cellular healing guided meditation 45 min version

cellular healing guided meditation 45 min version

You may be curious whether you can consciously
influence your unconscious healing, or your autonomic healing, at a cellular level or
whether you can consciously visualize any healing you want, using accepted scientific
models of healing, like oxygen and other nutrients providing some of the resources for your body’s
incredible healing systems to dislodge and wash away unwanted cells and foreign bodies,
or whether your amazing and powerful unconscious mind and autonomic nervous system can understand
your conscious intentions even better, when they are reinforced by the language of metaphors,
the language of the unconscious mind, or the language of dreams, where flotsam on a river
for example, can also represent dislodging and washing away unwanted cells or foreign
bodies at a cellular level Now the body, at a global and at a cellular
level does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined and in fact,
what you see is in the eye and the mind of the beholder an acupuncturist will see a weak
energy meridian, that is their reality, whereas a masseur will see an active trigger point,
a chiropractor will see a misaligned joint, a physician will see an infection, a naturopath
will see a mineral deficiency, a psychologist will see emotional tension, or a counselor
may see a lack of positive energy and even within each of these healing modalities, there
will be a variety of views and beliefs about what is really going on and in all likelihood
these models of the world are no more than that, theories and models and what is really
happening at a cellular level is not all that important, what matters much more is what
you believe is happening, or what you imagine is happening , and your imagination can communicate
with your inner consciousness, to create your own new inner reality, and you are the only
one who needs to believe that for that to be true, your truth, your reality
Now it’s interesting that when people take a placebo the likelihood of a benefit is extremely
high, a fact that nearly everyone is aware of and even when someone is clearly told that
they have been given a placebo, the benefits remain high, and you may be curious about
whether this means, even though it may be illogical, you can send an effective and clear
message of intention to your inner consciousness So how can you suspend logical negativity,
or disbelief, for a moment, and go somewhere where anything is possible, and inspire yourself
at an unconscious level to heal, perhaps an arthritic neck, or back, or joint, perhaps
inflammation, or narrowing of openings, or discs, or cartilage wear, or bony spur growths,
or impinged nerves, or at a cellular level, dissolve and wash away unwanted cells, and
heal unhealthy cells And of course, your body does not know the
difference between what is real and what is imagined despite what the mind knows like
when you tell someone they are looking well, and you see their spirits lift and their health
can improve even if they imagine you are exaggerating and you may enjoy imagining something, perhaps
a creative visualization that represents the healing of your body and you can select any
healing modality you like and visualize in detail all the healing processes you believe
will happen at any level, global, cellular, or any other for example you can invent your
own personal microscopic surgical tools to heal yourself, together with whatever other
aids and equipment necessary to perform any healing you desire, and it doesn’t matter
if no such exact equipment has ever been built or used, because your body doesn’t know
the difference, and even if you know it’s a placebo, you know that doesn’t matter,
it can still work to create a powerful healing reaction in your body and you may find it
interesting to hear that some surgeons have been performing placebo operations, using
just a keyhole incision and nothing else, and getting remarkable results, similar to
placebo medicines so if you can imagine a thought operated microscopic surgical tool
that could paste a solvent on an unwanted soft tissue growth, or spur growth, or on
unwanted bony growth, or inflammation, or unnecessarily enlarged tendons or other soft
tissue encroaching on a nerve, perhaps your tool could then wash away all the debris,
so it can be safely eliminated from your body, and go somewhere it can be useful and your
microscopic tool could be small enough to go inside individual molecules, make corrections
to DNA imperfections, turn off unwanted gene expression, turn on preferred gene expression,
it could insert healing microscopic nanoparticles wherever they can be useful, and its microcamera
could send perfect images to a huge lifelike virtual reality screen inside your head and
then your little tool could polish and re-enamel all the trimmed bony surfaces, and restore
them to their original design, and then paste and polish to restore any missing cartilage
which your tool could make beforehand from samples of your DNA, and inject lubricating
fluid to create perfectly smooth and lubricated articulating surfaces
or your little tool could repair and pump up any flattened discs with shock absorbing
fluid or if there are any unwanted cells or groups of cells in your body, your little
tool could make a tiny incision, to cut off their blood supply, or inject them with various
antioxidants, like vitamin C, or a naturally buffered alkaline bicarbonate solution to
neutralize their acidity, or add other healing nutrients to bring your immune system into
focus, or inject them with heat energy, or shine a healing light a perfect healing light,
so they become aerobic and cease to function and then wash the unwanted cells away somewhere
safe or if there are processes that are dysfunctional, or missing, your little tool could scan those,
reprogram them and restore good health, and replace any missing or dysfunctional cells,
or structures, or processes with healthy ones restoring perfect posture and balance
and now, as you marvel at the incredible images, real images, deep within your own amazing
