Coexist In Bible Prophecy - Coming One World Religion

Coexist In Bible Prophecy – Coming One World Religion

welcome to first Trinity unity Community Church of the United States how can we feed you today hi I'd like a 25 minute sermon and sum up your musically nothing too crazy though and I don't like to stand until the very end certainly please try forward have a blessed day those Gavin and Juliet right of course not sir here it up to even the seats the USA being a drawer to right the first time every time and all the time and on time until the end of time have a blessed day welcome to first Trinity unity Community Church of the United States how can we need you today who's teaching pastor Wilkes no I'm not so crazy about him oh I met pastor Johnson of course sorry for the big stuff that's more like it now look I don't want to hear that Old Testament business today I want to focus on the New Testament well of course sir the Old Testament God is me I mean it is a lot happier now so let's focus on the present surgery I wants of created illustrations I want to laugh a little bit but not too much I want my communion crackers broken for me with 100% with 100% natural grape juice I know that stuff last week from can you think that's honoring to God no sure of course no I didn't think so I want to feel encouraged and uplifted and affirmed this week and look I want some healing for my bunion and I want to be counting to two months just a little bit okay because I'm challenging up during certainly this is a safe place ain't happy place I'd be a lot happier be found if you had something the fifth row or so surgery that's what I'm talking about apostate Church wants nothing to do with visions or prophecies of men of righteousness they don't want anything to do with it you know that's the gospel you know that's the truth your messages think they want nothing that disturbs the status goal nothing to upset this successful world in which they move and live they refuse any kind of correction everything that is being excused under the banner of love we get ready to love the devil this is a perverted love I want nothing to do with this off precision I've nothing to do with this book people clamor for entertainment they blocked by the Dallas is now the concerts and plays and social gatherings while they ridicule the prophets they walk what they call the Doomsday preachers and they prefer the illusions they don't want any preacher advances to tell them the hard truth and they don't want to tell the sword of the Lord to come forth in their congregations they say preach to us smooth things Restless make us happy make us feel good I heard a preacher say you come to this church and feel good of all the times that I've tried to get up and preach I'm going to tell you this morning that I firmly feel like this is one of the most important messages that I'll ever preach to you and the reason I do is because I am firmly convinced that's what's happening right now right before us is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and we're watching it as it accelerates into this one world religion and one world government this prophecy in Revelation 13 this past week I happen to be listening to the radio local religious radio station right here in Knoxville Tennessee when I could not believe what I was listening to the song came on and here are the words partial not all of them but here are the words here comes a Baptist here comes a Jew there goes a Mormon and a Muslim – I see a Buddhist and a Hindu I see a Catholic can I see you we're all God's children were all God's children why can't we be one big happy family you like the day and I like the night he's into country and he isn't there's folks on the left and on the far right but that doesn't mean that we have to fight we're all God's children all God's children yay were all God's children why can't we be one big happy family now I've heard that from a bunch of liberals you know and some marching out here on the street or somewhere I could understand it in context but that's not where it came from it came from a religious radio station right here in Knoxville Tennessee that's been around for a long time and I thought to myself now do you know what you're playing the whoever whoever is whoever was there at the board and played this thing I first thing I asked myself do you know what you're playing and then I listened to the words very carefully and I got on the internet and I traced it down made sure that I got this right and it is we're all God's children lyrics and this was played on a local religious radio station right here in Knoxville Tennessee here's bottom line if the station's now these religious radio stations are going to start playing ecumenism one-world religion where we're all in it together and Christ is no different from any of the rest of them folks we have arrived we have arrived we're here we're here we're at the moment where the great apostasy is going to manifest itself and you're going to see it happen you've already seen it in some churches I've preached to you before about the emerging church movement I've told you about some of their theology you know this is nothing new with them and I've told you before it's ever kind of a Baptist under the under son and so I'm not up here this morning to propagate the Baptist Church but I am up here to put this morning to preach Christ and him crucified the Bible said there is one God and one mediator between God and men the man Christ Jesus he is the foundation of the Church of the Living God I want you to understand something and I want you to understand it please the Church of God is not a building it's not a Baptist it's not a movement it's not – it's not all these peripheral things out here that are associated with a church and one way in other words they couldn't exist if it were not for the church it's not them but the Church of God is a body of born-again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ now what do you mean by that preacher I mean that if you are born of the Spirit of God then you are a member of the Church of the Living God that's fact and the only one that has anything to do with your new birth that put you into the body of Christ is the Lord Jesus Christ he builds his church we don't do it it says it's in his hand he builds it and so therefore nothing could be more could be more clear in my mind as I look at this to understand that that I don't care many people in Knoxville did not doesn't matter to me if 99% of