Did Jesus Know “THE SECRET”? Bible Teachings That Have a Divine Connection to The Law of Attraction!

Did Jesus Know “THE SECRET”? Bible Teachings That Have a Divine Connection to The Law of Attraction!

Did Jesus Know “THE SECRET”? Bible Teachings That Have a Divine Connection to The Law of Attraction! there’s this amazing force that God has
built into the fabric of creation that can be called the law of attraction but
the law of attraction has been counterfeited by the New Age in fact if
you were to do an internet search on the law of attraction you would be bombarded
by new age books and teachings that will explain how you can draw the positive
energy of the universe to you by sending out that same positive energy yourself
and the results according to these New Age teachings can be health and wealth
and happiness well that’s too bad because had these New Age thinkers taken
the time to look at the Bible they would see how this law really works you see it
at work throughout the teachings of Jesus you see it in the laws given to
Moses it’s throughout the wisdom teachings of King Solomon and proverbs
God build it into the very fabric of creation when you allow yourself to
decrease God is justified in giving you an increase a negative charge will
attract a positive charge but all of this has been counterfeited by a new
brand of thinkers who know neither God nor understand the true purpose of why
this law works the way it does the law of attraction is not about what the
universe gives or takes away it’s about how the kingdom of heaven has been set
up to operate a system that was created before sin ever entered into the heart
of a man a strange system where the way to be exalted is to be humbled the way
to become truly alive is to die to self the way to receive is to give at the
cord this seemingly backward Kingdom what holds it together is a
gravitational field called faith not just any faith faith in God the law of
attraction is not something that can be manipulated or controlled the many have
tried it’s a law that can only be understood by understanding the God who
created it that’s what we’re going to do so join me in our next discovery the
mystery of the law of a what is the law of attraction the best
way to describe it is to first look at an atom in the world of the atom a
negative charge will always attract a positive charge
that’s exactly how all matters held together atoms holding two atoms through
something called an atomic bond there’s an electromagnetic force that draws and
holds atoms together and that bond is based upon the attraction of positive
and negative charges to each other since everything that exists is made up of
atoms it shouldn’t be surprising to notice that this natural law also plays
out on a much larger scale negative charges attract positive charges and
here’s what I mean by negative charges whenever you give out you create a
negative charge that negative charge will then attract a positive charge that
comes from the kingdom of God therefore for example you’re giving to the poor
subtract something from you that subtraction leaves you with a negative
charge that will then attract Kingdom positive charges your way well I’m gonna
leave the subatomic properties of this law to the scientists but what’s really
interesting is how this law applies to you and me we want to live a life that
attracts heavens blessings and the Bible tells us we can do that what we don’t
want to do is to try to manipulate this law for our own personal gain that’s why
the Bible says that God loves a cheerful Giver that verse speaks to more than
just the act of giving it speaks to the heart behind the giving this is why it’s
important to distinguish between God’s law of attraction and the version a new
age has taken and counterfeited let’s look instead to how the Bible
describes this law of attraction long before we had microscopes that could see
into a cell what the cellular structure was God was articulating the laws of
attraction to his world the kingdom of heaven is built upon an invisible
foundation of seemingly illogical opposites the way to be exalted is to
humble yourself the way up is down the way to receive
to give the way to be comforted is to grieve the way to be strong is to be
meek that’s illogical to the world but it’s not to us none of this makes sense
though until you start applying the law of attraction to them remember negative
charges will always attract a positive charge it helps you understand why Jesus
spoke in parables the kingdom of heaven is constructed like nothing else it’s
put together like a riddle but the riddle isn’t a riddle if it
doesn’t contain a clue and guess what this book is full of them what do Magnus
and the law of attraction have in common well they both have unseen forces that
work to attract other things to them just like this magnet here I can’t see
pulling these ball bearings to this magnet but I do know that every time
these ball bearings and this magnet get close to each other they stick they
attract this magnet is using a natural law of physics but spiritual laws are
just as predictable and measurable but a negative charge is put out a positive
charge is attracted the greatest benefit of a negative charge and the kingdom of
God is that it’s never a one-to-one exchange it’s at least a 1 for 2 or even
a 1 for 7 exchange don’t you love God’s economy well first
