Complete Heart Therapy | Dissolving Heaviness | Effective Guided Meditation

Complete Heart Therapy | Dissolving Heaviness | Effective Guided Meditation

To begin with this guided meditation, find
yourself a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down. Since you have chosen this particular meditation
try to position your body in a way, which makes your chest area feel less pressured. If you remain sitting, you can position your
hands in your lap. If you are lying down, you can put your hands
parallel to your torso, palms facing up. You can now close your eyes. Take a moment to acknowledge that you had
the determination to set out this time for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Through making this decision you are already
half way there. Now when you have taken the step to nurture
your body and mind, let’s see what sensations the present moment brings with it. Let’s start by bringing attention to the physical
sensations. Start by noticing your breath. Is it fast, slow? At this point, just let your breath be what
it is. Soon we will start altering it gently. But for now, try bringing awareness to the
patterns of your breath without judgement. It is natural for you to experience discomfort
in your chest area while breathing. Every day we accumulate individual amounts
of tension in various parts of our bodies. The heart space is a common spot for tension
to gather up. Emotions and tiredness get tangled up and
prevent us from breathing and living to the fullest. Remember that you can always dissolve any
tension by first acknowledging it, then bringing awareness to it and then letting it go or
letting it be until it goes by itself. And your breath is the tool that you can always
count on when you need healing. It is always there, always in action. So, your goal now is to put it to your own
advantage. While observing your breath, you might discover
that you breathe mainly through your chest. This is how a lot of us we breathe most of
the time. Now let’s realize that we have many more possibilities
for this simple action than we imagine. Let’s put the healing power of a full deep
breath in action. A full breath starts in our belly. As you inhale, start by filling your belly
with air and then slowly moving it through your chest. Now, with the exhale let the air pass first
through your chest and then through your belly. One more time. Feel your belly expand with your inhale. Then gently pass this expansion to the chest
and then release with the exhale. And again. This time let’s try exhaling with the mouth. Again, start your breath in your belly, move
it to the chest. Feel the skin of the chest expand. And then let go with the exhale through the
mouth. Use the exhale through the mouth as an opportunity
to release tension with a sound or a sigh. Allow yourself to leg go of the accumulated
tension. Make your exhale audible. The exhale is not just a physical action,
it is also an emotional one. It is the act of letting go. Letting go of anything that is not helping
you anymore. Treat each exhale as a unique chance to let
go of the tension around your heart. Different emotions might come up as you continue
breathing deeply. Just notice them. Then identify one emotion or feeling that
troubles you and imagine how it gradually leaves your body with each exhale. Identify, accept, let go. Inhale with acceptance exhale with release. On each exhale, let go a little more. Feel how you are creating more space and lightness
in your chest. As you breathe welcome the fresh air into
your body with gratitude. Realize that what you are doing now is not
simple and is not just breathing; it is an act that sustains the life within you. Once more fill your lungs with fresh air as
much as you can, and then exhale with relief. After you want to take a break from deep breathing,
you can return to your natural breathing pace. Meanwhile, notice how your body feels after
this practice. Not just your chest, but your body as a whole. Now briefly scan your toes, legs, the belly,
the chest, the shoulders, the hands, the fingers, the neck and the head. Notice if you some part of your body feels
tense. Try to relax even more, allow your body to
become heavy. Remember, your body is a whole. So to let go of any chest heaviness or pain,
you also have to let go of tension in other areas of your body. So take a breath in with your body as a whole
and exhale from your whole body. In and out. In and out. Now return to your natural breath. The breath is a liberating tool but there
is another tool at your disposal that can help you soothe your body and mind. And that is your imagination. Imagine a small energy ball of green light
located in the center of your chest. The healing green light is the light of your
heart chakra. Visualize it and just allow it to be there
for a couple of breaths. Allow this tiny green light to get used to
your body. Then imagine how the energy ball slowly expanding
and filling your chest with light. With each breath let the greenness spread
more freely and vibrantly through your body. Now try to accept this light as a part of
yourself. Take a moment and let it reach every corner,
every fingertip. Now, let the green energy return to your heart
space. Take one of those inhales with acceptance
and exhale with relief. Coming back into your physical surroundings. Noticing your physical body resting, peaceful
and calm. Your breath is rhythmic and natural. As you slowly open your eyes, just notice
how you feel after this practice, remember this feeling, as only the thought of it can
make you feel lighter whenever you seek lightness in your heart. Thank you for joining me in this meditation. I hope you feel lighter and more balanced. Please continue to support this channel through
your likes, comments and shares, I really appreciate it. Until next time.

65 thoughts on “Complete Heart Therapy | Dissolving Heaviness | Effective Guided Meditation

  1. Blessings for you Rasa and all listeners of your Divine channel.
    Your voice are Angelic Inspiration to my Soul. Greetings from Portugal. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Dear Rasa, firstly i would like to thank you for your amazing work. you are such a talented individual with a unique voice and heart.
    i would like to request a guided meditation that would help one reconnect with their inner child or to the person they once were before life happened. i'm very grateful for and to you.
    Love from germany .

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