Ancestral Worship Exclusively About Blood-Line?

Ancestral Worship Exclusively About Blood-Line?

Hello friends, how are you? I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the ancestral worship which I believe isn’t solely or exclusively about bloodline this is in fact a response to one of my latest videos about the subject of animism and spirituality which was a video answering a couple of questions from the followers of my Instagram On that video my response to the very first question caused a little bit of confusion Anger and provocation and to my great disappointment I found out there are a couple of religious fanatics in this channel with very twisted ideas about what spirituality means So before I start this video, I want to leave a little message There were only a few that did not quite catch the meaning of my words and Naturally misinterpretations caused people to twist and corrupt my words even so I have talked to those people to clarify some things and Let’s just say some some understood my point but the tiny fraction is in such a fervent and unhealthy denial that got me genuinely worried and sad I’m not worried and sad about me; I’m sad for those people and Worried about the fact that after all this time of human existence There is still a lot of dangerous ignorancetowards certain subjects that causes a great negativity to those people Who are in constant denial and such negativity spreads to others because ignorance is a disease I’m sad because I found out that certain people are in this channel not to learn and share knowledge but because they were trying to find confirmation to their delusions and narrow-minded ideas and when the truth or other ideas and perspectives Go completely against their limited thinking they bark like wounded, confused and scared animals I think you mistake me because clearly some people think I’m in some sort of agenda and Try to bind them to just one single way of thinking and I’m trying to destroy heritage and culture in general Well, you clearly haven’t been paying attention because if you have been in this channel for the past two-and-a-half years since I became an youtuber You should know that once in a while, I purposely contradict myself Because that’s the sort of approach we should have in life If we do not contradict ourselves and only follow the same line of thought or the same path For the rest of our lives We do not evolve and we stagnate; and worse the world continues to evolve- Everything advances, but if we keep on with the same ideas we stay behind You mistake me because I am NOT here to feed lies and fantasies And I’ve always tried to have a neutral approach to everything I share in this channel I don’t let personal beliefs, specially politics, influence the work I have been doing in here You clearly mistake me for those certain people who forcibly want their own personal beliefs to be the only possible truth and The way things were conducted in the past by our ancestors I’m here to help you I’m not here to give you the truth about everything and I don’t hold the truth or knowledge of every possible subject I’m here to give you certain ideas and Perspectives to help you to have a critical thinking and to have different Perspectives that might help you to reach the truth for yourself The things I say are not the only possible truth or the only possible perspectives and interpretations I’m not here to bind you to anything, on the contrary I’m here to help you to question everything you think you know doubt everything Question everything. I don’t want you to see me as Your spiritual guide or the only possible source of information I want you- To listen and gather information and I want you to seek more information, read more explore and research and make comparisons and I find it funny that some of you are always so confused about me and you don’t know how to call me or How to label me? you are trying to figure it out what is my personal spiritual path? Don’t do that. That’s a horrible mistake Some people just absolutely love labels to put a tag on their forehead and call themselves this and that The fact that you put a label on yourself and place yourself on a little shelf Creates huge limitations in your way of thinking and how you interact with life itself and others When you label yourself something you restrict yourself to that path alone People love to say others are sheep, and they blindly follow a certain religion But then they have this same approach in a variety of realities Maybe you are not a sheep but maybe possibly you might be a horse or a donkey with blinders that can only see forward and Going straight ahead without questioning your very existence and purpose when you label yourselves something you are on a single path and you are only following that path and You will miss a lot of information and knowledge in all the other paths around you that you prevent yourself from exploring Some people call themselves Ásatrú and will only follow those specific ideas Others call themselves Christians and will only have that approach in life Why should we follow one single path? That’s what spirituality means: to walk different paths and learn as much as we can and gather as much knowledge as we can You don’t specifically need to follow one single path I understand people have the need to belong to a group Feel special, feel like they are above all others and they are in the right side and truth is with them But in the end you end up just like those you call sheep and blind followers People have called me all sorts of things from Ásatruar to Christian From pagan to heathen to jewish communist, fascist, racist and anti-racist, neo-nazi Universalist, Thursatruar, Gnostic Satanist Wicca, and whatnot Don’t try to figure out in which path I’m in because I’m not in any specific path I told you before I do not follow any path but my own and my path is about exploring every possible thing there is You can’t even begin to imagine the amount of things I have studied and explored precisely so I can make comparisons and Open up new horizons and have a broader sense of what surrounds me I’ve told you many times, listen, be attentive to what surrounds you and listen and learn I don’t really care what you call me I don’t care about- Your opinions about my own person, be that good or bad, because the truth is- you don’t know me You have absolutely no idea who I am and where I’ve come from and how long I have been at this Only I know myself and that’s what matters to me Any other external ideas about my person don’t matter to me because they are not the truth I am Who I am and only I know it, and I repeat I’m not here to give you only one possible truth, only one possible way of thinking The reason why sometimes I contradict myself is because I try to be neutral and give you a lot of information and different perspectives and interpretations so you can have the critical thinking, so you can train the capacity to question everything many people fall into the mistake of never