ANUNNAKI KINGS 333 | Reptilian Royal Bloodline of The Ancient Gods – Part 2

ANUNNAKI KINGS 333 | Reptilian Royal Bloodline of The Ancient Gods – Part 2

Acpowerful army of reptilian enslavers
came upon the earth dispatched from the very depths of the underworld for one
purpose total planetary control all resources
and the spaces that dwell upon the earth to be seized this unstoppable force of advanced alien
beings has been given many different names in the Sumerian tablets they are
called by the name Annunaki the great sons of a new – god of the southern sky
The Shining one in the Bible the book of Genesis named
them the Nephilim then the Book of Enoch where they are the angels the watchers many historians and scholars agree that
the ancient Sumerian texts were the basis for the Old Testament these
stories are all one and the same documented and changed into many
variations throughout the ages the most recent of which is the biblical account
of God or hell of him as the latest representation for Anu the earliest
known God of the Sun and sky his angels are in fact a new sons and his entourage over many generations much knowledge has
been lost rewritten and changed yet we do know they conquered the earth and he
saves all of its inhabitants forcing human beings to build huge
structures that could be seen from the skies they sinned against the women of
the earth creating bastard offspring of unwanted and abnormally large children
referred to as Giants in the Bible this race of giants are
called the Anakim they are mentioned in the conquest of Canaan by the Israelites
according to the Book of Numbers anak was a forefather of the Anakim the Bible
describes them as very tall descendents of the Nephilim the daughters of men and
sons of gods and also fallen ones who existed before the deluge anakin means
sons of anak the people of a knack are the most frequently mentioned of the
giant or rephaim class in the Bible remarkably so tall and formidable were
the sons of a nap that their name and reputation became a byword in Israel the
quote was who can stand before the sons of anak the Anakim are also called
Rephaim race are where the legendary Goliath traces back to we often find
parallels between accounts from various ancient sources and the Anunnaki are no
exception in the Book of Enoch where they are mentioned by the name of angels
Watchers and of course the Nephilim there are many similarities between the
Sumerian tablets and the Bible the story of Cain and Abel the story of David and
Bathsheba also the story of Noah where did they come from the term Anunnaki has been translated in
various forms and is the source of much controversy renowned author Zecharia
Sitchin claims he has translated them as those from heaven came many scholars
claim their interpretation is those of royal blood or those of princely
offspring this brings us nicely to the recently coined planet Nibiru the game
using ancient Sumerian carvings Sitchin translated some exciting hidden
knowledge knowledge that challenges us to rethink our past the Sumerians were
said to have learned astrology from the Anunnaki and this afforded them an
in-depth knowledge of our solar system they did in fact manage to observe and
document Venus as well as Saturn ancient carvings in the stone tablet show the
various planets are most incredibly they depicted a tenth planet the tenth planet
being a very large planet called Nibiru originally the L&R Keys home planet from study in these texts
controversially Citroen translated the legend that this planet actually orbits
the Sun every 3,600 earth years and in doing so it comes fairly close to our
earth traveling on a huge elliptical orbit this giant Crusader loops into
outer space far out into our solar system to eventually after 3600 years
circle back this returning planet would cause all kinds of problems for us
earthquakes tidal waves volcanic activity probably many more unforeseen
effects due to its mass density and eventual closeness to our planet when
you consider our small moon one-sixth of our planet size can affect our tides so
easily imagine what mayhem a huge giant planet could cause should it managed to
pass close to us on the 30th of December in 1983 The Washington Post had a
front-page headline that actually read a heavenly body as large as the giant
planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this
solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by
an orbiting telescope aboard the IRAs so mysterious is the object that
astronomers do not know what it is NASA have also recently conceded that that
could very well be a large hidden planet out there purely due to the
gravitational effects they’ve been observing in our solar system we do know that recently our modern
astronomers have detected a tenth planet larger than Pluto and nearly four times
farther from the Sun as Pluto is today is this actually Nibiru
it is temporarily called 2.3 you be three one three the new planet is the
most distant object yet seen in the solar system
ninety seven times farther from the Sun than the earth is whatever you choose to
believe the controversial premise states that the Anunnaki came from the planet
Nibiru which orbits our own Sun on a massive long elliptical orbit and when
it gets close to us the Anunnaki take the opportunity to Planet Hulk when we consider the question why did
they come we need to revisit the first tablet of Lord Anki here we will briefly
cover some of the main facts of the Sumerian translations so we concede the
story as it unfolded in the ancient past chapter 1.1 this tablet explains a
nuclear war on earth between the Anunnaki and the current inhabitants
it speaks of an evil wind it looks to be radioactive and kills everything in his
path resetting the earth preparing it for a new chapter chapter 1.2 this
covers the inner darkest whole planet Nibiru wars are described as are
seemingly nuclear battles with eventual peace and a kingship established chapter
1.4 explains how their planet was loosing its atmosphere how they needed
to find a way to shield it for the era of the passing of the Sun the plan is to
create a shield although this decision was not established before the killing
of a king as the fable explains brother kills brother reminiscent of the
biblical story came and Abel in the book of Genesis chapters 1.5 to 3.2 cover an
incredible tale of how the new King tries to heal Nibiru by using atomic
weapons in volcanoes seems he was trying to pollute the atmosphere with smoke and
dust to partially block out the effects of the Sun however this does not work
this opens the opportunity for a power struggle the old king is forced to flee
Nibiru in his spaceship and eventually land on then an icy planet our earth once on earth the king realizes there is
usable air and he marvels at the fruit and the fishes and he sees it is good
and finally he finds traces of the salvation needed to heal Nibiru he finds
traces of gold you