body, you can direct your own healing right now all of it, and do everything that needs
to be done, with surgical precision And of course, your body does not know the
difference between what is real and what is imagined and you may choose to enjoy thinking
about doing something you love, something very relaxing, perhaps doing a drawing or
painting, and paint a picture of yourself at a global level, or a cellular level, or
at any level in between, depending on what you would like to achieve, perhaps portraying
what is unwanted like an anatomical illustration, or even as a rough, unscientific depiction,
painted as a soft outline, or in broad-brush, with detail to come it could be any part of
you that you feel needs healing even an emotion, or a thinking process, or something physical
substitute your own images in place of an example, like a wonky hip with an initial
vague sketch of some missing cartilage, or bony spur growth, or inflammation, or an enflamed
pinched nerve and now you use some water or thinners to slowly dissolve anything that
has not been helpful, or use an eraser to soften the lines of shapes that you would
like to change and now get out your favourite pencils or paints
and complete your picture the way you want it to be it’s your picture, and you can
paint it any way you want for example add more cartilage, create a perfect round shape
for the head of the femur, and the socket or enlarge openings to allow nerves to mobilize
freely, or paint new clear and healthy edges on bones, or full healthy cells throughout
all soft tissue structures restoring perfect posture and balance and you don’t even need
to notice or remember what you started with only enjoy what is there now, what you have created And if you have something that’s been bothering
you, I wonder if you could focus on that one last time just for a short time, really notice,
it all its characteristics, embrace it as an unfinished work of art, and perhaps you
can smooth the rough edges with vibrant colours, and soften the hard areas, and create a beautiful
painting, and when it’s finished you may not even remember what you started with, just
soak up the beautiful new image that you have created, and only enjoy that
And if someone could draw numbness, or pain, I wonder what it would look like
And if a hand could draw itself, I wonder what shade of pastel it would draw the outline
in, or would it use a pencil? And I wonder what bright colour it would choose
to colour itself in, red or yellow, perhaps pink or purple, or would it choose a shade
of grey? And I wonder if the colour would hide the
outline, and you wouldn’t even notice it, The colour could hide the outline completely,
and people looking wouldn’t even notice it and even the artist would probably forget that they started with an outline, and like
everyone else, just appreciate the beautiful colour, and balance of what has been created
And everything you see and draw can be so beautiful And of course, your body does not know the difference between what is real and what is
imagined and you might like to imagine you are in a beautiful house a magical place that
represents your body, that you can go into as you enter a wonderful corridor with walls
decorated in incredible deep, healing colours and amazing high vaulted ceilings with thousands
of beautiful healing coloured crystals hanging down and floating in the air around you trance
ferring amazing healing energy to you and giving you all the energy you need to heal
yourself completely heal yourself and as you walk down your wonderful healing corridor
you can see doors leading to rooms and one door has your name on it a magical door that
represents the door to your mind and you turn the key, and unlock the door and go into a
beautiful, comfortable room and lock the door behind you and your room has a luxurious four
poster bed and a wonderfully comfortable easy chair and you sit down or lie down and make
yourself comfortable and you can see a beautiful picture window,
with wonderful views and shelves, with hundreds of beautiful coloured bottles the pharmacy
of your mind containing healing potions and medicines beautifullly labelled as remedies
for every known ailment or addiction that you have ever had, or may have a potion or
medicine for every known disease for headaches, tension and pain, and any other malady incredibly
safe and powerful providing fast and powerful relief from discomfort or craving and fast
and effective life changing healing that can be used every day or as many times a day as
you like and you can take your time and decide which ones you need today
Or you may enjoy hearing a story of a man who visualized all the cells in an unwanted
wart on his toe which he estimated totaled many million and this man knew that it is
impossible not to change and so the number of cells in his wart was constantly changing
some were dying some were new and he had no difficulty believing that it was possible
that if one more wart cell died than was replaced, he wouldn’t even notice and if this difference
doubled the next day to two less cells, he still wouldn’t notice or if it doubled again
the following day to four less cells, he still wouldn’t notice and, compared to many million,
if that reduction kept doubling, he knew he wouldn’t notice so he stopped looking and
a very interesting thing happened after twenty days his wart had disappeared
Or you may love to be inspired by nature, for example the sea, and of course, your body
does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined and as you may
recall, when you go to the open ocean, the fresh air can be so relaxing, and on a warm,
sunny day, perhaps you like to go into the shallow water, or swimming in the surf, or
just walking in the cool water, and exploring rock pools, and walking on the rocks in a
deep blue sea, feeling the comforting ocean waves washing over your toes, feeling the
purposeful undertow trance ferring energy to the soles of your feet, and each toe and
heal enjoying yourself and the beautiful blue sky, and the coloured rays of the sun, listening
to the sea gulls, walking for hours on the beach, watching the waves ebbing and flowing
