Censorship Is Detrimental to the Well Being of Our Societies: Don't Break the Dam, Floodgate Analogy

Censorship Is Detrimental to the Well Being of Our Societies: Don't Break the Dam, Floodgate Analogy

all this now maybe white supremacist and conspiracy theory channels I think is ridiculous I think I think censorship is one of the most horrendous things happening you know work right now it's detrimental to humanity to our civilization to where we need to go where we have to be right that's one of the reasons I'm doing this live streams you're calling current events politics news whatever it is but this is just basically my putting in two hours either weekly or once a week or once a month most likely we might kick it out kick it down to once a month right because I've personally I figured out was well anyway we'll talk about this but it's basically opening up the platform what people can talk we can discuss things I'm maturely right sometimes we get roles coming in we have to ban and we have to time them out right there's children they don't understand there could be plants me too you know here to create discourse well I'm not this course content and I create chaos right but we need platforms where we can talk and express our ideas and be challenged right because as soon as you express your opinion if you're talking BS you're gonna get burned for it right and I expect you guys if I talk yes if I got my data wrong if I'm quoting the wrong person the wrong event Anna I'm confused about whatever I think challenge me burn me provide me with the data correct me improve my opinion that's what it's all about censorship is ridiculous okay censorship is the part of that 12 years of programming going through that's good anybody that is cheering anyone else being silenced for expressing their views opinions ideas miss misguided ideas whatever that might be they're wrong period okay if someone's misguided you keep on silencing them they're gonna start looping things I think you know ridiculous stuff is happening they go into loops of the color of red is evil and color blues good and just does crap all right but when once they start talking it's like a floodgate for it damn right if every dam in the world this is engineering right every dam in the world has some as something built in it called a floodgate okay and the floodgate is this here's the dam and there is tunnels here basically places where if the water rises too high the engineers and people taking care of the dam right you're conscious right if pressure is building too high they go hey the pressures too high the walls gonna break the person's gonna crack he's gonna lose it or they're gonna lose it right so what they do they open up this gate and they drain out a lot of water all right sometimes during flood seasons they have to drain a lot of water so it downstream places get flooded but the wall remains right because the last thing you want to do is have to walk break on you because if the wall breaks on you is extremely difficult to build that up again when someone has cracked it is very difficult to make them whole again okay just imagine on the simplest term a heart breaking right so every human being has a wall pressure bills pressured bills if you're not able to release that pressure and figure things out give yourself time to realize what's happening and if you need to build the wall hire you build it high or if you need to fortify you fortify whatever it is if you don't have time to do that if censorship kicks in and says you can't use a floodgate right you can't do that you can't release the pressure people crack that is what censorship is we need to realize what's going on that's my opinion you

12 thoughts on “Censorship Is Detrimental to the Well Being of Our Societies: Don't Break the Dam, Floodgate Analogy

  1. Thank you for posting this

    People don’t seem to understand the scarier side of censorship, which is who controls it. What is a bad idea? I think we can all agree Nazi propaganda is bad, however what if it’s China who controls the censorship. To the Chinese gov Tienamen square is bad, but to us it is good cause it shows us the true colors. I’m sure many devote Islamists believe Judaism is bad, does that deserve censorship? See how it is highly subjective? During the medieval times I’m sure the Heliocentric model of the solar system was considered a conspiracy. Censorship is a VERY dangerous game

  2. I strongly disagree. Your argument hinges on faith in the free market place of ideas and in your fellow misguided humans, those who spread white nationalism etc. However, nothing guarantees that the best, most educated, most well thought out ideas succeed. The ideas that get the most attention succeed. If someone's wrong and they're acting in good faith perhaps they'll apologize. But white nationalists are incapable of acting in good faith. They will argue and argue and argue using as many bad faith arguments as possible and they'll do so on as big a platform as possible because any bit of attention is good for them and helps their cause. And their cause has the end result of genocide.

    If you want to argue against censorship you need better arguments. Not some analogy that barely works, not some platitudes, no slippery slope fallacy, but concrete negative effects censoring white nationalists would have. Frankly, I can't see any. White nationalists are wrong and they are dangerous to many people. If censoring them stops them from spreading their ideas, as it has shown to do, then that is very good.

  3. Would you go a step further chycho and say that you don't believe content creators should be able to delete comments on their videos?

  4. I surprisingly haven’t heard of the floodgate analogy, that’s for sharing this I like the simplicity of it

  5. I believe censorship stunts critical thinking and often pushes a particular world view. Also in entertainment I think it ruins the message intended by the artist.

  6. Censorship of opinion and expressed thought should be fiercely argued against……Censorship of opinion is a step to 'approved programming'.

  7. I presume that this view is not absolute. I presume, for example, that you’re fine to some extent with suppressing the ability to show obscene material to teenagers. Is this presumption correct?

    I hope that does not come off as aggressive or condescending. There are some people who believe that specific groups, like teenagers, should experience the ‘real’ world from a younger age than 18 so they can be better acclimated to it – which I do believe has merit in some circumstances. I am not at all trying to misrepresent your views, I am just interested to see how far your view goes.

  8. Yeah, it's just going to lead to secrecy, which is dangerous due to isolation. It's not going to stop people. Everything should be open to encourage discussions. Also, creating a political bias on YT is not accomodating growth. We grow from the diversity of many things, including opinion.

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