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  1. A am Zorar Soliman SON Darkness Remember 🔵⚫⚪🦅🦅🦅👁👁🧜‍♂️🔥🧝‍♂️

  2. Damn bro you need to wake up to the flat earth. The fallen ones and their human hybrids (seed of the serpent) run the show. And King of kings will return after the great tribulation. I say within ten years. after all is said and done we will see how blinded , brainwashed socially engineered humanity has been. we believe everything but the damn truth.

  3. Planet Nibiru, welcome, we heard bout you in "1961" cover of "Popular Science", we did not have fake news back then, 3, 5, 7, & 11, shut off at 12;00 am… Science teacher said we don't have a worry for 50 yrs. Thank you Lord for letting me live in these days of the return of my LORD & Savior "JESUS" Amen!!!!

  4. if you are worried about them, their planet has been attacked and now they are no longer is a threat but only a moon or shadow because they have met a force that they did not expect to meet.

  5. Does anyone high ranking in knowledge know when the Annunaki will return. Is the Sphinx a clock keeping track of what time they will return.

  6. Very interesting, your supposition is based on the premise that we're spinning and drifting all over space.

  7. Almost at the end you say " they found icy planet, and they were amazed by the fruit of the land " ?
    This means ' they ' came after GOD created everything ! Now please tell me exactly where the Annunaki fit into OUR (human) reality ?

  8. Da tro thanh than thanh
    Ma con dan nhau di an cuop xuong mau mcua 1 ke chi co nhiet khi 37 do duoi trai dat ?
    Thi tu chung da bien minh minh thanh phuong vo dao
    Thap hen hon ca nhung ten linh khi 37
    Nhu vay thi chi co tu dao thai
    Va dep loan chinh chung Khong chua ten nao ca
    Cho du phai boi tung trai dat nay len ?

