100 thoughts on “Anime War: Episode 12 – The Hands of God

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  2. Damn… do you know how much force zeno pushed archon with if he traveled from earth to the sun that quick, plus he put the other planets in line too… jeez.

  3. Jake you and MaStar Media has outdone yourselves on this anime. Episode 12 was everything i hoped for and beyond. I love this and all fan art. Keep it up buddy , for ever your fan .
    Thesteveg69 (steven dunn)

  4. All your Anime War episodes are really awesome. In fact all your videos are the best ones I've ever seen in my life.Really loved your work keep it up !!!

  5. Bro the boy sitting beside me in class yesterday would not shut up about you and your videos so had to come and search you up 😂

  6. Only the dragon ball characters are fighting what about saitama and other characters..this episode is no doubt epic but please try and show some different power levels of saitama atleast he is being potrayed as a kid in this series..he is much more than that

  7. Abi bunun simdi sonunda ne oldu çok merak etim yeni bölüm ne zaman geliyor helal cok guzel bir filim lan ne zaman geliyo yeni bolum

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