Christians on the Titanic

Christians on the Titanic

The vast majority of Christian believers have
bought themselves a ticket on the Titanic, the CHURCH. They belong to a church and they
believe that they can take a luxury ride into heaven inside that church but what they do
not realize is that there is an iceberg in their way and that iceberg is Jesus Christ
and He is going to sink their Titanic because they only want salvation but they don’t want
Jesus. They are not interested in Jesus Christ, they just want salvation. They want to get
to heaven but they do not want to follow Jesus. They are church members but they are not members
of the Body of Christ. They have never picked up their cross and started following Jesus,
they have never repented from sin and they are NOT following Jesus. They are not living
holiness, they are not led by the Holy Spirit – they are HAVING A PARTY ON THE TITANIC,
their entertainment center, the CHURCH and they are quite happy. They are looking out
the window and they are waiting now to arrive on the other side. Many of them are waiting
for the rapture because they have got a ticket but they don’t even know Jesus Christ. THAT
ICEBERG IS ABOUT TO HIT THEM! Dear friends you need to be in the other boat,
the small boat, that small boat that weathers the storms, the one in which the disciples
were and Jesus was sleeping in the front. They said:”Lord, don’t you care that we
perish?” And He woke up, stood up and He rebuked the storm. That is the little boat
that you should be in dear friend, not in the Titanic. You must be in the small boat
with Jesus, the small boat of discipleship and obedience to Jesus Christ, the small boat
of holiness, the small boat of a close relationship with Jesus, hearing the Master’s voice, listening
to Him, following Him and obeying Him, denying yourself, picking up your cross every day
and following Him. Are you on the Titanic? Are you waiting for
Jesus to come, to come take away the sinners of the world while you are having a party
on the Titanic? Or are you walking with Jesus, in holiness and in righteousness, doing the
works of Christ? Is Jesus seen in you? Are you rejected by the world? Are you persecuted?
Or are you on the Titanic having a lovely time? THERE IS AN ICEBERG WAITING FOR YOU
FRIEND! Get off that Titanic while you can and get to know Jesus Christ before it is
too late? May Jesus bless you.

34 thoughts on “Christians on the Titanic

  1. Very good analogy. Glory to the LORD for giving you heavenly understanding and giving everyone the exact understanding they deserve, being at all times perfectly just.

  2. Great message!
    I thought yesterday how in the old "Poseidon Adventure," (1972) the ship had capsized (turned upside down), & the old pastor was leading most of the people to the deck of the ship which was under water. They got angry @ the young iconoclast preacher (Gene Hackman) who was leading a small group to safety because he understood that down was up.
    churchianity is a capsized ship. Its values are the opposite of Jesus', & most of the pastors are leading the deaf sheep into the abyss.

  3. Wonderful message brother.
    May The Lord continue to fill you with wisdom.
    Keep enduring.
    Much love in Christ.
    May Jesus bless you.

  4. Direct hit brother.
    Score 1000 for JESUS the devil 0.
    All glory, honor, and praise to JESUS.
    Jesus bless you!

  5. You should really say "Christians in America", because the believers in the poorer countries (we are one of the richest nations) do not act like American Christians.

  6. This rotten church gospel has filled the whole world dear friend – it is the same religious demons that work everywhere. Most believers are churchians not followers of Jesus.

  7. In China? Iran? North Korea? All of India? I think not; however, I'd forgotten that what you've said is true to an extent. Thanks.

  8. according to you not too many christians are going to heaven.i don't believe that.nor do i believe in once saved always saved.If have some enjoyment on this earth does that mean i'm going to hell.if i have a glass of wine will i go to hell.i don't think so.did not jesus say my yoke is easy and my burden is light.i know that we have to suffer at times but….

  9. Friend, Jesus said that not many will be saved. He is the one who saves those who OBEY and FOLLOW Him. Very few follow and OBEY Him. If we love Jesus we find our joy and pleasure in doing what is pleasing to Jesus. The question is whether we KNOW Jesus for real, whether He knows us and whether our relationship with Him is real. If not, we don't know Him and will not have eternal life.

  10. you're right i need to have a relationship with jesus.there's times in my life i felt real close to jesus.but most of the time i'm not sure,or maybe i'm listening to the lies of the devil.i was in the church of christ years ago and they always telling to get born-again and i did.but after i got saved they make too hard to follow jesus and once i did get saved they would say well you're going to hell if you don't do this or really scarred me from following jesus for many years.

  11. There are no icebergs around america. It was illuminati planned, since the rich families and know there was one and didn't put plate. And some rich escaped.


    "Христиане – на "Титанике".

    Подавляющее большинство верующих христиан купили себе билет на "Титаник", ЦЕРКОВЬ. Они принадлежат церкви, и они верят, что могут совершить роскошную поездку на небеса внутри этой церкви, но то, что они не понимают, так это то, что на их пути есть айсберг, и этот айсберг – Иисус Христос, и Он собирается потопить их "Титаник", потому что они хотят только спасения, но они не хотят Иисуса. Они не заинтересованы в Иисусе Христе, они просто хотят спасения. Они хотят попасть на небо, но они не хотят следовать за Иисусом. Они являются членами церкви, но они не являются членами Тела Христова. Они никогда не брали свой крест и не начинали следовать за Иисусом, они никогда не каялись в грехе, и они НЕ следуют за Иисусом. Они не живут свято, они не водимы Святым Духом – у них – ВЕЧЕРИНКА НА "ТИТАНИКЕ", их развлекательном центре, ЦЕРКВИ, и они – вполне счастливы. Они выглядывают из окна, и они ожидают сейчас, чтобы прибыть на другую сторону. Многие из них ожидают восхищения, потому что у них есть билет, но они даже не знают Иисуса Христа. ЭТОТ АЙСБЕРГ СОБИРАЕТСЯ ПОРАЗИТЬ (УДАРИТЬ) ИХ!

    Дорогие друзья, вам нужно быть в другой лодке, маленькой лодке, той маленькой лодке, которая выдерживает штормы, той, в которой были ученики, а Иисус спал впереди. Они сказали: "Господи, Ты не заботишься, что мы погибаем?" И Он проснулся, встал и успокоил бурю. Это маленькая лодка, в которой ты должен быть, дорогой друг, не на "Титанике". Ты должен быть в маленькой лодке с Иисусом, маленькой лодке ученичества и послушания Иисусу Христу, маленькой лодке святости, маленькой лодке близких отношений с Иисусом, слыша голос Господина, слушая Его, следуя за Ним и повинуясь Ему, отвергая себя, беря свой крест каждый день и следуя за Ним.

    Ты находишься на "Титанике"? Ты ожидаешь, что Иисус придёт, чтобы забрать грешников мира, пока ты проводишь вечеринку на "Титанике"? Или ты ходишь с Иисусом в святости и в праведности, делая дела Христа? Виден ли Иисус в тебе? Отвергаем ли ты миром? Гоним ли ты? Или ты находишься на "Титанике", прекрасно проводя время? АЙСБЕРГ ОЖИДАЕТ ТЕБЯ, ДРУГ! Сойди с этого "Титаника", пока ты можешь, и познай Иисуса Христа, пока не стало слишком поздно.

    Да благословит тебя Иисус".

  13. You can switch to Russian subtitles on the video bar at the bottom right corner.

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