  9. I have to interact with your documentary for a second alright first off the Anunnaki isn't one group of people that had an Anunnaki as many houses the noble houses including the reptilian people that's where Naga came from she came from a different Noble House now Anu came from another house in the Andromeda Galaxy the same goes for everybody else now. In these houses there many different people now houses are star clusters if not galaxies themselves that is actually called a house as well but as in this galaxy it many different houses and they were all considered Anunnaki that is included the people from Andromeda that is including the people from all over the Galaxy including the alien greys and many others just like and if not like it exactly but something very similar everyone has the same DNA strands we all stand from the beginning we actually ended up fighting another existence before this existence and everybody was all entitled nobody was separate so I have to actually bring it down to facts because people were mind-wiped at some point of time because of the Great War that took place and I'm not talking about the Great War of planets where marduk's smashed into Tiamat I'm talking about the war of the families which each great house ended up going into war well at this point people got mind-wiped this is like way after the fact of starting this existence we actually all were fighting in the beginning of creating this existence we actually ended up creating all of the dimensions first before we created the existence but we ended up fighting another existence that we already created before this and this was everybody included because of rigidly we came from a different existence altogether I'll bring it down fast forward it through time Anu himself ended up coming from the Andromeda Galaxy that's where his bloodline of his family came from through marriage now the great houses that actually pertain of all different types of races of people that's including werewolves all vampire races mostly came from Andromeda and different places like that some of the wendigo people came from Andromeda there are actually considered Ebans a lot of different people came from different places but they were all part of the same great houses and that's including the lion people bird like people and such poor that everyone was part of the same great houses well there was a war of the houses and everybody got mind-wiped and there was a lot of whores don't get me wrong but there was a point where everybody got mind wiped I mean three quarters of the universe got mind wiped now you have to understand that we came from the beginning of creation itself of of this existence we all did it on top of that a lot of because at one you got to think of the creation as what is okay safe for reptilians only have 4 dimensions that was the point where we created them from a dying star with the hearts of men and this was part of after the time that we ended up going into a different existence and battling Wizards we came in after that fact and try to establish another existence well this is how we found out at that point that they were really f**** up that existence they if they were mashing all the dimensions and doing a lot of different things well at the time there was four wizards or 3 wizard 3 Wizards that were actually really f**** up the dimensions so we marched in there with some armies and tried to fight off the Wizards while we ended up getting decimated pretty much I mean even the Griffins that were actually trying to keep us and we can get regenerated they they ended up getting corrupted killed it was a long time

  10. Well either which way we came here and to regulate and to specify a lot of different things is that the great houses contain of star clusters and galaxies and themselves of many people are they actually they Thrive themselves with many different types of people I mean many different types of people not just Giants not just one type of people many different swear everybody was living together at one point the truck like everybody understood everybody and likeness wasn't an issue because people have the same DNA came from the same place but might look differently and that's the way in actually what and everybody was breeding with everybody just to say marriage actually kept the houses Noble and everybody would marry each other just to keep Noble well at one point the war started and people start doing all different types of stuff not having an understanding of what's what and that actually caused mind-wiped where everybody forgot who was who such forth so everybody forgot on what exactly took blind and everybody had a different thought in their mind and stuff like that now the people that mind wiped us have the same power as the Wizards if not even more where they can actually do a lot of different things well it takes a lot to mind-wipe 3/4of the universe so you can imagine that that was the case I mean it took one wizard to decimate like three armies and a very short. Of time including Angels if you want to call them that

  11. So either which way that's pretty much where it ended up and people just need to do the research if you read the Lost book of enki that's basically his journal and it will actually describe a little bit about all the different families like including the Gigi in many different houses I'll people that came here at one point of time actually do the research now for the slaves on what were created well the slaves did not survive we actually found the document and the tablet of how and how the Monkey Man was created well we found out later on down the road that the monkey man has had two overlapping chromosomes could not survive it did not evolve which we tried to make that we actually try to make a lot of different things and if you actually do the research on the Neanderthal you will find out that the reptilian people were actually trying to create as well they were part of the same Anunnaki strain of one of the great houses and that's why the Neanderthal man was reptile well he was partially reptile anyway so you will find out a lot of different things on the case of scenario which everybody was actually Annunaki at one point of time ends actually still aren't we are the last of the Anunnaki no actually check that they are Annunaki on a different planet from the from actually the Royal House that actually lived on the Nibiru at one point of time but Nibiru is no longer habitable from my best of my knowledge there are some types of people still there but not of flesh anyways but back to the subject at hand yes the reptile people were actually one of the noble houses they weren't always reptiles they were actually dragons we actually created them to be dragons because we knew one day we're going to end up having to fight the wizards again and we need all the help we can have and yes it actually worked out being that way most of the elders world rankings for the reptilians anyways they just actually changed a little bit but that was about it now the alien greys were had their own Noble house as well which they were actually people at one point of time they are actually in the middle of their transition. Where they are about to become formless but it is too early for them to become formless they they were not ready to become formulas yet because they are actually not as old as you think they are they actually work just like us recently I mean they can actually replicate they had actually body parts where they could replicate and breed and everything else but because of their their * Powerball for the last of lack of a better word for you they're star because the star is in a star at the planet there stars but you do not see them but at one point of time they were able to actually replicate just the same as everybody else well at this point they don't have genders anymore and they cannot replicate any more like that unless we can help them do that because there is a way of giving them genders back but because they are not ready to transition yet it's not their time but you know things happen to be the way that they are

