Doña Roa spiritual cleansing ASMR Massage (limpia espiritual, ohorai, 精神淨化 , おはらい, التطهير الروحي)

Doña Roa spiritual cleansing ASMR Massage (limpia espiritual, ohorai, 精神淨化 , おはらい, التطهير الروحي)

[chanting in Quechua] Angry girl, rebellious girl… [chanting in Quechua] Breathe in deeply [chanting in Quechua] Spit hard three times [speaking in Quechua] Now I’m going to pass the egg over you my dear, to remove all of that negative energy. [chanting in Quechua] In the name of god, I remove, I remove, and I remove all of these evil airs, and evil eye. Blow hard three times Now I’m going to pass these stones over you To take away all of your burdens, yeah? And to strengthen your heart. [chanting in Quechua] Now I’m going to pass this chonta knife over you. Sadness, suffering… Now I’m going to pass these rattles over you, to activate the dormant cells. Angry girl, rebellious girl.. Jesus, Jesus, Joseph and Mary, Jesus, Jesus, Joseph and Mary, Now I’m going to bathe you with these flowers. Breathe…. deeply In the name of god, may all of her burdens be taken away… Her stress, her anger… I’m also going to give you a short massage my dear, yeah? I’m going to use a little bit of valerian oil. Breathe in… Lift up your head, yeah? Yeah my dear, nice and soft… That’s it… You have a lot of stress in your head. Now I’m going to take out a “solcito” (pluck individual hairs as a natural headache remedy). Yeah? It won’t hurt much. That’s it. You are full of sun… [inaudible] That’s it. How lovely. Now I’m going to give you some herbal colognies, yeah? Give my your hand… both of them my dear. Rub it in with both hands… Breathe in deeply. Pass it over your head… Rub it in again, breathe it in again… Show me your hand. Inhale deeply… Pass it over your head, over your arms. Show me your hand. Inhale deeply, pass it over your neck Your hand… breathe it in and pass it over your stomach… Yeah my dear. Your cleansing is complete. How do you feel? Relaxed. A little better? Excuse me. That’s wonderful my dear, wonderful. A limpia (cleaning) helps you a lot, so you relax, so you can breathe… [inaudible] Of course, now you feel more relaxed… [inaudible] Thank you. Now your head is nice and strong… Thank you. Well, as to the meaning of the words that are written here… They are the words that I often use when I do a spiritual cleansing (limpia). When I use the plants, I use the word.. Quisha, quisha, llukshi, llukshi means, quisha or llukshi is the same, it means, to remove the evil airs, the evil eye (susto), the bad energy… All of those negative vibrations, that they be taken out… that they go, that the air and the water taken them far away from the person. That’s what Quisha, quisha, llukshi, llukshi means These are the words that are commonly used And I can give my guarantee with these words anywhere [laughing] Thank you!

70 thoughts on “Doña Roa spiritual cleansing ASMR Massage (limpia espiritual, ohorai, 精神淨化 , おはらい, التطهير الروحي)

  1. Dona Rosa la mejor que hace su labor,,,,,, Y esa nueva chica La más Hermosa que he visto hasta el Día de hoy
    Que Hermosa 🥰

  2. English subtitles stopped after 5 minutes, which was a shame coz I was looking forward to Rosa's explanation at the end.

    Edit: Now fixed, thankyou!

  3. Very good massage and another way of doing things. Can you tell me what she says at the end of the video, google translate did not translate.😊

  4. нарадная медицина выкатывакт яицом изгоняет злых духов

  5. What did you think of Doña Rosa's explanation of her Quechua cleansing words at the end? (English subtitles are available) 🤔

  6. This is oddly relaxing!in Mexico the "brujos"do something similiar at Catemaco Veracruz. IDK maybe is just me but i recommend it!the smell of the plants they use is like aromatherapy and they don't talk as much as this lady😊

  7. Creo que si le pones un micro de corbata a Doña Rosa mejorarías mucho el audio y te evitarías ruidos como conversaciones, gritos o el aire. Sobre todo en los que haces en el mercado que a ellas no se les oye nada. Mi humilde consejo. Saludos y gracias desde españa

  8. We'll be hearing this in Ibiza next year. Remember where you heard it first.

    On a serious note, consider my ASMR very satisfied.

  9. Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha Keisha

    (Just kidding guys )

    This was so cute

  10. Ya se iba bien perfumada y de repente la escupe !! Jajaja me encantó todo el proceso me relajó mucho pero eso que mencione me dio mucha risa.

  11. These videos are great but just a friendly suggestion, make sure we can’t hear the camera person breathing into the mic

  12. Loved it. But the chanting in the beginning reminded me SO MUCH of the chanting from Odolwa in Majoras Mask. You know, the boss in the Woodfall Temple.

  13. Ki sha wuera ki sha manta ki sha wuera ki sha manta iuyii uchiruiii du si ueraa shhh shhhh kisha ueiraa kisha mantaass escupa tres veces… Shhhh iusirii iusurii kishaa wueraa kisha mantaa shhh iuxiuu ……

  14. Que hermosura es usted señora Rosa. Muchas gracias por la limpia espiritual. Lo senti desde los estados unidos ❤️

  15. Girl, I'd lay a thick bead across your face so delightful you'd say special prayer on Christmas eve and touch yourself in a way that's against god's will. Lol

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