Delirium – Epica Cover (MoonSun)

Delirium – Epica Cover (MoonSun)

Black was the night when I did surrender. I did give in to my weakening side. Now that I’m empty, my dreams once were many. Souls bid a cry to unleash the divine. When you think there’s no way out. And all you see collides. Hope will in the end chase all your fears away. Fighting the source was not recommended. Trails of a wish were the hope to survive. Skins full ablazing, release crystal gazing. All of it led to a deeper demise. When you think there’s no way out and no one comprehends. Hope will show your smile again. What I left behind, another night of weary dreams. What’s been left behind, another time where days of late are far away. Far away. Losing my reasons, no lies to believe in. Left the obscure to the means of escape. Core has been shaking, there’s no more pain to break me. Time has commenced and I long to awake. When you think there’s no way out. Leave everything behind. You can live your life anew. What I left behind, another night of weary dreams. What’s been left behind, another time where days of late are far away. Far away. Dark days behind me. Won’t ever break me now. All that I left behind. Another night of weary dreams. What’s been left behind. Another time where days of late are far away. Far away. Just another night. In another time.

68 thoughts on “Delirium – Epica Cover (MoonSun)

  1. That was the song that I sang the first time I was alone on stage! It holds a dear place to my heart and you sang it so beautifully too 🖤🖤

  2. A awesome cover.. have to say, all words and sound out your mouth and the music the band plays … is great. ❤❤

  3. I love epica, I love moonsun. So this song is the perfect combination. Thank you very much . No better way to begin my weekend

  4. Very feminine and vocal power ballot.I think my fav from them is this one

  5. Ohhh, was für ein wunderschöner Song! Ich liebe Epica, und ihr habt das großartig interpretiert! Vor allem deine wundervolle Stimme, liebe Susanne, passt einfach ganz toll dazu:-) Zum Niederknien, Gänsehaut pur….

  6. Превосходно. Вокализ очень
    Хорошо получился. Но с грудным резонатором надо работать

  7. Epica … ist schwer … Simone Simons hat eine der klarsten und besten Stimmen überhaupt, da draußen in der großen weiten Metal-Welt (und da laufen viele gute Stimmen rum).
    Das habt ihr schon gut umgesetzt. Warum auch nicht, es war bisher nie etwas nicht gut was ihr gemacht habt.
    Interessant finde ich diese paar ganz tiefen Töne (1:22). Das ist neu bei Euch und hört sich tatsächlich spannend an (bei der Epica-Version ist der Übergang fließender (in der Studio-Version – live hört sich das schon wieder anders an – aber das hier ist ja auch euer Cover 😉 ) .
    Das könntet ihr – wenn es nach mir ginge – bei euren Eigenkompositionen ruhig mal ausprobieren.
    Ihr habt ja dann und wann schon mal Epica gecovered … Meine beiden Lieblings-Epica-Lieder waren bisher noch nicht dabei 😉

  8. This is a beautiful cover!!! Не знаю, как свои чувства на английском выразить!

  9. Как красиво! Спасибо ребята, мир должен знать наших! (по музыке, конечно же)

  10. I can't say I have heard this song, but I liked it. This beautiful young woman's voice just took me on a dream journey. It carries me to hear her sing with such a soft and beautiful voice. Thank you for your talent and your music.

  11. Susanne, As always great voice. The Piano playing was very good. Thomas great guitar solo. That was a hell of lead. And as always your drum skills are incredible. You accent Susanne's voice and lyrics with your drum beats. Very few drummers know how to apply this. Very spiffy. Great production.

  12. Voz muy hermosa, me recuerda al Goth metal de antaño, un Xandria por ejemplo o un Vision of Atlantis en sus inicios, la unica que queda con ese estilo tan fino y hermoso es Live Kristine, ojala en un futuro hagan covers de estas bandas que menciono, pues son duda alguna resultaria algo espectacular.

  13. Hello MoonSun. can you cover any songs of The Gathering, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Vuur? Anneke is the best. Do you know her Susanne? If not check her!!!

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