  12. Was there as many different Noble houses with many different people watch a lot of people don't understand that when if you listen to enki or if you listen to the book of enki and willox actually explain of the noble houses a little bit and this isn't just a noble house that's on Nibiru itself it's basically like I told you star clusters

  13. Well they are not the same Wizards you would call them the node makers that's what they are actually referred to but they are not the bad ones that we were fighting which we only were fighting one of them and there was three of them the other two never even gave it a thought it only took one of them I want to lay there which way we got pretty much decimated at that point at the beginning of existence of this existence anyways but for the Anunnaki yes it is made of many different houses of many different people

  14. So either which way yes if you're referring to the reptilian people yes they would dragons at one point of time but even before they were dragons they were people just a different type of people we actually had to make and plant them basically like everybody else that lost their bodies because there was no replicating the body are bringing the bodies back to life even with the Griffins the date they too got decimated back then the only people that can actually bring themselves Back Together by themselves were the Angels so if they got injured they can just fix themselves nobody else can do that at that point of time now things have changed over the long time I'm talking about since the beginning of the the existence but as it is from the beginning everybody were people just the same nobody was difference really

  15. There was only maybe one or two people a group of people that actually made it back in the Griffins I mean there was not very many left of anything even though the best we were dying they were bringing back the bodies David reanimate the bodies and so when the Griffin comes to collect him or her it would corrupt the Griffin and it would kill the Griffin in the Griffin would fall to its death and that's actually half the reason why we lost everybody's body pretty much except for a very few people and everybody else was collected and then put into different bodies that make it even more interesting

  16. Now the people that made it in the Griffin there was only one or two that made it through back and they've ended up going back to the other existence they do not exist in our existence

  17. So at that point of time we ended up creating most of the dimensions because I was the only thing keeping the door sealed from the other existence and we've been sending in monsters that we have been creating N2 there to try to destroy the numbers over a great. Of time

  18. But still the same it ended up the same way they end up getting corrupted and remade as well no matter what happened

  19. I'm not talking about hell or or something like that that that has no comparison to Pandora's Box and that is what it is called a Pandora's Box

  20. Now hell is only part of the grid system on what you would think he'll is because a lot of people don't know anything about it hell is not hell exactly it is only held to people that have done wrong doings if not they will be escorted right into the grid and then they will be reborn but that wasn't even necessary actually people are not supposed to even have to do that at this point not for a very long time usually people ended up going into the grid if they died is only when they're able to transition and incorporate there other dimensions that is the first case scenario of what was supposed to happen but a lot of bad things happened since then so a lot of things got really screwed up

  21. So no matter where you are at or what type of being you think that you are or if you even if you think you're higher than existence itself you better check that you are part of it all just the same as everybody everybody is part of the grid everybody is part of the grid one way or the other and there's always people inside the grid some people live there actually a lot of people live there

  22. So either which way I came out with a sound plan on adding more to existence which existence you can add to there is no laws to that itself you just have laws on taking away existence now to add to existence there is no locks you can add to an existence no matter how much as long as it goes in the coordinates to basic physics you can add to so this is what we're lacking in we have a universe that's next to us that is devastated from war itself and then we have the half-built universe that we live in now that isn't even half built yet

  23. Watch we can just keep adding to existence as much as we can jam packing any type of existence that could be possible and then the existence itself will expand eventually it'll transition into another existence and it will just keep growing there there is no limitations is your only limitation is your imagination and that is actually the honest truth behind it all you have to think about the smallest thing creating the biggest thing that you can ever imagine one little atom has the power of 100 megatons so you can imagine what that would be one little tiny thing you can't even see has the power of that and top of that antimatter but antimatter doesn't have it in equivalents to it's the opposite effect to what is but I don't really vote for antimatter because I think it's kind of cheating for using it as weapons what's there shouldn't even have to be weapons at this point I mean we are just bored basically everybody has just born does everybody has to add to the existence first that's what I believe cuz I already know that I know what is awaiting I know what needs to be done and it's very true

