Christian And Gay: A Religious Leader Reflects | Originals | msnbc

Christian And Gay: A Religious Leader Reflects | Originals | msnbc

I know I was a Christian again and I know that I was gay and that I could be both my name is Reverend Troy Perry I am the founder of the Metropolitan Community churches worldwide spiritual movement I know some folks say we're in a church but we're the Church of Jesus Christ it's open to everybody a mass we don't care who you are you're welcome here I was born in Tallahassee Florida North Florida I started at nine knowing that I was different the church had told me it was a sin they told me I was going to you know that I would go to hell if I acted out on any of this and when I was fifteen or sixteen I'd gone into the public library and I found a book on psychiatry I had found that word homosexual somehow I knew even then this fitted me and it told me that I was six and full criminal I wanted to wear my mother's clothes you know things that I thought I guess just slammed the book shut and I said well that's not me I don't want to dress like my mother I finally went to my pastor in the Pentecostal church when I was 18 living in Mobile Alabama and I said to him I have a problem and finally his eyes lit up and he said oh I know what you're trying to tell me and all you need to do is marry a good woman and that'll take care of that problem and I married his daughter well it wasn't funny or flip it five years later and two children and I had to come out to my mother but I said to my mother I am a homosexual and I'm not gonna live like other than that for the rest of my life that's the end of it oh is it don't owe me and I said wait a minute god I said this cannot be you you can't love me I'm still a practicing homosexual that's not going to change and with that all these years later forty six years later I tell people that is so interesting that God spoke to me and that still small voice in the mind zero I tell people and said Troy I love you you're my son I don't have step sons and daughters a minute don't know me wait a minute if God loves me as a gay person then God has to love other people and I said God I think I found my niche in the ministry again I said nobody's evangelizing our community and nobody's trying to talk to us and if you want to see a church stored as a special outreach into the gay and lesbian community but open to everybody you just let me know when and that still small voice the minds here let me know now that's all it said and immediately started really trying to figure out what to do October the 619 is 68 I always tell people that twelve people showed up nine friends and three strangers it was a view of things to come I thought for our church that first Sunday with those 12 people everybody looked every time anybody opened the door they just were sure it was going to be rated but once we finished there was really of what we Christians call a move of the Holy Spirit and during communion only three people came up for communion but there wasn't a dry eye in the place and when it was over with the exciting talk and next week we had 14 attendants I said oh thank you Jesus we're growing next week we had 18 I said well I'll already be the lamb forever here we are the week after that we had 9 I almost died right there and I always tell people that I felt the Holy Spirit said to me quit counting the crowd just do what I've told you to do and within a year and a half we owned our first piece of property here in Los Angeles and we ran over a thousand in attendance I'm also the co-founder of the oldest gay pride parade in the world and that is the Christopher Street West a gay pride parade here in LA in New York City the advocate had carried his story about what had to happen today what we refer to as the sole rights in New York and when I read the story they advocate it excited me for some reason I mean the people had stood up for their rights we had our pray and here we were it was wonderful when all at once we arrived and we had no idea if anybody would show up and the crowd that showed up I've never seen more hats and dark glasses in my life a lion in Hollywood Boulevard I mean it was so fun if we could go Friday but having said that you know here we were and after it was over with we know we would had done something important and it was the start of our fight for our rights here in the city in a lot of ways so I say to young people it's important that you you know you can't do it just now but to learn the other side of the story there are wonderful books out there now go online one thing you have that I did growing up was the internet whatever young people when you can go looking start looking there will be people who have differences but remember this whatever you do I tell people over and over again God didn't create you so God could have somebody to sit around and hate

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  1. Christianity is not about being who you are. It's about being who God wants us to be. Being who are means to continue living in the sinful nature you were born with. This is what Christ rescued us from. It's about denying self, picking up the cross and following Him.
    God loves everyone. True. He loves sinners but hates the sin and expects us to lay our sins at the cross. He is willing to transform us if we are willing to submit to Him. Just because He loves us doesn't mean He approves of everything we do. If He did then He wouldn't have had to send His Son to die. He is loving and also righteous. Let's not forget that. Sin is a problem. And homosexuality is a sin. Nowhere is it condoned in the Bible. Even the definition of marriage says that it is a union between a man and a woman. The Book of Romans clearly states that it's a sin too. Why are so many people not ready to accept this and ask God to transform them? I know plenty of people who used to be homosexuals and were delivered from those desires through daily, fervent prayer and bible study. Here's just one example
    God can heal. God can liberate. But we're not willing.