all the people who go to church every Sunday in this town if they subscribe to this if this is what they believe friend they're fake fake and they're fake Christians now you so let's mean preacher no I'm trying to tell you the truth Republican Democrat had nothing to do with it I'm not talking about politics I'm talking about the faith that was once delivered unto the Saints wake up wake up they're playing this garbage on your local religious radio station and they're trying by doing that to brainwash you and recruit you into the Church of the Antichrist and believe me as churches are all over this town and if you rebel against this what I've said and you do not you say when I preach sure I believe we ought to love one another and this is will the Bible said God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son if God didn't love mankind I don't know what did but Christ came into this world and the fact that he came brought judgment upon man the simple fact that he was here that say a word the fact he was here was judgment on sinners because God sent His only begotten Son so I want you to understand today that what I'm gonna preach is very important it's very very important you are faced with a situation where you must make a choice today everybody in this auditorium whoever's watching by the internet who will watch this later who will see this on television who will hear this honest on a CD you must make a choice you are either for Christ or you against him you say preacher I want Christ and I want Buddha no you can't have both you can't have both there is one God the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and one mediator between God and men the man Christ Jesus there is none other there is no other name given under heaven whereby we must be saved he is Lord and beside him there is none other the book of Revelation makes it very clear that Christ is the judge on the great white throne and he will judge all men by the word of the Living God now here's their doctrine when Christians ask if you believe you are a sinner respond with we have not perfectly realized our divine potential but are still in the process of unfolding it through meditation and higher states of consciousness boy if that's not religious mumbo-jumbo I don't know what is but that's what you get out of people do you know why listen to them listen to their preachers look at their doctrine how many churches in this town are preaching the new birth anymore how many you know why they don't preach the new birth because when you start preaching the new birth you're telling men they're sinners and you're telling men that Christ is the only way that they can be born again that's exactly what you're doing so they refuse to preach the new birth it's all about how you can better yourself how you can have this relate it's all superficial surface relationship with God but it could be Buddha it could be confused us it could be a Hindu God could be Vishnu Brahma or or any of the gods of the Hindus it could be any of them and what you've done is put the Lord Jesus Christ on the same level as them and it won't work he will not be on the level with any of them kneel to your own self they say honor and worship your own being chant the mantra always going on within you meditate on your own self God dwells within you as you you say preacher that's so wild and crazy nobody believes that in the church you kiddin are you serious you're living in a make-believe world if you don't know that these people believe they are the sum total of everything this is why there's so much narcissism today this is why there's so much about self today it's all about me that's what it's about today that's why everybody today my friend he's looking at themselves and the saviors within them their salvation is film they are it and this is what you're getting and this preachers feed that the preachers feed it week in and week out if you get a preacher that gets up in front of you and every last one of his messages is all about how God wants to bless you and how all you need to do is to understand the great potential that's within you and how God has all these things laid out for you and all you have to do is learn the secret and you can just tap into it and you'll be so wonderful this is exactly what you're hearing and this is what's coming from the pulpits in America and my friend it is a pure poison I must add listen to this I looked for inspirational messages from a variety of sources besides Jesus our folks get to hear words of wisdom from great prophets and spiritual leaders like Buddha Muhammed Yogananda and the Dalai Lama have you checked lately to see what the last release from the Dalai Lama was have you got on his website in his blog to see what great spiritual truths the Dalai Lama can give you I don't waste my time nothing to say that I want to hear when it comes to spiritual issue now it may be an issue Tibet in China what's going on over there politically that may be of interest but when it comes to spiritual things the Dalai Lama has nothing to say that I want to hear absolutely nothing nothing zero zilch the only one that can do anything for me spiritually is the Lord Jesus Christ I must add though that though I don't believe making disciples must equal making adherence to the Christian religion it may be advisable in many not all circumstances to help people become followers of Jesus and remain within their Buddhist Hindu or Jewish context a leader of a merging Church gives out his great wisdom we need to become aware of the Cosmic Christ which means recognize that every being has within it the light of Christ here's what they say something very powerful is happening it's emerging we are witnessing a spiritual revolution of great magnitude in the whole world the rise of a new school of mysticism within Christianity it is growing a year-by-year I agree there is a definite powerful move of the spirit but it's not the Holy Ghost so here's what they do they attack your Bible because of what they're preaching and what these religious stations are playing if that's true then this Bible is no more than just another religious book that can be interpreted any way you please it's no longer the Word of God the absolute judge and God Almighty he has revealed himself in this book and that's not so anymore and then there's an attack on the Savior if the Lord Jesus Christ is just one more Savior he's just your faith tradition if he's just part of the pantheon of gods then the Lord Jesus