Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

You’ll find that many people say that Jesus
wasn’t really, you know, who he said he was. He wasn’t all this stuff. It’s predicated on the idea that the Bible
isn’t an accurate description of what really happened. That always has to go in tandem with that,
because anybody that has read the Bible and understands the Bible can make clear cases
that Jesus did in fact know exactly what he was doing and exactly what he was saying. That’s why the Muslims have to say that the
Bible was corrupted and so the first thing I would ask people is: What do you know, what proof do you have that
the Bible was corrupted? Because as I have said before, it would be
so easy to prove if it was. Because there are more copies for the Bible,
the New Testament than they are for any Ancient Text in the history of the world! They are extremely scrutinized by people that
both hate the Bible and people that love the Bible. So, if the Bible had been changed, all a Muslim,
or anybody else would have to do is say here’s where the Bible said one thing and then here
are these other ones that say a completely different thing. All the ones after this says something different
about what Jesus said on a particular issue about his deity or whatever else. But nobody can prove it. And the problem is
that it would be easy to prove because we have documents going
back from the very beginning to now. Jesus never came out and say,
“Hey guess what guys?… I’m God!” But he didn’t do it for a specific reason,
now he did actually end up doing that. And that’s why they killed him for blasphemy.
You have to realize that’s why they wanted to kill him. A lot of times in the Bible, when it says
“…and after that the Pharisees seek to kill him.” If you read what that was, it was because
they realized what he was saying. They would say things like, when he said he
could forgive sins they would say, “… this is blasphemy, who can
forgive sins but God alone?” And I have to agree with the Pharisees on
that, that’s absolutely true! If I came to your house, and I said, “Hey
you know what! I just showed up. My name is Chris, I just want to let you guys know that
I forgive you for that fight you had this morning.” or “I forgive you for being mean to your cousin
or your brother.” And you will look at me and be like
who are you? And why does this concern you? You are acting
as if my shortcomings are somehow affecting you. That’s crazy! You can’t forgive me of my sins.
And so that is a big part of that and He said that quite often. He said that in many different contexts, and
the Pharisees do say to us, who can do that but God alone? And so they would seek to kill him and things
like that. They would also seek to kill him, because
he said that he was the Son of God. There’s actually places where they said okay,
you are saying that, that’s your Father and you are the Son of God. How is that not blasphemy they would say?
You are making yourself equal with God! And this is a really well understood concept
in Hebrew. If you call yourself the “son” of something
you are the embodiment of that thing. “Beget” of something if you are begotten of
something. You are that thing, for instance, a cat begets another cat. If I have a child, that child is just as much
a human as I am. We are equally the same amounts of human,
so for that reason, if God begets a son it is just as much God and
is not any less than God. That was a massive claim to say, especially
in the context in which he said it. You know he claimed to be, before time, the
Son of God. He was the creator of the World, that before
Abraham was, “I am.” His many “I am” statements are another unbelievably
blasphemous thing to say. He was claiming by proxy, and the Pharisees,
trust me were well aware of what he was saying. He was claiming to be the
“Voice of the Burning Bush.” Another thing if you understand, Daniel 7,
he was claiming to be the Cloud Rider of Daniel 7. They knew that, and I believe it’s John 8,
they knew exactly what he was saying. And it messed with their heads, so there’s
many different things like that. Another big one is that, he allowed himself
to be worshiped on several occasions. There is several occasions, where the apostles
would refused to be worshiped, Angels on several occasions said, hey don’t
worship me, I am just a messenger of God! But Jesus on a number of occasions, allowed
people to worship him. That is either a completely blasphemous act
or he was doing what everyone knew what he was doing. He was claiming to be God,
everyday of his life. Everywhere that he went,
and the Pharisees, knew it! That’s one of the reasons
they felt justified in killing him. So, if you are reading the Bible, and you
are reading this, you are reading this the whole time. He claimed that he was going to come at the
End of Time, and judge the world. Who can judge? But God alone.
Who is worthy to judge? But God alone. The issue is there is really
culminated on the cross. And what happened on the cross. was an act
that would only make sense if God Himself was on the cross. The very fact that he knew what he was doing.
The Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. And that whole concept of the Gospel, really
makes sense in that context. So, when people say that
Jesus wasn’t claiming to be God. They have to say that the Bible is inaccurate
and all those things are not true. Because Jesus claimed to be God ALL the time. End