  2. If you're a man and can't love a woman then your only choice is to be single forever. Have friends, love them , love yourself but mostly be obedient to the World of God, we're asking too many Whys that is why we're suffering. If really you are preaching the bible didn't you that verse that the bible specifically says that homosexuality is an abomination? Now you got opinions? Humans are killing themselves. Sad!!!!

  3. 1 Corinthians 6:9 : Do you not know that the unrighteous and the wrongdoers will not inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived (misled): neither the impure and immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor those who participate in homosexuality,

  4. The Bible is very very crystal clear that homosexuality is a sin this guy must just pick and choose his verses which is idolitry making a god in your own image he’s into some dicy territory with god

  5. That's not god because yes God does love everybody but he doesnt like the thing that you are doing like Proverbs 11.2 2 When pride comes, Disgrace comes but with humility comes wisdom. So why would god say that being lbgtq is alright? It's the devil that spoke to you pretending to be god

  6. Religions accept homosexuality: Buddhism, Hinduism, Church of Scotland, Church of Sweden, Unitarianism, Church of Denmark, Anglican Church, Reformed Catholic Church, part of Judaism, Flying spaghetti monster, Satanism, unpopular religion in tribal Africa is called woodu, neopagan;Asatru , Slavic religion, Wicca, Hellenism

  7. Everything has an enemy. To love, is to hate. If i love god, athiest will hate me, if i love allah, christians will hate me, if i love terrorism, usa would hate me, if i love kkk, black people would hate me, if i love everyone, no one will hate. But in the end, once I lose that loved one, I will hate. Thus, this comment will have hates too.

  8. Just know this one thing no man is without sin. People hating in the comment section you’re not as holy as you think. If we could obey the law ourselves we wouldn’t need Jesus. But let’s not forget Jesus said “go and sin no more”. The bible teaches us that we must deny ourselves and what we want. By doing this you’re loving the Lord your God with all your heart. And the bible says that is the MOST important command. ❤️💜💖💓💗💞💝❣️💚❣️💖💟💟❤️💛💚💚💝💖💓😊

  9. Now concerning the things of which you wrote to me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, because of sexual immorality, let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband.

    I Corinthians 7:1‭-‬2

  10. Guys this is just so much brainwash being thrown out there how more dumb can you supporters be this is not right it is know that the way satanist live in reverse why do you thinks gays themselves are confused because they are living in reverse we were not meant to be this way

  11. I love how he says “no one is evangelizing , so it might as well be me”. Dude… you can’t even settle down on biblical truth and handle your church for the Lord, let alone evangelize. You clean your own house before you help others clean theirs

  12. Don’t want to come from a hateful angle so don’t take it wrong but you can’t willingly practice following Jesus Christ and homosexuality. God’s word tell us to pick a side. It’s better to be hot or cold but not lukewarm.

  13. hmmmm prophets forbade homosexuality,!,,,,,God destroyed a nation who use to practice homosexuality,!!,,!i bet the next is usa,,,,and Israel will become the world power!,that what the prophecy says

  14. I love how over time we just pick things outta the bible we like and then disregard the things we dont lol. As a Christian I love everyone ya know but this still isnt what God intended.

  15. The BIBLE which is Gods word says that homosexuals shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. It’s really hard to imagine it being any other way.

  16. Jesus accepts sinners, but not those who are committed to sin and resist repentance ,insisting on living in trespasses and more over claiming that they have rights to live in sin.

  17. Okay so I am a Christian and I love God. And no matter how hard I try I've always liked girls… The bible says thats wrong. And I know its wrong. But I want to someday maybe marry a christian woman and be apart of a church and love God internally. I don't want to fall away and I hate the fact that I sin… But I know God still loves me. And everyone sins even tho that shouldn't be an excuse

  18. You don't have to support the LBGTG community but you should still be nice to everyone because at the end of the day it is their choice, their love, and everyone deserves happiness.

  19. Yeah I know people and the world is changing. The government and marriage is changing. BUT In the name of Jesus God Is God he will never change his word meaning this is not right it will never be right in the name of Jesus can I get a A MEN!!! I respectfully disagree and if you do to then hit that like button

  20. That’s a satanic church that why Jesus said that at the last day churches will be corrupt but few will stay the real churches.

  21. Watching the video, reading the comments, hearing many other opinions…I'm convinced that nobody knows what is really happening. No one can truly prove anything. To anyone as lost as I am, find God for yourselves and dont solely depend on the opinions of others for your own perspective.

  22. “I’m a pastor that preaches and practices that it’s okay to do something that God says is worthy of death.. multiple times throughout the entire Bible”

    This is what happens when you know God yet deny him, all unrighteousness.

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