Beginner Yoga Workout | Easy Yoga For Weight Loss – Siberia

Beginner Yoga Workout | Easy Yoga For Weight Loss – Siberia

100 thoughts on “Beginner Yoga Workout | Easy Yoga For Weight Loss – Siberia

  1. Thank you! I've been on a workout/yoga hiatus and really needed to get back into it. Saw this in my feed and it was the perfect reintroduction!

  2. I am a big yoga fan and I love your yoga videos as the asanas you do are continuous which make them more effective. Great job n thanx for these videos.

  3. Flow Idea: Hand-free flow. I feel will be challenging but also give rest to the wrist that we constantly put to work. ❤️❤️ lovely flow workout.

  4. Thank you for this video, I found it really releasing to do. The videos setting, your sweet voice and the music made it all so relaxing. Thanks so much, I appreciate all your kindness and support! xx🥰☺️xx

  5. Wow. Looks and crystal clear guidance, all in a bucolic setting. Grateful that I've been greeted with this practice this morning…

  6. Just information what yoga relly is. This is official indian explanation: yoga is preparing your body for death.

    Let that sink in folks.

  7. I just came to say that I just have seen your comment on Blogilates channel made 4 years ago saying that you just started your own channel and here we are! You came a long way, Congrats!

  8. Please please could you do a new updated night time yoga? A nice relaxing maybe 20min yin yoga session with a candlelit background <3

  9. Hey I love your videos, could you do a challenge to reach the perfect bikini body included back, arms, abs, booty and legs? It would be great. Thank you😍

  10. I like this channel so much value !!! THANKS A LOT … I also try to create content just like this, please check out and support me : ) show some love for beginners 😀

  11. I'm wanting to start getting into a routine for weight loss, does anyone recommend doing this once a day for weight loss? Or should I do something other than yoga to help with that?

  12. Very beautiful view and instructor 👍🏻 … nicely done,
    But! ❗️it’s not for beginners darling😀 …beginners even cannot keep balance when they start yoga and need to be told how to move safely,,,
    I would called your class as cardio yoga 🧘‍♀️

  13. This is my perfect nighttime yoga workout. Gentle way to end my day when I need more than a simple yoga sesh. Like always, so much love and gratitude. So thankful I found your videos.

  14. How do you recover when you´re ill? Please do a Vlog about your sick remedies and how you get over a cold and come back.

  15. Необыкновенной красоты девушка на фоне неописуемой красоты Сибири наслаждает глаз! Супер-видео! Огромная благодарность!

  16. Love, love, loving your channel. If you could to a 5-10 min meditation that would be awesome! Thank you for the beautiful videos.

  17. Hello friends!
    Thank you for all of the positive energy towards this video. It fills us up with love in so many ways.
    We just announced our first ever fully YOGA based digital program "Retreat"!
    It's a journey through Yoga for all levels! 

    sending you lots of love and light
    Juliana & Mark*

  18. Thank you for doing such a video! My friend introduced me about your channel and I just started this beginner yoga workout. As a regular gym person I can feel this yoga really calming me down and find peace among my inner body. It stretches some part that I feel sore after gym and I love it! The moves are all considered for beginners, I managed to finished all of them and the pace is just perfect, Thank you once again!

  19. Thank you very much for this video, I know that it involves hard work, I absolutely love it 💓. Please more video for beginners. 😁

  20. please stop the PETA ads, they raise my blood pressure level, and its hard to get it out of my mind. I realize they need attention. but find a gentler ad please. I watch at least one of your videos every day. its changed my life

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your videos and this channel. My personal trainer told me about you a while ago, and Monday I'm going to start your beginner beginner yoga videos. God bless you both. ❤🖤

  22. I love your videos thank you for showing us beginners like myself , im an athlete but ive been waiting to learn this form of life ….xoxo cant wait to have my first week , thank you

  23. I want to THANK YOU for helping me get my spirit and strength back! I was a firefighter/flight paramedic and had once been in good shape until I sustained a serious injury I had multiple surgeries as a result, and found myself spiraling in to a rut of poor diet and lack of exercise. I was miserable with my choices, but doing nothing to change it. I can't say that I ever really ate well, as that was always my Achilles heal, but I had convinced myself that the exercise I was getting was enough – Wrong. Watching your videos about plant-based nutrition, and your wonderful tutorials on how to strengthen your body and mind through yoga has given me the encouragement and life-change I needed. I am now asking myself every time I eat, "How is this going to fuel my body?" (Not to mention the many ethical reasons behind making better food choices). I have so much more energy since cutting out meat and empty carbs. As I am losing weight, I am finding the strength again to exercise regularly. With my injuries, I have to focus on proper stretching, and your videos provide all of that. I am so glad a caring friend recommended your videos. You are both truly beautiful souls!! Thank you so much.

  24. Спасибо огромное за Сибирь! у нас же так много в России красивых мест! Буду ждать новых видео из России! Спасибо Вам! Вы- мое прекрасное позитивное Утро!!!

  25. I clicked on this video because it has been MONTHS since I worked out/did yoga. Wow, must be more out of shape than I even realized, this was tough.

  26. Ahahahaha, even this was too hard for me. But I guess that if I do it every day, I will be able to do it properly, one day 😛

  27. Made it to 10:57…first time practicing yoga. Watched entire video and thought it looked very nice and do-able…yeah, i was wrong! I didnt realize how tight my hamstrings are after attempting downward dog pose. I will keep at this.

  28. Hey guys! I wanted to make a suggestion. I think workouts like these are really good because we get to be more mindful in each and every pose and they are a good workout at the same time. I like your general fast paced flows but I feel like there is no time to really feel the pose. I think you should do more like these. Just a suggestion. Thank you 😁🙏

  29. I do get a headache of this yoga workout, while I love it! Could there be too much tension in the neck during the poses or maybe my in- and exhales are not good? If anyone has some tips, please let me know 😊

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