ASMR Full Body Sound Bath | Soft Smudging, Chimes & Singing Bell | Beta to Theta Guided Relaxation

ASMR Full Body Sound Bath | Soft Smudging, Chimes & Singing Bell | Beta to Theta Guided Relaxation

100 thoughts on “ASMR Full Body Sound Bath | Soft Smudging, Chimes & Singing Bell | Beta to Theta Guided Relaxation

  1. ' Wash away any negativity and welcome in some love and goodness … clear the mind , put it all away , no more worry
    no more concern …' love this , Emma … so relaxing and so helpful .

  2. Plz do a video on you just tapping on your blue yeti microphone I sends so many triggers through my body I love it

  3. Is this video labeled differently than her normal ones? I don't see it on her homepage like I usually see new videos if I click on her username. Instead, I have to click over to 'videos'.

  4. Omg this is amazing…. Really been enjoying the more recent videos. I can't seem to fall asleep to any other asmr videos haha

  5. Hello Emma!
    I want to thank you for making this relaxation videos. I love how you are incorporating the sound therapy methods into your ASMR videos because i wasn't aware that sound therapy existed and i really like it now that you showed us what you have learned. Sound therapy videos are now one of my favorite type of videos that you make. Very relaxing.
    You have a lovely personality and very kind voice and eyes so you inspired me to try and make my own ASMR videos. So if you have any tips or feed back please do share. XX

  6. Tomorrow……………………………………………………………..aww crap i cant think of anything

  7. I like the part at 12:11 when you wanted us to breathe in and out, but you didn't hold your breath or do any weird delays. That is one thing that really bugged me about meditation audiobooks way back when.

  8. Are you Wiccan? I'm just wondering I really hope that didn't offend you it's just that you used sage and you've used a lot of oils and my family is Wiccan so it was the first question that popped into my head.

  9. I just wanted to say, that I just discovered your Cannel a few days ago (watched one of your hair brushing/play videos^^) and I already love it. Your voice is so calm and nice and I love your accent. It always makes me feel like I'm in England again 🙂
    Just go on like you are doing now, you kind of won my heart 😀

  10. This video just got you a subscriber! LOVED this vid! Serious tingles! But then I respond well to musical tones anyway, as I'm a musician and Sensitive.

  11. I usually love your videos but I'm disappointed by this one. There are no really sound before half of it which is a pity because the addition of the bell and your voice is mesmerising

  12. This is a powerful video. First time in my life I was possessed by it and managed to drift away during watching. Congrats! New level reached

  13. Initially, I didn't think this video would do much for me but I was super wrong. I find this video to be incredibly soothing and it lulls me to sleep every time. I have no idea what happens in half of this video because I'm usually down for the count by then. Thank you so much for all you do, Emma, and for sharing your talents with us.

  14. Usually I just watch ASMR videos for their relaxing effect, but this is the first video to ever actually make me fall asleep! I was wide awake when I started watching and asleep before the 10 minute mark! Great job, Emma.

  15. Didn't think i would like this but tried it because you never go wrong and so nice! Not tingly so much but deliciously dreamy!

  16. Marvelous. Whatever a trustworthy comfort guide you are. I near always seem to find a sedative pleasurable intrigue aroused along whatever new terrain you help use in the traverse. A progressively better rested and again happy me; remaining thankful to you and your being enveloped in in own congenial time and effort to help people :~? )

  17. With the dark backdrop I feel like I'm watching some sort of witchcraft.  You're not a wizard, right Red? Though… I am getting sleepy.

  18. I REALLY love this video.. really helped me with my mind staying calm and still while i meditate.. Could you do more of these video? Thank you! Your the best

  19. Your videos have been helping me destress and make it easier for me to get through life and sleep better. I love your videos and you're amazing at them 🙂

  20. nice, thank you, zenergy chime is very soothing. Rained a few nights ago, have you ever considered doing an ASMR with Rain?

  21. this is one of my favorites, you defenitely have musical talent and ear for music, keep making music-related videos and singing as well

  22. Your videos, including this exceptional one, just get better and better Emma!  I could listen to you 24/7 with your mesmerizing voice and calmness.  Love you and your work so much!  Thank you!!!

  23. I was so relaxed that my lungs didn't allow me to breathe for a bit and I started panicking. but I was OK after XD

  24. I especially love this one…..I love how you mic your voice, your ideas, and the heavenly realms you channell! thank you as always. ( not important, but theta may be said "thay-ta")

  25. You are one of the most incredible people who practice ASMR. How many strings to your bow do you still have to surprise us? Great video, thank you very much. Steph.Vous êtes l'une des plus incroyable personne qui pratique l'ASMR. Combien de cordes à votre Arc avez vous encore pour nous surprendre? Superbe vidéo, merci beaucoup. Stéph.

  26. I absolutely love hearing her speak and the different instrument she uses. Helps me to relax and to keep my mind from thinking so much during the night.

  27. I know this is an older post but I just found it & it was the perfect timing to help me finish healing physically Thank you 💜

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