we need to establish what a negative charge is negative charges it when it
comes to the kingdom of the law of attraction aren’t bad creating a
negative charge is like turning on a vacuum that pulls in the blessings of
God towards you now I know it seems simple but I’m gonna explain even more
so what’s a negative charge in the spiritual realm there’s many of them for
example giving when you give with a cheerful heart and without expecting
anything in return from the person gave to you create a negative charge in
the spiritual atmosphere that negative charge that attracts positive charges or
a response from God such as a blessing that’s how the subatomic world works
that’s how the kingdom of heaven works it’s not however how the world works
see and the world is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease
but Jesus taught us differently which is so baffling to the world so that’s why
Jesus said when it comes to giving it’s better to give than to receive because
guess what you attract however you can’t give to get that’s a really quality
quandary because whenever you give to get whether it be money or goods or
services even time you should do it with no strings attached to think about it if
there’s a string attached to your giving you didn’t really give it you lose the
charge and the short circuit systems and in a way it’s like a yo-yo going up and
down you throw it down it comes back up it may have left you physically but it
never left you emotionally because you expected it to return what about fasting
how does fasting create a negative charge
fasting is denying your flesh and your soul in a way that’s how you create a
negative charge in every area of your life by sowing into the spirit and stood
up into the flesh fasting increases your spiritual sensitivity because you’re
starving your flesh and feeding your spirit what happens when you go around
telling everybody I’m fasting and fasting I’m on a 400 day fast will you
lose that negative charge when you tell people you’re fasting you get a positive
charge from the people because everyone thinks you’re so spiritual because
you’re fasting the positive charge you attracted came from man which you took
in exchange for the kingdom charge so now you’re back at zero believe me
it’s much better to attract heaven than to attract the appreciation of your
peers God wants to bring you into a deeper spiritual plane prayer helps
achieve that by creating and negative charge but be careful when you
only pray for God to bless you and give you things that you want
you’re really not creating a negative charge that heaven can give to why
because you’re asking to get rather than asking to give how can a prayer become a
prayer of giving and not asking doesn’t all prayer ask yeah it does but let me
give you an example of a giving prayer remember job he received his
breakthrough in the midst of his incredible oppression and physical
affliction when he started to pray for his friends and job 42:10 job learned
the difference up to this point when job prayed his prayers were asking solely
for himself but breakthrough for job came when he began to ask God to help us
friends to give to his friends even in spite of jokes own great need reading
God’s words will also create and they get in charge because you’re giving your
time to God many times God responses an immediate is immediate because it gives
you a kingdom revelation or insights into the Bible who you read his word he
gives you revelation about an insight that you’re that you’re dealing with or
an issue that you need an answer for or he opens up a spiritual truth that
you’ve never seen in scripture before reading God’s Word will always attract a
spiritual blessing unless your motive is to bring yourself glory through the
revelation you receive like look how much I know everybody all revelation
from God should bring glory to God the law of attraction also works with the
mystery of justice it’s like it’s like the scales coming back into balances
it’s getting the justice from heaven when the enemy steals from you it
creates a negative charge that attracts a positive charge from God and that
Kingdom charge is called justice the law of attraction will often look similar to
the law of sowing and reaping but where sowing and reaping speaks about seed
time and harvest the law of attraction is a little
more subtle we see the subtle differences in one of the most famous
sermons Jesus ever gave let’s take a fresh look at the law of attraction
through the lens of Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5 in verse
2 he opened up his mouth and taught them saying blessed are the poor in spirit
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven you see this humility very first thing right
off the bat Jesus stresses humility and that
humility is the negative charge that attracts promotion and spiritual
advancement from God the kingdom of God verse 4 Jesus said blessed are those who
mourn for they shall be comforted so compassion for others is the negative
charge that attracts the positive charge of being comforted and having peace from
God verse 5 jesus said blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth
so the negative charge of self-control meekness interaction with others and non
promotion attracts a positive responsive inheriting the earth man that’s a great
