Democrats clash over eliminating private health insurance at first debate

Democrats clash over eliminating private health insurance at first debate

we're gonna turn to the issue of healthcare right now and really try to understand whether may or may not be daylight between you many people watching at home have health insurance coverage through their employer who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan just to show hands start out with all right well senator Klobuchar let me put the question to you you're one of the Democrats who wants to keep private insurance in addition to a government health care plan why is an incremental approach in your view better than a sweeping overall I think it's a bold approach it's something that Barack Obama wanted to do when we were working on the Affordable Care Act and that is a public option I am just simply concerned about kicking half of America off of their health insurance in four years which is exactly what this bill says so let me go on beyond that there is a much bigger issue in addition to that and that is pharmaceuticals the president literally went on TV on Fox and said that people's heads would spin when they see how much he would bring down pharmaceutical prices instead 2500 drugs have gone up in double digits since he came into office instead he gave a hundred billion dollars in giveaways to the pharma companies for the rest of us for the rest of America that's what we call it home all foam and no beer we got nothing out of it and so my proposal is to do something about Pharma to take them on to allow negotiation under Medicare to bring in less expensive drugs from other countries and Pharma thinks they on Washington well they don't own their time as a thank you [Applause] you you

43 thoughts on “Democrats clash over eliminating private health insurance at first debate

  1. One of their best candidates thinks men can have babies…which may explain that "what bathroom to use "confusion. Lol. There's Free abortions for men, there's so much free stuff.

  2. Hmmm I can't remember the democrats speaking ,"jive " or ,"Ebonics " to blacks when lying to their faces and promising free stuff for votes…..

  3. Trump is the voice for the ppl he really care for the american ppl hes helping us and for thoses that cant see that are foolish

  4. Has any of these idiots thought of all the jobs to be lost if they got their way with closing private ins comp????
    Hospitals will close
    Doctor offices will close
    It will be a disaster

  5. And will not be free to you,and no regulations on prices, which means they can go up when ever they feel like it,and pay more taxes. Haven't anyone learned yet,democrats want more tax on you

  6. They will do no such thing. Once in orifice they will buddy up to the Pharma corporations that gave them money to get elected. Then the taxpayers will be handing over truckloads of cash for drugs but government officials will decide who gets what. No thanks.

  7. Ahahaha TRUMPS going to destroy these fools none of them will handle a debate with him 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  8. Due away with the capital gains rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – you might as well crash the stock market

  9. Government run healthcare is probably the worse idea ever…. Government can't even run a post office right

  10. You know how Trump is solving many problems? By having investigations done and having lawsuits filed on those corruptions…the way it should be. Just because you make a new system doesn't mean corruption won't follow it. Fix the one you've got the right way.

  11. Thank God we have Donald Trump as our President these are clowns 🤡 Trump 2020 MAGA , Democrats do not work for America

  12. Where's creepy Joe and batshit crazy Bernie?? Mailing it in? Not going to matter anyway. 😁 Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Thank God elections have consequences

  13. Mark W What fabled healthcare legislation has Trump proposed to lower drug prices or address ANY OTHER healthcare concerns that the Democrats have opposed? Besides trying to kill the ACA over and over, “not a damn thing” is the answer- I’ll save you the google search…

  14. This is sad! What a joke the party has for us to choose from. I’m really considering switching to republican.

  15. Can't vote for Trump and this 1st batch of Democrats have no backbone. Everyone of the came across as weak on illegal immigration. No voting for me if 2nd batch sucks.
    I knew the Dems were going to find a way to fuck it up and get Trump reelected.

  16. 1:23 Trump gave pharma nothing! But Obama was quite generous to them. Big Pharma yachts floating in the bay proves that!

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