  24. Yes at one point of time it came to pass now here's a story that I'll actually prove this astroth there was another war with the water people that's what you get Poseidon the king of the water people well here's another one for you okay this actually took place well the water people came to the hammered bracelet did it know that people were still on the hammered bracelet because everybody takes turns and nobody tells anybody anything even being all Anunnaki nobody tells anybody anything everybody just pretty much does whatever it is well this is actually at the point of the war of the families and everybody was farting everybody at this point after this took place while the water people came they joined in the 21 now the 21 were people from different houses and there came here and they started doing experiments well the water people came and they hit the hammered bracelet with seismic weapon and crack the planet the water came spilling out and killed a bunch of people well either which way that's one another War started and ongoing War since well it wasn't since I should say it's not a continuous ongoing War but it was happening for a very long. Of time I guess it's actually the point on where the big war started with all the houses and this is when everybody got mind wiped

  25. And mostly it all ended up over greed people just were being greedy ever know that the water people apologize for doing that well other people did not look at it the same fashion and they ended up going to war with the water people well either which way it ended up being that way and a lot of different things happen all at the same time there was Wars all over the place because everybody started getting greedy too because everybody can feel everybody else's emotions that's a one one person pisses on somebody else the other person pisses on that person and then everybody goes in and into a brawl because a lot of people forgot at one point of time that not one is just one but one is all and that's how everybody can tell it communicate and feel everybody's emotions cuz everybody is all the same person and they just don't know it and I forget about everything a lot of people forget about everything they forgot that they locked astroth Anna's house for like for shars

  26. And really the people that he was punishing where the people that were worshipping the water people which everybody was fighting over greed at that but either which way it comes to a past where they forgot about him he was supposed to have the bodies taken out of him the bodies were supposed to be reanimated and fixed because they will ask her off the defiler that's what he did he in prison to people just the same as the Griffins did to replenish the people back in the day while he ended up doing the same thing where he was not supposed to do that for that long and so he's probably really pissed off that he was down in his house full of f**** screaming people and they were actually supposed to be remade and they weren't supposed to be in him that long so we can retake his natural form back but either which way that will actually put it more to a mark of what I'm talking about

  27. But the people in Astor off you got to remember that the people were still alive if they were not supposed to die the same goes for the Griffith back in the early days the Griffins would do the same thing as astroth but astaroth was a prison the Griffins were not a prison the Griffins were a Lifeboat and they would keep people alive so they could be reanimated so they didn't have to go into the grid but that was in the beginning of existence now ashtaroth has been there for a long time it's been locked in this house for a very long time with a bunch of screaming people that are supposed to be animated back to their normal selves

  28. And when I talk about everyone in general that was just born I mean like everyone in the universe almost very few we're still here or in any universe at that time anyways

  29. Only people from Another Universe actually have one up on everyone in this universe because we created other universes first before we created this universe

  30. you know what scary every religon has giants an carvings , when they had no fourm of comunication spoooooky

  31. Bullshit………….. There is no one who was forced to built pyramids and all the stone building, stop lying, because you cannot prove your shit, you're also miseducating us, just like at schools 😕😕😢

  32. Nibiru may be obliterated to tiny pieces
    Yes the annunaki are still on it
    And had a device to pole shift earth via eartha solar gate.
    Indigo starseeds took back control of the solar gate, nibiru aslo is creating a interference net around our planet via crystal networks that forces earths merkaba into a in natural reverse spin affecting matter and our DNA.
    It still may collide with Jupiter causing positions of the planets to change…that's why guardian races may destroy it…

  33. I believe that the government's feeding everyone this information so that they can use this is a back door out when they lose power which is coming very soon! Project Blue beam? Most of the UFOs or by design by our own governments in power! The facts are out there.

  34. First of all who says it's our planet, if anything we're just guests and we have some of the worst manners and probably have outstayed our welcome.

  35. Heliocentric model isn’t real and nuclear power isn’t gamma watch gaylin windsor he eats plutonium on camera the translation has been fucked so bad

  36. Close but the translation I believe Anunnaki means is fallen angels which means that they are not Aliens. Casted out of Heaven with Lucifer.

  37. It would cause massive title waves and tsunami’s like the great flood in biblical times it would be nothing to have 15,000 foot tidal waves

  38. I don't think that the 10th planet will mess up to much in the earth I think we will be find if that was true

  39. If "Nibiru" is 97 times more far away from the sun than Earth, there is no need for gold, the sun will loock just like one more star in the sky.