Christ himself was deluded when he was here 2,000 years ago and said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the Father but by me that's what he said then there's an attack on the believer if they if what these people say is true then you as a believer you've been deluded you bet you be you you're living in the mountains you're living in the backwoods you're living in the backwaters you need to open your mind up and begin to receive the great spiritual truths of this generation this is what they're telling you this is what they're trying to feed into your mind when you hear this garbage right here here comes the Baptist here comes a Jew there goes a Mormon and a Muslim – I see a Buddhist and a Hindu I see a Catholic and I see you we're all God's children now we may have our squabbles between the Baptist's and the Methodist and the Presbyterians and the Lutheran's and the charismatic snaa Pentecostals we've got our squabbles my dear friends and in these churches I believe you're going to find born-again believers scattered all over the place that make up the body of Christ yeah but my dear friend a Buddhist and a Hindu and a Muslim has nothing in common with me whatsoever absolutely nothing then there's the message this message is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo it's all about pride and narcissism it's about self if you go to church week after week after week and you never come under conviction for the sins in your life you never grow enough from the scripture in the Holy Spirit to begin to realize that you need help you need the blood of Christ you need fellowship with God and the only way to have that is to have a right understanding of who you are with God but if you don't get that week after week after week then you are in a narcissistic self loving self Church then there's the man the man the man you see they attacked the Bible then they attack they attacked them as then their message and then there is the man there is a Christ that is clearly set apart a different Christ I recommend and I recommend this strongly that you get my Sunday School lesson from this morning I would recommend it I recommend you get that Sunday School lesson and you listen to what I talked about in Sunday school today because what I talked about has a direct bearing on what I'm preaching to you this morning there is a Christ that is not the true Christ I want you to understand something this Christ that is showing up in religion is an absolute is that come is is it is it is a counterpart to the true Christ that's what he is you have the true Christ and you have a false Christ and that's where we are right now people can't tell the difference between the two he's a teacher he answers to the dark questions of life about UFOs and the afterlife and the spirit world did you know that there is a fascination right now in this generation with the spirit world you realize that do you realize that we have we have atheist all over this country yet they're fascinated with a spirit world a man came to me the other day as a woman came to me I think it she came to me and she said preacher she says I know a police officer she said this police officer and his family just moved into a home they moved into this home said when they moved into this home they noticed a hair a brush a hairbrush just rise up and fly across the room just rise up and fly across the room and then they said preacher that the little children said mommy who are all these them who are these people in this room and after that apparently mom and dad began to realize that they had a spirit problem in that home now you can't put that under a microscope you can't open up DNA and look into the spirit world you have to deal with a spirit issue you see the third heaven opens up in Revelation chapter number 4 the third heaven opens up and when it opens up the Apostle John is called up into the third heaven a door the Bible said was opened in heaven in Sunday school this morning I told the folks that now they've revised the the estimation they say that there are two trillion galaxies in the universe and they say that there are two hundred billion suns like ours in our galaxy the Milky Way in plain words these are astronomical figures that are beyond your wildest imagination they'll blow your mind alright but the Bible said I saw a door opened in heaven in other words it'll make a difference if there's trillions and trillions and trillions of stars out there and I don't know that there are but it doesn't matter a door was opened in heaven what's that that's a spiritual door where the Apostle John could be caught up into the third heaven into the presence of Almighty God it's like when you leave this world if you leave it today or you leave it tomorrow you leave this physical creation and you go into the third heaven if you're saved you go into the third heaven into the presence of Almighty God and you can't get there in a spaceship you can't you can't get there the old farmer says you can't get there from here you can't get there the only way you can get into the third heaven is to be carried spiritually by as they did the Angels carried Abraham as they spiritually carry you into the presence of God but this generation is fascinated with the spiritual things fascinated you know why because there's a hunger inside every man for God there's a hunger in his soul for somebody bigger than him he knows he's got a problem he knows he's got a sin problem I don't care how much he tries to explain it away how he tries to bury it or how he tries to put it under a microscope and explain it scientifically he's got a problem and that problem is sin and the only one that can do anything for you when it comes to sin is the Lord Jesus Christ that's the only one nobody else can but they are fascinated with the occult now why are they fascinated with the occult as I said because man has a desire in him for something spiritual we live in a time of mad scientist what's a mad scientist a mad scientist somebody who wants to find eternal life without the Lord Jesus Christ in the book of Genesis as I said in Sunday school this morning the Lord God stopped them from eating of the tree of the fruit of life because he said if you eat of this you'll live forever and you'll live forever in a fallen state and dear friend you do not want to live forever would you want to live forever in the state you're in right now even being born again you've still got that old man he's corrupt by nature that would be the worst