ASMR EAR BLISS – Guaranteed Sleep and Relaxation

ASMR EAR BLISS – Guaranteed Sleep and Relaxation

Hey. How are you? Are you okay? Tonight I will help you to fall asleep and
relax. it will be something very very relaxing and brain
melting … Some kind of bliss for your brain. I will try not only to relax you and help
you sleep this evening. I will try to also cause your tingles in your
head, in your nape. In your back and all over your body. I’ll start with… I’ll start with foam. It will be something like shampooing your
hair. It will be very nice. I promise 🙂 Ok, Let`s start. Try to relax and enjoy these sounds in your
ears. Listen to this. Listen to thousands of small bubbles bursting
near your ears … OK. How do you feel? Are you already sleepy? I hope so. And now I want to continue this relaxing session
and I will take a brush. Two fluffy brushes … and now I will brushing
your ears for complete relaxation and your falling asleep … Great … Gentle gentle touch to your ears. Carefully and gently … Everything is for
you and your ears. And now there will be something more interesting
I’ll take this … It will be a plastic wrap for microphones. it’s so relaxing … Let’s do it. Now I will be silent, and you relax and fall asleep

100 thoughts on “ASMR EAR BLISS – Guaranteed Sleep and Relaxation

  1. Good night! Hope you will see wonderful dreams 😊

    0:00 Intro

    1:35 Foam on Microphone

    6:45 Microphones Brushing

    11:10 Plastic Wrap on Microphones

  2. You are so creative with your triggers! When you talk it is actually relaxing and not distracting like other ASMRists. Thank you!

  3. Очень качественно сделано по моему мнению, видно человек занимаеться етим серёзно. 👍подписка. Мне понравилось)

  4. Please do slime on the mic again, it was awesome!
    And have you considered doing an item organising/arranging video, where you take a bunch of the same type of item for example lipsticks or colouring pens and you arrange them into a certain order – like putting all the pink or red lipsticks together. And you do this with calm gentle movements with or without talking. I love these type of videos!

  5. When you have ASMR so good you need a cigarette afterwards😂🤣❤. Thank you so much for helping my insomnia. You are one of the best.

  6. For me it’s currently 3:56 and I cannot sleep so maybe this’ll help💚 your doing great too it’s actually very sweet to take the time out of your day just to help people sleep

  7. Мор рашан видеос (more russian videos) почему то у тебя их мало…😔🙁😑😐😏😝😝😝😝😝😝

  8. idk how i havent seen people mention this but ur drop dead stunning omggg like ur eyes r literally perfect, ur skin & hair look so soft & i love ur complexion. just so pretty in general AND ur an angel w sounds to relax me! thank u!!

  9. Just recently found your channel but fell in love with it instantly! You’re so beautiful and probably my favourite ASMR channel. You have all the things to make me feel relaxed and calm. I love your voice, even your accent, it’s so soothing and sensational! 💖 Thank you for the content and the tingles, Love from England! 💖

    I think you deserve a lot more subscribers, millions more!!

  10. Только подписалась и уже влюбилась 😍 такие чудесные звуки, нежная цветовая гамма, хочется смотреть одно видео за другим 💕

  11. I think you'll read 100,000,000 before T-Series and Pewdiepie! You are amazing, sweet and an amazing soul 🙂

  12. พี่สวยมากนะ หนูเป็นคน Thai หนูไม่เคยเห็นต่างชาติคนไหนสวยกว่าพี่เเล้ว ถึงพี่จะอ่านที่หนูเขียนไม่ออก เเต่อยากให้รู้เเค่ว่า หนูรักพี่เเบบพี่น้องนะ 😍

  13. For me personally, this was the best asmr video I have ever viewed. Constant full body response. Instant subscriber!

  14. Wanted to fall asleep, but could not stop looking at your beautiful eyes! Such a sweet sincerity in those gorgeous orbs!

  15. CHALANGE:If you looking in her eyes you lose!!
    (5 seconds later)
    CHALANGE:You lose!!

  16. You are amazing and very pretty! I love the way you talk! How you don't have one katrillion subs IDK, but you deserve them 💙💙💙💙💙💙

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