  40. First of all. Man didn’t build the pyramids of Giza or the Mayan pyramids. By the way the sun is not 93 million miles away from earth, earth doesn’t spin at 73,000 mph, all lies to deceive people and keep them deeply indoctrinated. Also the visitors shall we say mined Gold from the oceans. And we certainly didn’t evolve from monkeys, apes or anything similar. Most people believe what they read or see on television 📺 ( Tell lie vision ) Bit like the moon landings. Sorry to enlighten people who don’t know, but no one has been on the moon, and if people believe that Rover was on Mars just proves how easy it is to manipulate humanity. Once you realise you are not a human, but a spiritual being having a human experience, get out of the matrix. Another reason religions were invented! To control the masses and create wars.

  41. the only problem is; That there is not ONE speck of proof for anything this person is claiming. Where is this Planet? How big is it? No One has yet been able to find.
    PLUS: IF it comes around every 3500 years. Why are there no signs of destruction from the last passing? We have tons of evidence from 3500- 4000 – 5000, 8000+ Years ago.
    Where is the evidence that this giant planet was ever in our neighborhood….????

  42. Magnificent! I watched part 1 three times. I’m very glad and thankful that you have posted these videos. The Anunnaki are more real than we are. Unfortunately many people in religious and government circles will emphatically deny the Anunnaki’s existence and their dominion over mankind well over 200K years ago. I believe they never “Really” left the earth. I am sure you understand why I believe this. Thank you for your videos. They are the best made: thoroughly researched, wonderfully narrated and superbly produced! A most enthusiastic 10/10 in my book!

  43. unless the annuaki had very tiny penises- its wouldn't be possible. Size alone is a problem, not to mention race.

  44. This is great science fiction. I wish I had made this up and come up with the idea of selling it as actual world history. I would have a mansion and a yacht by now.

  45. If Nibiru is 97 times the distance from the sun as earth how could harbor life of the Annunaki, it would be a frozen wasteland!

  46. Did the Annunaki destroy the civilizations of this galaxy to mine minerals for their planet since the circle the Sun from afar they can't get the minerals needed to sustain life on theirs fue to the global warming of Nubriu. The nuclear war was to cool the Earth, so they come and survive on Earth, when Nubriu was closesto the Sun the planet heated up and they could not tolerate it and tried nuclear weapons to cool the planet but it failed and destroyed their atmosphere, if they waited some years the planet would have healed itself once it passed into the elongated orbit, they should have developed cooling systems

  47. Of course there are many stories simaler in the Bible! Ain't an original thought in there. Hey anyone listening? Cause I got questions for you. Yeah you. How did we go from Bible thumpers thinking they were the center of creation and we were it, to..aliens are demons! So… Now demons drive advance technology from other planets, other dimension, or the future? Science over superstition. It's ok to be wrong u children of able. Just stop fucking bringing ur Bible shit into this!!! Do you comprehend this is extraterrestrials…not the fucking tooth fairy!

  48. This planet it’s the size of Jupiter on another site they said ohh This planet does not exists and made the size of a small asteroid or comet not a planet why the media and the stupidity of it sports politics and religion

  49. Just off the title of this video ALONEE I know it’s all bullshit… The Anunnaki do not have REPTILIAN BLOODLINES …. WHAT SO EVER… Anunnaki our the ANCESTORS of the original black people…. In which BLACKS have MELANIN which makes it impossible for their to be REPTILIAN BLOOD !!! The Queen Of England “Queen Elizabeth” bloodline well , that’s a different story …

  50. According to this video there is no almighty creator of life, only those beings that created mankind from monkeys, no reason for a savior or a God at all. No reason to worship anything that can also die just like us. Mankind should try to come up with a way to destroy Nibiru!!!

  51. Miqueas 7:17 you wrong 100% look the documental in tv thats the real look of Gods the real anunnaki learn more first

  52. Maybe i should send a tweet to the four stooges and ask them if the annunaki are the ones who told them about the green new deal….maga 202?

  53. Thank u masters ✍🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜💜💜💜🕎🕎🕎🕎🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧝‍♀️▶️👁🤳

  54. Would it explained where the RH Negative Blood came from, it's well know women with RH Negative Blood can not carry a RH Positive Blood foetus to full term as the Mother's natural blood antibodies would destroy the baby however in the last 52 years there is now a medical intervention that suppresses the Mother's immune system and it's called anti-d.

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