, I don't think that being is omnipotent, or even worth our time or consideration.

  28. Jesus is no longer on the cross. He was burried in a borrowed tomb for 3 days. He died for our sins. They neef to stop playing games. Just stop it.

  29. You have really gone off the deep end straight into " complete bullshit, obviously faked, animated hoax" videos. You didn't even try in this one. A walking stool?? With 2 people OBVIOUSLY moving it with their fucking hands?!? C'mon dude, this is terrible.

  30. There was an incident in Latin America where there was a footage very similar to that one you had shown of the Virgin Mary I can't remember where but I wanna say Mexico

  31. There are real-life miracles that happen every day, and they occur while millions are watching, and not on some silly video. The birth of a new day or a child into the world…even my freshly-brewed cup of coffee is a MIRACLE to me. God wants us to have faith without having to perform magic trcks for the world. He wants you to make your own miracles for each other by following, not even the bible, but the part of God in each of our hearts.

  32. You know me, it's all fake. You can easily tell the statue of Jesus opening and then closing his eyes is done with some type of video manipulation software and not a very good one at that. And why is it that all these things occur in foreign countries, mostly South America? Because I'm sure if these events were real, they would only happen there!

  33. Great video! But for the record, the Virgin Mary is not a deity. As Catholics, we love and honor her, but do not worship her or consider her to be divine.

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