David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

thank you very much it's good to be here in Boston and thank you very much for coming here tonight hi hi yeah I teach film I make films I would like to know I'm not a meditator what does meditation can you say anything about how meditation might connects to your creative process or to the might help the creative process of my students or myself yes I can will you yes I will okay tonight's talk is consciousness creativity in the brain and if you have a golf ball-sized consciousness when you read a book you'll have a golf ball-sized understanding when you look out a golf ball-sized awareness and when you wake up in the morning a golf ball-sized wakefulness but if you could expand that consciousness then you read the book more understanding you look out more awareness and when you wake up more wakefulness its consciousness and there's an ocean of pure vibrant consciousness inside each one of us and it's right at the source and base of mind right at the source of thought and it's also at the source of all matter and my Rishi Mahesh Yogi teaches a technique called Transcendental Meditation that's a simple easy effortless technique yet supremely profound that allows any human being to dive with in experiencing subtler levels of mind and intellect and transcend and experience this ocean of pure consciousness this pure consciousness is called by modern physics the Unified Field it's at the base of all mind and all matter and they now say the modern science says all of matter everything that is a thing emerges from this field and this field has qualities like bliss intelligence creativity Universal love energy peace and it's not the intellectual understanding of this field but the experiencing of it that does everything you die within annek transcending experiencing this field of pure consciousness and you enliven it you unfold it it grows and the final outcome of this growth of consciousness is called enlightenment and enlightenment is the full potential of all of us human beings and a side effect of enlivening this consciousness is negativity starts to recede when I started meditating I was filled with anxieties filled with fears kind of a depression and anger and I took this anger out on my first wife and after two weeks of meditation she comes to me and she says what's going on and I was quiet for a moment because it could have been any number of things she might have been referring to but I finally said what do you mean and she said this anger where did it go and I didn't even realize that it lifted now these negative things like anger and depression and sorrow they're beautiful things in a story but they're like a poison to the filmmaker they're poison to the painter they're poison to creativity they're like a vise grip if you were super depressed you can't hardly get out of bed let alone think ideas have that creativity flowing so it's money in the bank to get that beautiful consciousness growing which is flowing creativity the ability to catch ideas at a deeper level intuition grows this field is a field of pure knowingness you dive in there you sort of just know how to go you know how to solve solutions it's like an ocean of solutions and you you can just feel this thing growing but the ultimate thing for me is the enjoyment of the doing the enjoyment of life grows huge I loved making films now more than ever before ideas flow more everybody has more fun on the set the creativity flows there's no people look like friends and not like enemies it's a beautiful beautiful thing and it's us in Vedic science this field of pure consciousness is called Atma the self the self of us all at that level as dr. John Hagelin would tell you at that level of life we are all one we're one diversity up here unity down below it's it's a you it's a great thing for the filmmaker I would I would like to have a glass of water if that's possible okay this is Jay my friend and assistant it's really good it's not quite as good as pure consciousness but it's really good hello how are you doing not bad good oh my name is Alex Harvey I'm meditating for a while I want to know if there was a moment where you realized the effect that pure consciousness had on your work right from the very beginning and like I said I might have been I think I had so many anxieties and fears and I felt those lifting and bliss is a thing in this field the unified field bliss they say is the sweetest nectar of life bliss is physical emotional mental spiritual happiness and you can vibrate with this bliss and it's this happiness from within they Savas saying true happiness isn't out there true happiness lies within and I always wondered where is this within and and they don't say where it is and then they don't even say how to get to it this is the beauty of this technique there's lots of forms of meditation but with Transcendental Meditation to me the key is the word transcend to dive all the way in it's a huge realm between the surface of life and this fundamental pure consciousness but it's there and when you're in it you know you're in it it's familiar but it's you and right away a happiness but it's not like a goofball happiness it's it's a it's a thick beauty it's a thick beauty to appreciate life and living and why suffer suffering starts to go and people say you got to have anger you got to have an edge you know to create you got to know about anger you got to have energy you got to have clarity to create you got to be able to catch ideas you've got to be able to be strong enough to fight unbelievable pressure and stress and the whole thing in this world that will lift because this whole thing is tied to world peace but it's going to be a better world but it's still a very tough world and this just gives you more and more and more ability to say it just looks beautiful it's way way way way better and this happened right away thank you you bet

24 thoughts on “David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

  1. Perfect moment with water. It tells so many about blissful ignorance of humanity and even far more.

  2. Don't know why but when I had seen his films and seen pictures of him but never heard him speak I believed he was a mean old man.

    Turns out he's the sweetest dude about and I love him

  3. As a Hindu this is quite interesting. Atman, Brahman, Sat-Chit-Ananda are some of the concepts that Lynch is rationalizing and expressing in English here. Eckhart Tolle and others do the same thing but they rarely credit the source of their ideas unlike Lynch here who notes their Vedic origin. This disconnect from original philosophies is why to every white man anything spiritual seems "Buddhist".

    None of what is being talked about here is Buddhist… the idea of self and consciousness are essentially Vedantic. Buddhism was founded on the very fundamental principle of non-self (an-atman) their philosophy can be crudely summed up as a spiritual nihilism which is why the Buddhist remains fixated on the idea of shunyata (nothingness).

  4. I find anxiety/depression stifles my creativity. I just don't feel inspired. Come to think of it, I'm only truly creative in times of true presence.

  5. "From the movement of thoughts emerge the emotions, you plunge into the deep, the dream comes out of the womb, the answers are waiting for you," ILM


  6. Its hard to reconcile Lynch's spiritual bent with his artistic proclivity for the macabre. I watched Mulholland Drive yesterday. It was supremely upsetting to say the very least. Perhaps he's considerably more matured today than before. In any case, the man IS a genius. I'm currently wrestling with his work and works by Cronenberg. There similarities and differences. Strengths and weaknesses. Lynch has an artistic eye for color and tone that I particularly enjoy. But truthfully I feel Lynch and Cronenberg are like apples & squirrels, respectively.

  7. Lol I love watching that kid hang on Lynch's every word. Its nice seeing someone pay attention every now and then. You can tell he heard the message. . .not just the words.

  8. this is how I felt during my manic episode. Creative pursuits were effortless, there was no thought involved or required. I felt that this was the first time I had reached enlightenment. I felt completely present in the morning. I felt like a magician..

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