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  2. The bible IS 'corrupted' …in many many ways. Is the bible 'the most attested' literature in human history? Absolutely! But these 'attestations' (copies) are different. In fact, no two are the same. The further back in history you go, the more 'differences' there are. A big problem is, ..the first full copie of ANY of the Gospels only dates back to the 3rd century. There is absolutely no way to know how much it was changed BEFORE then, …but it is safe to say, ..given the fact that the further back you go, ..the more differences there are, ..that the trend continued. …..Jesus was not worshiped. He was ''bowed down to'', …so were Kings …and ..Priest …and many others who were 'revered'. Being revered does not equate to being worshiped. Jesus forgave sins, ..yes. But he said that he 'was GIVEN the authority to do this, ..not that he himself had this ability from the start. Jesus never claimed to be God until the Gospel of John, …the LAST of the Gospels, …written 60 years after the crucifiction. Aside from 1st Corinthians, …which is 3, 4, or possibly even 5 of the letters of Paul, ..that were edited and compressed into ONE letter, …the Gospel of John is probably THE MOST 'tinkered with' book of the bible. To those who believe that the bible hasn't been 'tinkered with', …don't just take 'this guys' word for it, …instead, …listen to what biblical scholars who have devoted their entire lives to the study of the HISTORY of the bible. A Bart Ehrman DEBATE vs a bible believing Christian (who has every opportunity to debunk 'tinkered with' …and in 'what ways' claims) would be quite revealing. The majority of biblical scholars who study this stuff on a historical basis do not believe that Jesus ever actually said the things written in John, since they do not appear in Mark, Mathew, and Luke. Did Jesus actually refer to himself as 'God'? Only in the Gospel of John. A bunch of 'word play' must be done to make it seem that way in the earlier books. (Bart Ehrman addresses this 'Son of Man' language in one of his debates, …this language in no way means that Jesus is calling himself God)

  3. In the TORAH Deuteronomy 32:39 — God reveals that YHWH's Signature Phrase is "NONE CAN SNATCH/DELIVER OUT OF MY HAND."

    In the PROPHETS Isaiah 43:10-13 — God reveals that YHWH's Signature Phraise is "NONE CAN SNATCH/DELIVER OUT OF MY HAND."

    This Signature Phrase of YHWH comes after He says things like

    (4) I AM HE or I AM.

    Who else can USE the Signature Phrase of YHWH?

    Jesus, in the Gospel of St. John, USES it!

    John 10:

    "22 *And it was the feast of the dedication at Jerusalem, and it was winter:

    23 And Jesus walked in the temple, in Solomon's porch.

    24 The Jews, therefore, came round about him, and said to him; How long dost thou keep our minds in suspense? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly.

    25 Jesus answered them; I speak to you, and you believe not: the works that I do in the name of my Father, they give testimony of me:

    26 But you do not believe, because you are not of my sheep.

    27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

    28 And I give them life everlasting: and they shall not perish for ever, and NO MAN SHALL SNATCH THEM OUT OF MY HAND.

    29 That which my Father hath given me, is greater than all: and NO ONE CAN SNATCH THEM OUT OF THE HAND OF MY FATHER.

    30 I and the Father are ONE.

    31 The Jews then took up stones, to stone him."

    My friends, do you need any further evidence that Jesus claimed to be YHWH Himself? That He claimed a unity of Power with the Father, and therefore, a unity of Nature/Substance? Give up your unbelief and receive God's grace to bring you to a Supernatural Faith in Yeshua.

  4. 1 john 5v7 king Jamesversion
    The Father,the word and the Holy spirit these 3are one.please read your bible not part of it.Revelation says:Jesus is the first and the last.This is the mistery of the trinity.

  5. 1 john 5v7 king Jamesversion
    The Father,the word and the Holy spirit these 3are one.please read your bible not part of it.Revelation says:Jesus is the first and the last.This is the mistery of the trinity.

  6. The birth story in Matthew is corrupted. No where else in the bible does the story about Gabriel and Joseph appear thus there is not one other witness. And Yeshua said only ONE SIGN would be given the sign of Jonah. How do you verify a virgin birth? It's pure paganism of Rome!! His father was Joseph just like it says many times in the bible. It had to be Joseph to fulfill the the prophecies. The holy spirit is not seed of Abraham or David!!

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