Better Silly Than Spiritual – best life hacks ever

Better Silly Than Spiritual – best life hacks ever

69 thoughts on “Better Silly Than Spiritual – best life hacks ever

  1. people aren't meant for this society. the gears of society are here for only one reason. to make a small group of people "richer" with more money. fuck money. how many people die because they find no real purpose. it is a shame and a waste. thank you for making these videos. i'm glad you exist.

  2. Hey lily glad your feeling better !! I try to never be to serious about things that you can not change or control. Unfourtunately i have 40 hour a week normal job it pays bills and allows me to survive . Maybe one day i can live alternative life but for now i am this vid true words☺

  3. Spirituality to me was always just a mode of experiencing the world (and all the stuff in and around it) that allows one to be content with Beign (beign with the capital "B"). Also, that mode (or, more simple, how someone will experience something) is heavily influenced by their previous experience. So, teaching someone to become spiritual is providing these experiences for them, wich is a problem since you can never know how exactly someone else will take in what you provide for them, since their previous experience will heavily modlulate it. In other words, trying to teach someone, who´s been dissatisfied with Beign for all of their life to see Beign as something that´s actually quite decent, is much like trying to teach someone who´s never been interested in science the fundamentals of technical chemistry. It´s not impossible, but it takes more than a ritual. But the promise of "spirituality" as a means of living a "happy" life is easily commodifiable i guess…

  4. Nice video but yeah you are right when I see many people spirituality is often just a replacement religion for another religion same thing different package. So glad to have a free mind

  5. Honestly speaking no offence but it'd be better if u show more of ur life or more action type stuff man rather than just talkin nonstop.. Tht kinda gets boring..ppl would enjoy more of ur videos if u show more thigs or more of ur everyday life.. Peace out

  6. you make the best videos , i probably watch 3 or 4 a week and i always get something out if it , what it is im not sure ,ha ha but its good … on this topic i would say you must separate what is fun and what is happy .. because they aren't the same thing really .. people use spirituality to be happy not to be fun .. this joy is different … anyway maybe you get something out of what i say , i return the favor to you because you are very wise seeming like you can understand many things ..

  7. The most fun with farting has oure dog.

    She is sneaking on you, looks cute, let you pett her and then she turns around and leav the room out of the blue. All you can do is ripp open all windows.

    We teached her also burping. Now she comes to you, burping and want a cookie for it.

    For this fun, it was worth to have this dog.

  8. Much wisdom shared as usual! Super inspirational peptalk that will change lives! It all starts with making the first decision and you will create the momentum to keep going in the right direction. ❤️🤸✌️

  9. I shared this very spiritual preach, these words have to be heard. I'd like to live in a world where everyone laugh when i fart in a crowded place instead of juging me in silence. #stayfarty

  10. Sometimes I must go outside of my van because I fart so stinky lol or if my dogs make the big fart everyone go lol 😉


  12. Ahahahah thank you Lily . So wise . Muah /smack/ prrr sometimes i look at your Channel and feel better . Im Happy that you've open this Channel, this maybe doesnt matter, but makes me smile a lot about life.

  13. Silly silly silly, you live a short time then die. Not too much time for sad and crying. Good food, good sex, good friends and good laughs xx

  14. oooooha. its silly to investigate "third dimension" also on a "spirit-art-level" for my art-science paper? fuck, then it goes into the right direction! 😀 (luckywise the psychedelic/spirit-layer is just one level of investigation in it.. in 3 weeks I need to hand it in… and I enjoy the pressure! 😉 and for sure i smile about every fart! 😀 pow pow! )

  15. Every time I see your videos I have to smile :)it's like thinking without thoughts.. just listen so thank you so much and keep life normal and farty !!

  16. Bro u r our 21st century shaman returned a new, I farkin' luv ur energy and ur symbolic freedom from the mundane indoctrinated society of lies, deception, war and spiritual corruption, ur farkin' amazing bro, holy shit, wow…

  17. Love your way of thinking Lily Lu! Glad I feel I’m not the only one thinking like that. I live in the south in the USA and it’s all churches and God. So being open minded is sometimes difficult but watching your videos help 💚💜

  18. Hi Lily love your videos for me enlightenment comes from burps! I always get a good laugh from having one or hearing someone else's. Being silly is being happy in my eyes anyway and I find it's important to be happy with life!

  19. Hi you old fart – your wisdom is really necessary. However I believe that the people here share this philosophy of life. The ones that work in the trenches do not even broaden their horizon. I could not even work for an airline but my tattoos …so much bullshit. So much for conforming – damn it. They just have decided not to employ a "wonderfully tattooed" female. Fuck them

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