ASMR | Preparing You A Bath | Fizzes, Crinkles, Candles & Tapping

ASMR | Preparing You A Bath | Fizzes, Crinkles, Candles & Tapping

100 thoughts on “ASMR | Preparing You A Bath | Fizzes, Crinkles, Candles & Tapping

  1. I always watch Emma to help me sleep and my 4 remaining braincells were like "yes let's listen to her while our human tries to shop and do work. She definitely wont pass out on her keyboard while she wat-" bvhijnuygggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  2. I watch this one a lot this my second favorite video I love the way you talk so softly and breathing sound so relaxing.

  3. Hey Emma, I've started liking baths again, mainly because ever since I've moved house, the bath in the bathroom is big and freestanding, and I feel a lot more comfortable in relaxing as I'm tall. Though I seem to be enjoying them a lot more than my usual showers, I'm still a shower person! lol😂 Or maybe seemingly, I became a person on both…..

  4. This video is utterly amazing. You managed to hit on so many triggers with one genius concept. I’ve been having a really rough time of it lately and your videos are so soothing to me. You’re making a difference in my life. Thank you so much.

  5. (Help an undergraduate researcher out!)
    Hello folks,
    I'm an undergraduate researcher whose studying ASMR as a cultural, linguistic, and digital phenomenon. (I also experience ASMR and am deeply interested in interviewing other people who experience ASMR to create a digital ethnography that attempts to collect anecdotes about ASMR and its rich community.) I have included a series of questions below related to my research this summer. If you would like to answer these, feel free to do so in the comment section or feel free to direct message me. Additionally, if you'd be willing to be interviewed via Skype, Facetime, let me know! The more interviews, the more knowledge for this study! Email: [email protected]
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    2. Can you recall you first interaction/memory of ASMR?
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    8. What are your top ten “triggers”?
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  6. Me: oh some nice tea oh you put you fingers in the tea flavour I don’t want that

    Emma: I’ll get a new flavour ok cause I just put my fingers in that

  7. She said"hello this is emma" and out of instinct i said "shut up u brit. Ye fucken wanker" and my mon got mad

  8. Me*its 12 am*…”I’ll listen to some asmr”
    Me*not even 15 minutes into video*passes out
    Me* its 3 am*. *youtube ad*”hElLo Is YoUr CrEiT ScOrE bAd?”
    Me”What the-!”

  9. Hi Emma!
    Every time I enter your channel I just feel safe,relaxed and loved! My anxiety is so bad at the moment I am out of school. Your videos makee feel safe and loved. Thankyou Emma! I cannot put into words how much I love your videos! Thank you so much for doing these videos! I hope you are safe and happy! 💖💖💖💖

  10. Me: how much is the bath?
    Emma: 900 dollars
    Me: . . .
    Emma: pay up
    Me: fine *gives 1 coin and runs into bath*

  11. This is one of the most peaceful and relaxing of any I've seen from any asmr channel. Thanks for sharing. Where is the rose mint tea from if I may ask?

  12. The first thing that came to my mind when seeing that tiny bath was "Is this a bath for ANTS?! It needs to be at least…10 times that size!" 😂😂 But freal I love a good bath!! Thank you Emma!

  13. I have the same bath tub here in the uk you can get a shop called wilkosins and I have that bath tub I think it’s about £2 or something I can’t believe that tho

  14. I’ve watched this so many times and it’s the first time in struggling to sleep because my insomnia is back…. I just NOW notice she gave us a beautiful purple carpet for our feet after our bath 🥰 videos are amazing when I actually watch them cause I’d be asleep by now… 3 minutes in and still wide awake 😂

  15. Whenever I'm too paranoid to sleep, I always watch this video in particular. It's really calming and always puts me to sleep.

  16. Timestamps!
    0:00– Intro
    3:06– Cup of Tea
    6:58– Hot Water
    8:40– Himalayan Salt
    10:25– Bath Bomb
    12:27– Tapping the Tub
    12:54– Clay Face Mask
    17:35– Candles
    20:25– Bag of things to put in your bath
    22:50– Sample Packets of Facial Oil, eye gel, face cream, etc.
    24:56– Aromatherapy Essential Oil
    26:02– Burning Oil in little pot
    29:06– Rose Petals
    33:06– Towel
    33:55– Sponge
    34:28– Body Cream
    34:45– Outro
    36:00– Tapping tub again, stroking tub

    Whew! That took a bit long, but this is one of my favorite videos, so I hope you don't have to scroll through trying to find a certain spot. XOXO -Sofia

  17. My absolute fav bath video cuz it’s so gentle and has a variety of sounds – not just running bath water for 3 hours

  18. I always see everyone talking about how they get really loud ads that startle them awake and what not but strangely enough, when I click on ASMR videos, I normally only get ads for the calm app or that meditation one.

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