curse to ever come down on your soul can you imagine burying all of your children burying their children burying their children burying their children and leave hauled and live all hone and live hone and all that you would go through through eat through ages on this earth and never die know when God gets ready to call me home I'm ready to go home when I finished my course that's when I'm ready to go home I've told the Lord time and time again God when you get ready for me I'm ready to go home when you are ready and I'm finished I'm ready to leave this world I do not want to live forever in this fall and body and this old man that constantly tries to drag me to him thank God for eternal life to his son the Lord Jesus Christ for there's something inside me that it's different from that old man that says to me I know whom I have believed I know where I'm going I know not the way I am hallelujah yes sir mad scientist's that's what CERN molecular biology artificial intelligence and all of that that's what it's about it's about man saying there is no God that He is God and that he's going to live forever and do it himself and he's going to do it through science and technology and now they're working to Korea would be the biggest curse you could ever put on anyone there is a clear and total rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ and of God the God of the Bible yes sir a clear and total rejection of the God of the Bible I marvel at how people get out and they march you know I'm all for anybody demonstrating in this country I'm the first one to preach freedom of speech I am so anti political correctness it's not despise these people on these college campuses that have only one view you don't come on their you're you're a Nazi or any your they're gonna brand you if you don't agree with them that's garbage what are you afraid of what are you afraid of and so they get out in the March and they demonstrate fine good for them but I'm gonna tell you something right now if you are for killing babies you have already lost me with your message if you are a baby killer I don't want to hear you talk about love I don't hear you talk about sacrifice I don't hear you talk about rights I don't hear you talk about equality if you are a baby killer you have no idea what you're doing or what you're talking about you've been brainwashed hey man you've been brainwashed you've been brainwashed I read a letter from a lady just a few days ago said she was into abortion she was personally involved in the abortion of many children personally involved with it and therefore her conscience ate her up she got right with God and her conscience continued to eat her destroy her her past because of what she'd done in abortion I can imagine I can imagine something like that how it could have could work on you I can't you know that's that's a little human being that's a human life but she finally got victory through the power of the blood and through the forgiveness of God and accepted it this is after she got saved she finally got victory thank God for that hallelujah it's an awful it's a terrible thing to live your life under condemnation and some of you are living under condemnation and Satan's going to beat you to death with your pastor for some some sin or whatever it is he's gonna beat you to death until you learn the secret of victory and what is the secret of victory Christ is the secret God made him to be sin for us who knew no sin in plant Awards he made Christ to be the sin of all mankind every sin the he is he is the one who when he went to the cross at Calvary represented every single man he is the Lord Jesus Christ for he died in my place God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself but your conscience your past will eat you up so these people get out here and they demonstrate it and march up and down the street and they think that they're standing for the right and for the good and no they're not you get on your TV in you I'll watch the news and they'll talk about how that they've they've rescued some dogs you know well good for rescue and the good old dogs somebody's people get the wrong idea that I have about dogs they think well you don't like dogs oh I'm all for dogs I've got said I had every old stray in the world come in the house my brother and I took it in when I was just a kid and dogs do a lot of work in this world dogs protect people dogs have saved lives there's nothing wrong with a dog til you start licking it in the face [Applause] then you got a problem big time might I remind you what dogs lick [Applause] so what you have when you lick that dog in the face you're looking what it licks I'm I told you before I need to tell you tell you again nine times out of ten if they show a dog in a commercial they'll show some dog licking somebody in the mouth I mean even noticed that do you know why they are taking you down and they're raising the animal up and that's part of the brainwashing and that's part of this new this new spirituality among people you can pet your dogs and carry them around and and happen for company and go hunting with them that's all good but stop I hope you're not I hope mercy I mean that makes me want to throw up that's the truth it does it makes me want to puke it's just it's just I never saw that from my first 30 or 40 years in this world I never saw a dog lick somebody in the mouth and all of a sudden that's all you see that oughta wake you you don't tell you something going on out here yes sir there's something going on and then the fact that people get offended with this is it amazes me that I marvel at it because they shouldn't offend you good to have a dog nothing wrong with dogs but have a dog put the dog in its place a dog's a dog it's not a human being it's not a man a dog is a dog and that's all it is and that's all it'll ever be a cat whatever else you might have hope you don't have any big snakes as a pet there's some things that just you know God gives you enough wisdom leave them alone Amen hallelujah Father in Jesus name I pray you'd use what I've said this morning Lord for the glory of God bless the folk let your word take heart take root Lord may they not forget this one point that I try to make to them now that right now already here in Knoxville Tennessee they are playing on the radio station on the religious radio stations they are playing the music in the lyrics to brainwash people into accepting the religion of the Antichrist it's already here in Jesus name we pray amen you