inheritance number 6 Jesus said our blessed are those who hunger and thirst
for righteousness for they shall be satisfied so you have this hunger and a
thirst on the negative charge creating by desiring after the spirit and here
you have the satisfaction of true fulfillment all these things are amazing
aren’t they blessed are the merciful for they shall
receive mercy the negative charge is that you comes out of treating others
with mercy of what happens you retreat you you end up getting the positive
charge of God’s mercy I’m gonna stop there but the law of attraction is that
working all of the Beatitudes the Sermon on the Mount is just one place where the
law of attraction is explained this shows how the kingdom of heaven works
its cause and effect you see it throughout the Bible you’ve probably
seen a play out in your life as well the law of attraction works hand in hand
with the law of sowing and reaping we’re probably most familiar with sowing and
reaping when it comes to finances but the law of attraction works in every
area of your life fasting prayer blessing others with our words honoring
others even when they don’t honor us you want to live a lifestyle
that attracts the positive attention of heaven remember a great cloud of
witnesses watching but to do that you have to sow to the spirit and not the
flesh that’s really what creating a negative charge is all about is sowing
the visible into the invisible and trusting God to take notice you not only does how we think and act
affect what we attract to us it also determines who we attract to us we will
attract people who think like us this can be a positive it can also be a
negative so I’m at work and I hear all of this commotion happening down the
hall I get up to go see what’s happening and a lot of my co-workers are standing
around making a bunch of noise in the summer screaming and some are laughing
and I finally break through and I find this alligator loose on the floor one of
the ladies had brought it in and I asked her where she got it which now seems
like an odd question I should have asked her what it was doing there at work I
told her if she needed anywhere to keep it she could keep it in my office and
then I dream ended god is so incredibly gracious to us that he gives us a dream
to show us actions that are dangerous to us and that needs to change this is
what’s called a correction dream now on the surface it seems innocent enough but
you need to remember dreams are symbolic this is one of those rare dreams wherein
you can identify one key symbol and almost interpret the entire dream when
you see alligators or crocodiles on a dream they frequently represent gossip
or slander or some type of maligning the metaphorical meaning of animals is often
connected to certain characteristics that they carry so when they carry them
in a dream you know the characteristic dogs for example are known as man’s best
friend so when you see a dog in a dream it’s usually going to represent a friend
and he can’t owner will tell you that you may choose a dog as a pet
but a cat chooses you as an owner cats are very aloof and independent therefore
in a dream a cat will often represent more of an independent spirit but an
alligator well that’s a whole different story will you look at an alligator
what’s the first thing you notice the big mouth
alligators have a big mouth they also have a very very powerful tail so an
alligator represents a big mouth with a powerful tail tail not a t ail but tal
eat a tail what does that sound like how about gossip alligators usually
represent the presence of gossip so without interpreting the rest of the
details of this dream we pretty much have the complete meaning the dreamer
has experienced gossip in the workplace now at first she wanted to stop it and
she considered having it removed but as we kind of stick around she ends up
enjoying the presence in fact by the end of the dream she’s invited the gossips
owner to come by her office there’s another facet to this law of attraction
we will attract people who we are like have you ever heard the old adage if you
don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all well there’s another
one that says this if you don’t have anything nice to say why don’t you come
sit down next to me let’s let me add one more colloquialism that’s fitting to
this dream anyone who will gossip to you will gossip about you you don’t want the
spiritual attention that hanging around with gossip brings some people they
might say that if someone starts to gossip to you just walk away from it but
I might suggest taking it one step further tell them this I can’t listen to
you talk about that person because if it was me you were talking about I would be
devastated and I’m sure you would be too walking away from a gossip takes
willpower real willpower but correcting a gossip will create the negative charge
in heaven that attracts the blessings of God it’s just like you saw in the dream we
attract like-minded people you’ve heard the terms birds of a feather flock
together and misery loves company you’ve probably used those colloquialisms
yourself to describe someone you knew or a situation you knew of because there’d
be more to those things than meets the eye if certain thoughts and actions
attract light or darkness to you can those same thoughts attract people to
you who are also givers or takers the answer is yes like a magnet your
