Dave vs The MSM - Your Financial Wellbeing

Dave vs The MSM – Your Financial Wellbeing

quiet this president-elect go ahead you say hi I'm dr. Dean Chanda thanks for joining me on Dave versus the MSM the goal of these brief presentations is to provide you information the bought off ink media is never gonna touch today I want to focus on your financial security look this just came from a friend of mine who's deep in the financial industry who got this information about the deep state and in particular focuses on the Rothschilds remember the rotschild rockefeller axis of deep state actors very important axis evil axis but important Rothschild family sells all its truss ding-ding-ding the president Alexander de Rothschild who acceded to the position has decided to put on sale all the trust businesses that maintain the note and known as the largest family banking in the world which is known to control the issuance of money around the globe look this is huge the ROG house have put their paper assets on sale why probably has something to do with what one of the things we uncovered on last week's show and we've been talking about and that is with Marx key dr. mark Skidmore and Katherine Austen Fitz when you look in government books government Ledger's 21 trillion dollars is missing that's not the national debt that's in addition to the national debt the government cannot discern where the money went or where it came from now it's been covered up they've changed accounting practice and now they're saying with the government well we can take that money and we can put it and say well that's because of national security issues and not have to determine whose pockets it went to or how it got there look and this has been going on in the private sector as well and Rob Kirby who's gonna be on our show on Sunday has brought this forward that's back in 2006 George Bush signed an executive order where up until that point the president could look at a company and say well financial security purposes you can well not follow standard business practices or standard accounting practices and in 2006 George Bush being a good globalist just like his daddy shifted shifted the the responsibility to who can determine who can take what in the private sector as far as a national security hidden expense he drove that to the Director of National Intelligence which is driven by the deep state bottom line why is this important for you because every private corporation and now the government does not have to adhere to the standards you and I do from an accounting standpoint what does that mean if you have a 401 K an IRA a pension an investment account bond stocks money markets they can manipulate every number where you have no idea about the solvency of your investment we're going to talk about what you need to do to protect yourself it's critical and you're not going to hear this on Fox Business News or CNN or in Bloomberg or in Reuters join us all you have to do is go to Dave Jay and accomm on Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 hit that listen live button it's free in addition we have tremendous amount of free information on Dave Jenna calm and we have our subscription service I'm here 30 cents a day nine dollars a month where you have access not to just this week's show all of our week's shows since the inception of operation freedom in October of 2010 you have access to that sign up for a month if you don't like it get rid of it biggest bang for the buck I believe in the Internet thanks for joining me as we always sign off dream big and dare to fail

29 thoughts on “Dave vs The MSM – Your Financial Wellbeing

  1. That opening synthesis of classic DJT lines is an all time classic – I cannot recall the last time I belly laughed so hard. "You are fake news" was the moment my eyes opened wide and I totally became a lifelong Big Don supporter. He shills for no one.

  2. Dave, you may already know this but there is someone who has a Dave Janda II You Tube account and they are stealing your content and getting monetized for it. Here's the You Tube link I just saw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36WE0TSULqo.

  3. I came to California undocumented from Mexico. I hate working I love welfare that's why I always vote Democrat. it is important for white people to work and pay their taxes or they are racist they must forget mcrat to or they are racist Millions upon Millions of undocumented Mexican people rely on those taxes to pay our rent oh wait we don't have to pay rent pray for our food oh wait we get food stamps well to buy new trucks and live in California where it is very expensive to live even if everything you get is free so remember pay your taxes millions of Mexican families are relying on you to

  4. LOVE your Show! Bernie at Truth and Art TV is now referring to
    ospazio-cortex as "the kid". BRILLIANT!!! Everyone should tell their
    other favorite shows/podcasts about this so it becomes universal.

  5. Thank you Dr.Dave for the video !!! I really Enjoy Your video's, you really have a way of breaking everything down.

  6. Rothchild's are not selling anything……please…….just handing it over to another close reptile friend or comrade

  7. Seasons greetings from fellow patriots in Sweden. We stand united with our brothers in America! WWG1WGA 🇸🇪🇺🇸

  8. luv trump and what he stands for but it's too late and Dave wake up to this bull malarky all trump is doing helping the rich like himself hope you can see you all been deceived

  9. Dr. Janda, curious what you think on Trump's pick for AG. Another deep swamp monster. Looks like no one is going to jail

  10. Remember when Nathan Rothchild faked the financiers in London by selling his shares in the Bank of England? They all thought that Wellington had lost at Waterloo. Then after everyone was selling in panic, he had his people buy it all up for a song? Is Rothchild doing it again?

  11. IT'S TOO LATE, DR. JANDA. I am no longer optimistic about Justice being served against the NWO, or the Democrats. I appreciate your cheerleading effort, but our Conservative team has lost this game.

  12. Boom confirm Hiliary Bush Obama John Brannen Kevin Spasy Soros David Rockella Dick Cheney
    indicted for 9/11. They will be hang lethal injection firing squard or long prison term in gitmo
    Please Share; https://youtu.be/AbqlXQZEfJE

  13. People who pay attention to the Rothchilds, Soros, Buffet and other super wealthy elites will probably survive the coming >>mother of all depressions. Those that are 50 shades of naive think stocks won't crash 50 + %, their IRA's and other investments will be OK. Only gold, silver, physical commodities, property will do well except the over inflated area's of the country like Kalifornia..La La. Land.

  14. Thought I would let you know that Your CC option has been removed along with many other conservative sites. Been 3 days now. YT censoring of hearing impaired now?

  15. The reason Government or Corporation constantly LIE to the People, is to obtain their Legal Permission , which they NEED in order to carry out crime. Your PERMISSION is thus obtained fraudulently and waives your protection of common law, leaving you exposed to Harm, Loss or Injury. Legal Permission can be withdrawn legally by returning Corp. or Govt. mail, Addressee Not Recognized, No contract.

  16. President Trump just scared me big time … making old mans bushs attorney general ours … what the heck is he doing ???

  17. Trump just nominated a new jackass for AG – he already has a hammer in position ready to strike but has decided to waste more time he dos not have – with new guy – while democrats prepare to take over congress – Trump better have God on his side because he is gonna need the help – where are the arrests – where are the prosecutions – where is the justice – why is Trump wasting time with more bureaucracy – i'm sure his friends in America First are shaking their heads right now as they got the news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GinRQP8VAPM&feature=em-uploademail – WTF is going on

  18. I know exactly why this may be happening. The govt WILL push for Medicare for All and if you want to know how they plan to pay for it, well check out H.R. 676, already in place and only need signatures. President Trump won't sign it, but they plan on impeaching him anyway. Their next cronie is already in line and they will push it through. All elitists are going to put their $$$$$$ in offshore accounts before this happens. Why do you think Alexandria Ocasio Cortez got pushed through? She is that yappy distracting mutt set in place, so these dems and libs can carry out their plan to stab us all in the back!!!

  19. 21 Trillion is nothing. Look at the Balances in the accounts of the Five Star Trust. Insigniagate… Accounts with Trillion,Trillion,Trillion,Trillion,Trillion dollars…

  20. Rothschild family work for the PAYSEUR FAMILY.The Payseur family own the Federal Reserve and the Vatican. Do the research. 13 lines of the illuminati. Everything the Payseurs own are in trust.

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