Drake: Pornstar Rosee Divine Claims He Got Her Pregnant

Drake: Pornstar Rosee Divine Claims He Got Her Pregnant

(hip hop music) – [Narrator] Drake, are you the father? Another former stripper is claiming Drizzy knocked her up and is
preparing to deliver his baby. (hip hop music) Hey what’s up everyone, Eric Ray in L.A. For HollywoodLife.com. Serious baby news here with Drake. A woman by the name of Sophie Brussaux AKA Rosee Divine is claiming
Drake knocked her up in Amsterdam and that she’s now three and a half months
pregnant, according to TMZ. Recall, this is the porn
star Drake went to see while he was dating Jlo that led to the end of their relationship. Now I spoke to his super solid
Drake source who admits yeah, Drizzy smashed. But he also had his Jimmy on and was completely wrapped up. The solid plug also
tells me that Miss Sophie sleeps with a lot of men in the industry and claims that ASAP Rocky could also potentially
be the child’s father. No word on how Kendall
Jenner feels about that one. Now we had to get to the bottom of all this drama so I got Drake’s rep on
the phone this morning. His team tells me that while he’s adamant he’s not the father, if for some reason the child just happens to be his, he would do the right thing by the child and support it financially. (sighs) Let me holla at y’all
rappers, NBA ballers, football studs, and famous actors keep game look. You is famous, you is rich, you is a target bam. Y’all damn near got a bullseye on the back with a dollar sign in the middle. By all means, get out
there and do you, have fun, do it big. But you got to understand
that there are some THOTs out there trying to get
you in a world of trouble. If you’re out there smashing
girls all around the world just be safe and wrap it up. That’s all you got to
do, it’s simple, easy, protect yourself, protect your riches, protect your family. Listen, Lil’ Kim said it best, don’t let ’em catch you slippin’.

31 thoughts on “Drake: Pornstar Rosee Divine Claims He Got Her Pregnant

  1. It's a shame how MANY people get on their hands and knees and kiss these celebrities asses when they've: never met them in person, never been to there house or apartment, never received a phone.call from them, etc…..

  2. @HollywoodLife: Could you pleaae tell why you changed your intro music? i haven't watched these videos in a while now (since chloe isn't there anymore). i kinda miss that "old theme" with chloe as news speaker, i liked her voice! , and that lovely old intro (2016 )

  3. snitch drake busted his nuts into DAT fuckin french bitch's pussy….. bingo dat bitch got what she wanted : child support money.

  4. Yea until they are scratching themselves taking antibiotics and getting VD's and HIV! Stay clear!

  5. that Rosee Divine girl isn't a pornstar shes more like a stripper and model she gets paid for shooting naked video and pictures,show me a video of her doing porn come on now

  6. Rosee Divine is not a porn star, she is a model, and I do not think she is a thot. She seems to me quite independent in her life. In fact, I met Drake for appearing in the photos with Rose Divine.
    I do not think she is lying, because if they both decided not to protect themselves, what happens has to happen.
    And I would also make a baby with such beautiful beauty as her. LOL

  7. Drake would be the next Charlie Sheen or Majic Johnson. He bangs Atlanta strippers bareback and porn stars. He will catch something that won't go away and would pop pills for the rest of his life.

  8. Pusha T brought me here…..๐Ÿ˜“its a sad day for us in Drakeville…Drake gotta respond now

  9. This nigga said "Jimmy" ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    You IZ famous smh

  10. Dude rosee divine is fucking sexy as hell and shes a very talented artist. Ud be lucky to have a kid with her genetics.

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