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  1. I didn't trust Jesus for religion, but for His grace that saves me from pretenders, Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones wouldn't know tow to ecumenism, and popularity of the world. O Lord how long?

  2. I love Lions who protect the weak;woe to the world for making the united nations general assembly their god; Looking for a good musical audience; I'm a new Christian musician from NB Canada seeking to put my guitar solo for world peace at the four corners of the earth,my heart knows it takes loyal enjoyers of my sound. The united nations little horn.
    Come O Creator, Spirit so blessed, and in our souls take up thy rest; show us thy wisdom and always the truth so that thy Spirits' journey may come back to you. Come Holy Spirit and all will be created and thy will renew the face of the earth. O God you instructed the heart of your faithful by the light of The Holy Spirit; grant that through this same light, we be made truly wise and ever rejoice in His infinite and divine consolation, through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  3. All the false religions merged into one false religion.     A real God wouldn't need to be worshipped.

  4. We are no doubt living in bible prophecy, I doubted I would c this in my lifetime.. alas we must spread the word for I know He Is Coming, praise Sweet Jesus Christ, Our Lord And Saviuor… help us lord to prevail against evil and its destruction give us strength to carry on in the face of tribulations and birth pains… praise yr Holy name.. hallelujah 🙏🙏🙏❤️✝️😥✝️🐬

  5. Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ Son of God. No works or anyone can save us. We are only saved through Jesus Christ. If you believe that Jesus Christ has it done it all then you are saved and sealed by the Holy. Spirit

  6. its not what the bible says. Bible mentions in a variety of places children of the world children of the devil who only can hear and understand his voice. Jews and Christians are children of God. Christians received our new spirit so we are now related to Jesus. Enter this family not just believing in Jesus in your head but you also have to believe in Jesus in your heart too–both in mind body and soul believe he died on the cross for our sins, repent of your sins and turn and follow Jesus he resurrected and you don't want to be a sinner anymore. Jews will be saved at the end of the tribulation as God returns to them, after he's finished with the Christians, he will return to the Jews.