effortlessly between rocks and gliding smoothly over the sand and in and out of large rock
faces, flowing and receding, creating beautiful caves, that last forever, warm sea water,
full of negative electrolytes and other wonderful healing nutrients, the lifeblood nurturing
all the creatures of the sea, gliding and guiding smoothly and easily through tunnels
and open channels, keeping them smooth and open, gently dissolving and removing debris
on the rock surfaces, as the warm healing water flows freely and easily into beautiful
natural caves, full of energy and healthy life, beautiful tiny fish, healthy and slim
and feeling full of energy and life, in harmony with their environment, as they feel and respond
fully with joy to all the wonderful sensations around them, and they look beautiful and happy,
and comfortable and free, in a beautiful underwater world, sheltering many beautiful creatures,
nurtured only by nature, giant octopus with gently floating arms, and each arm has its
own brain that senses its surroundings with amazing feeling, appreciating the warmth,
and the comfort, and the lightest touch, at the end of the tunnel, and enjoyable sensations,
and they can tune in to only those things, and beautiful shellfish and oysters can grow
easily in their smoothly lined shells, like mother of pearl, and glide freely, inside
their smooth concave lining, exquisitely smooth perfectly articulating surfaces, constantly
repaired and nurtured by the sea, and schools of tiny coloured fish form shapes, just like
the warm sea water, into the spaces around them, amazing energy flowing effortlessly
back into the same beautiful shapes and forms, gliding in and out smoothly and easily through
open crevices and openings, dissolving and reforming, creating balance, restoring balance,
over and over, easily and comfortably, in deep underwater caves, timeless tides, rejuvenating,
over and over, with infinite capacity, and those waves on the beach can comfort you more
and more effortlessly easily comfortably for hours, and even all day, and longer, and you
don’t even need to notice the complete comforting, receding into the background, as you create,
what is best for you Have you noticed when you’re swimming, just
below the water line, ideas can be floating, in and out of your head, and you can be healing
deep inside And maybe there are problems or memories,
or maybe shades of grey, or healing colours, shades of pink, or maybe deep purple balloons,
and you can be healing deep inside And amethyst or orange, can float inside like
sparkling lights, and some can be closer, and some can be distant in time, and that’s
okay, and you can be healing, deep inside Raindrop thoughts fall from the sky, so softly,
softly changing, what you see, to water, coloured memories, and you can be changing, you can
be changing Unfinished things shine on silver screens,
so silently, substituting, what you feel, as stories, play inside your head, and you
can be healing, deep inside Rainbows in puddles laugh with you, so gently,
gently changing, to what you hear, from what you used to know, and you can be healing,
deep inside And now you can affirm to yourself, and to
your body, that every day, in every way, you will invite the incredible universe to heal
you, your body, your mind and your entire being because you deserve to receive the best health
that the universe can offer and you can feel grateful in advance for everything you desire
and deserve because gratefulness is the state of receivership … and you are about to receive the most precious gift of all … the natural healing of your entire being and you can repeat to yourself I am so happy
to be here, and so grateful that every day, with the help of the universe, in every way,
my body, and my mind, and my entire being will heal itself
I deserve that, I deserve the best health the universe can offer I am so happy to be
here, and so grateful that every day, in every way, my body, and my mind, and my entire being
will heal itself I deserve that, I deserve the best health the universe can offer
I am so happy to be here, and so grateful that every day, in every way, my body, and
my mind, and my entire being will heal itself I deserve that, I deserve the best health
the universe can offer every day my entire being will heal itself every day my entire being will heal itself every day my entire being will heal itself

2 thoughts on “cellular healing guided meditation 45 min version

  1. One way to pick up your mat and walk again is to believe – believe it has already happened, and then act like it has already happened. If you need healing at a cellular level, this can be a great start if you intend sending a message of what you desire to your unconscious mind and your autonomic nervous system, using the language of metaphors. Send the messages like you really believe them – your body doesn't know the difference between what is imagined and what is real – notice how your heart rate slows down when you think about something relaxing. The wonderful thing is that almost anything can be a metaphor for anything else, just be very clear of your intention and the meaning will be delivered. If you have cells in your body that you would like to let go of, look for metaphors to achieve this. Are they larger than those you would like to keep? Perhaps a sieve could separate them before they are put to better use somewhere else, or safely disposed of. Perhaps you could invent and the build a microscopic trawler robot that visits all these cells, flicking a switch that changes  their gene expression so they divide into two smaller healthy cells with perfect gene expression. Perhaps you could play a game of snap to pair up the right killer T-cell receptor with its antigen on an infected cell, and it could remember how to do that, and teach its friends. Perhaps eliminating a wart can be a metaphor for eliminating other unwanted cells. Find the metaphors that resonate with you.

  2. If you have any favourite metaphors that may help other people listening to this track please leave them in the comments box.

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