thoughts will attract people who think like you to you good or bad this is part
of the law of attraction happy joyful people will attract happy joyful people
funny people attract funny people critics and skeptics tend to hang out
around critics and skeptics how many times the law of attraction is already
at work before we recognise it we may be drawn to someone without even knowing
why science tells us that our thoughts have an electrical frequency that can be
measured could it be that we put out a frequency from our thoughts and attracts
others with the same frequency this is another aspect of the law of attraction
the attraction that occurs between humans based upon the pattern of our
thoughts this is why men and women who have been in bad relationships seem to
continue to find themselves in bad relationships they continue to attract
the same personality types because they never changed their own thoughts and
behaviors there’s a deeper level of hidden truth behind adages like birds of
a feather flock together and misery loves company they’re not just clever
sayings they’re deep spiritual truths when you look at this phenomenon closer
you begin to see the law of attraction at work the way we act the way we
perceive how we speak what we choose to think about all of this creates a
spiritual force that will lead to attract light or attract darkness over
time the frequency of these thoughts begin to harmonize with other similar
frequencies whether good are bad now I realize some of you or for some of
you this may be very hard to understand others are probably saying ah haha that
explains it here’s the point to all of this when you live a life ruled by your
soul you attract others who live by their soul when you live a life ruled by
your spirit you attract the blessings of heaven and also people who can help you
reach the purpose for which God created you and guess what you become the person
that can help them reach the purpose for which they were created as well that’s
God divine intent for the law of attraction and blessings you are blessed
in helping you’re helped in giving you receive built into the structure of
every atom on earth is the mysterious force called the law of attraction
we will attract others to us based upon our thoughts interactions will also
attract the blessings of heaven or the curses of this world based upon what we
choose to focus on and what we choose to put our faith in please understand God
isn’t up in heaven waiting to curse you Jesus took that curse upon himself now
and forever but the reality is the presence of sin in the world
prevents God from turning a blind eye he won’t intervene in the spiritual law set
in motion by choices we make but here’s what should encourage you what you focus
on you make room for we’ve been given this amazing reset button and this
button has the ability to stop the attraction of darkness in its tracks you
do that when you change your focus so here’s what you focus on whatever is
true whatever is honorable whatever is just whatever is pure whatever is lovely
whatever is commendable if there’s any excellent if there’s anything worthy of
praise think about these things the moment you start focusing on these
things the atmosphere will change darkness leaves and you’ve now allowed
the light of heaven to draw near this is how you were
designed to live this is the will of God for your life to not only be blessed but
to be a walking blessing to others and it all gets set into motion by this
mysterious force called the law of attraction
I know that this is an incredibly new concept to many of you who are watching
right now how did it take this in the light of everything else has happened in
your life how to get there how do how do I started doing this law of attraction
but here’s the secret to attracting the blessings of heaven be a river be a
river the Bible says a river flows out from the throne of God not a lake not a
pond because these things have little outflow be a river a river that flows so
the key to attracting the continued blessings of God is to recognize that
holding on to what you have is holding up what God is waiting to give you to
many of us focus on becoming larger like a lake or an ocean even and not really
thinking in terms of being a river that flows and gives life to others you need
to let the river of God flow through your life and stop trying to contain it
when you do that you’re blocking God’s destiny remember Jesus described the
Holy Spirit as a river of living water that flows out from you when you stay in
tune with the Holy Spirit the lives of people all around you are going to
change because suddenly the very Spirit of God is going to start attracting
people to you those are the people who will help you fulfill the purpose for
which you were created and amazingly enough those are also the people you can
help reach the purpose for which they were created this is God’s purposes his
real purposes for the law of attraction thank you for watching this video my
friends I hope you really enjoyed it make sure you leave a comment below and
please subscribe to this channel I want to give you so much more thank you and
I’ll see you next time Did Jesus Know “THE SECRET”? Bible Teachings That Have a Divine Connection to The Law of Attraction!

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