  7. he hit the nail on he head about narcissism and about everything!
    that piece videoed at that church playing music from Bethel: that person was using hypnotism (“deeper …deeper…deeper”) on those ppl deceiving them into thinking it was the Holy Spirit on them but it appears to be the Kundalini serpent spirit on them. Bethel does use music with frequencies that are able to put many into a trancelike state. They have a book about these frequencies that they endorse. Look it up. Bethel also does grave soaking which is an occultic practice.

    “A fascination right now in this generation with the spirit world”
    yes, exactly

  8. Thank you for having the courage to preach the truth in these last days before the coming anti christ comes on the scene.

  9. PRAYER is our ONLY weapon in this SPIRITUAL WAR! We NEED to pray the Holy Spirit ON these people! What CHANGED MY LIFE, was the Holy Spirit CONVICTING me of the Evil that I was partaking in! Hating the PERSON, is allowing Satan to continue in THEIR lives, while getting a Stronghold in OUR lives as well! PRAYING against the SPIRIT that is controlling their lives, has POWER to CHANGE things! "The Weapons of our Warfare are… MIGHTY, through God, to the PULLING DOWN OF STRONGHOLDS"!!! Eph 6…PLEASE, PRAY AGAINST THE ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE UNDER!!! Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world! We need to LIVE out that reality, EVERY DAY! I confess, and have REPENTED of the Hate that I have added to the mix! My focus was on the people, rather than on the spirit Controlling them! The Holy Spirit revealed to me that made me as wrong as them! That's HOW Jesus could pray, "Father, forgive them, for THEY know NOT what they do."

  10. Why is our government letting Muslim in United States when there the enemy they Wana kill us all what's wrong with our government there eating too much spirit cooking

  11. R$E is not a freemason. He has exposed the freemasons for 3hat they are. Don' believe the Jesuit lies. They are the real deceivers.

  12. there is one GOD and there is only one day to honor GOD and that is his day a everlasting sign between him and mankind and that is saturday GODS sabbath not satans sabbath

  13. oh yeah because coexisting is so wrong. Different religions are not more inherintly. Don't forget the same God who died for us is the same God threatening you and your loved ones with eternal torture. You HATE PEOPLE who believe differently, yet these people are peacefully coexisting, they are more spiritual then you controversy and his supporters

  14. The reasons i left christianity and never again to convert on it because it proclaims itself as the only true and only way to salvation religion. But as an agnostic i see some flaws in Christianity enough to leave it. Abrahamic religions are curse to this world.

  15. David cuts off the giant's head with the giant's own sword. The main purpose of the prophet Muhammad is to overturn the ways of the popes and Vatican. Quran 5:68-69, "Say O People of the Book, you stand on nothing till you observe the Torah and Gospel and all sent down to you from your Lord."
    DANIEL 7:24-28 Saints of the Most High shall take away the dominion of those who changed TIMES and LAWS of our Creator.
    Popes CHANGED and REPLACED holy Sabbath days of no work and remembrance celebrations for our joy and protection and UNITY.

    The Kingdom of God will be the only good ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and RELIGION; "Every word out of the mouth of God" as written in Bible shall be the laws of the government; anything else is DECEPTION especially of Muslims and Christians.

    DEUTERONOMY 5 TEN COMMANDMENTS including weekly seventh day Sabbath of no work AND make no images nor bow to them.

    Our Creator calls us to lift up truth to fight peacefully and overcome the deception by Satan. It is up to the people, even NOW, to insist on keeping the seventh day SABBATH OF NO WORK; that is how WE become the Saints who take away the dominion of those who changed TIMES and LAWS of our Creator. The other laws of God are eternal for protection of our people and our land.
    Shalom, Salam, Peace.

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