23 thoughts on “ASMR – Guided Meditation Session ✼ soft-spoken ✼

  1. This knocked me out, Ozley! Your whispers and smile are the best! As others said, we can’t hear most of the “interns” and other sounds, so no worries! We love your ad libs with them, though! 😍

  2. Ozley should do a poll in the community section to see just how many people are truly bothered by the background noises, it would be interesting to see the results. I can usually hear everything she's reacting to when I'm using my good headphones, but I can't say that any of it bothers me really.

    Actually, her reactions to all of the background noises just ends up making me like her more anyways. 😉

  3. Hey Oz! How are you doing?

    Please don't push yourself too hard.

    All that background noises (cars, neighbors…). I think most of us didn't even heard that.

    Nothing is perfect and your videos are wonderful and made with love. It is enough!

    One thing that makes you special is not your beauty, but because you are genuine and authentic.

    Remember the words you've said:

    "You are so much more than what you think you are"

    "No one is you, except you"
    Love you Oz! xoxo

  4. I thoroughly enjoy your work and your personnality.
    We need more positive examples like you on the internet.

  5. You are a true gem. The positive affirmations really mean a lot, and you can tell they come from a very genuine place.

  6. Every ASMR artist ever: Sorry about the car, dog, neighbours, etc in the background…. (sometimes constantly referring to them)

    Audience: What's that again? didn't hear it… or the noise was so ambient it just felt right anyway.

    Don't take it so hard on yourselves for one. Also please try to not refer to it in your videos and let it just be. As an audience we can definitely hear you becoming irritated at it and it transfers to us almost ruining your work.

  7. You are amazingly relaxing with your soft voice, content & ASMR triggers Ozley! Honestly, I wasn't bothered by any ambient noise on your end. Thank you for completely mesmerizing me as I doze off into la la land! Have a great weekend & stay cool sweetie! 💓Mick💤

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