questioning what they think they know and they never question their own actions listen, a person might have done something in a certain way for the rest of their lives because They thought it was the right approach according to their own beliefs and because they have never had access to any sort of information that tells them otherwise That person will pass on to his child The same way of thinking and the same actions, and that child will pass that to the next generation and on and on it goes at a certain point people will not even question the origins of things and why they behave in that manner Why they are taking those actions? Because at some point they think it’s normal to do that and to think in that way Because their ancestors have been doing that all the time and that’s what was passed on to you But just because it looks normal doesn’t mean it is right some people fail to question their own actions and why they do the things they do and then end up unconsciously like sheep doing only that, following only that path, having only one single line of thought and just to finalize this message and get to the subject of this video. I know there is a growth in paganisms, nowadays but that doesn’t mean we have come to a point of great Enlightenment and there is some sort of spiritual awakening We are still on a very primitive stage and you will understand that in a couple of centuries Well, maybe not you will be dead sorry but I see a lot of people trying to transport their modern ways of thinking into the past worse, I see people cannot make a clear boundary between politics and spirituality if you want politics in spirituality that is called religion and religion is an organization with only one single narrow idea about some aspects of a spirituality Religion is- only picks up a couple of ideas that serve as justifications for their actions to aggrandize personal power Some people’s modern ideas of spirituality greatly corrupted by centuries of religious oppression and by nineteen and twentieth century extreme political approaches are Not the same ideas of your ancestors; the way we think nowadays in our modern society Isn’t the same way our ancestors thought in the past your modern belief system isn’t the same of the past of the ancestors you love to profess to have their guidance and you follow their old ways I find it funny that people only care about a very specific group of ancestors That they never met and know nothing about that can suit best their political ideas. How’s that for hypocrisy? I find it fascinating the fact that people only want to follow one specific line of thought and then claim to know the ways of the past of people they don’t know anything about of people who did not have the same ideas or belief systems Whether you accept it or not, you have had all sorts of ancestors with all sorts of religions and belief systems you do not identify yourself with and you follow a path that only gives you certain ideas and perspectives and then you end up not knowing about a great portion of information from your ancestors many people only want to follow the path that best suits their personal political ideas and twisted notions of heritage, race and culture in general The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about remember that Certain people underestimate the old cultures, producing a very trivial idea of their religious beliefs because of that The majority of people has the impression that the main part of the old spiritualities was focused solely on things similar to modern age problems ideas and belief systems Much of the knowledge we have today of ancient societies Seems much more to be interpretations of modern people rather than Understandings of ancient religions. There is no reason to believe that we nowadays have a more advanced and sophisticated way of thinking than our ancestors did there is no reason to believe that we nowadays are on a higher intellectual or Spiritual level than our ancestors in ancient times. I’m worried about the ignorance of some people because that is leading to an almost abandonment of the development of the the spiritual and intellectual I’m not here to force you to accept a single way of thinking I’m here to help you, to help you out, to have a broader perspective of Everything that surrounds you and so you can develop critical thinking Communication is essential to pass information and share knowledge but I’m finding it hard to try to help some people because No matter what I say they keep in denial in a strong and quite unhealthy denial and there’s nothing more I can do about that and these people will end up falling into darkness and take others with them It’s that very darkness ignorance and intolerance that I’m trying to fight against not that I feel like some sort of Messiah or some hero to come to the rescue But because I care about people or rather I care about the importance of fighting against ignorance and doubt Because that causes a lot of fear and hatred that leads nowhere The fight against ignorance is important for the general well-being of the planet itself and all life Because it was ignorance that made us lose our respect for nature and we lost respect for ourselves And we end up here in a dying planet Because we stopped caring about what really matters and we are more concerned- Which religion or which God is better than the other? ridiculous Things had to be said now let’s start this video so the cult of the ancestors is not solely about bloodline or biology, and let me tell you why and again, this perspective is not the only possible interpretation. This is just to give you some different ideas That might help you out when we think about the ancestral worship we think about the people of the past and their belief systems and So we try to follow a certain spiritual path in concordance to our ancestors I do not deny that DNA contains very useful information about our past and our ancestors and much of that information comes from trauma and Certain experiences that makes us act on impulse and on instinct Ancestral memory is real. It’s indeed in the blood but to say we follow a specific path because our ancestors did it, is quite inaccurate because our ancestors had plenty of belief systems and religions so when you follow just one specific religions because it better suits you, you are denying a great portion of your ancestors You are denying the worship of the ancestors to the great majority of your own ancestors When you follow a specific path You follow it by personal choice not because the ancestors told you to otherwise there would be thousands of people hundreds of thousands telling you to worship all sorts of gods and beings and follow all sorts of paths You don’t agree with or you don’t have the slightest curiosity about such paths It’s true that we have certain inclinations to do certain things and follow certain lines of thought because It is information printed or stored in our DNA for instance your parents knew how to play the piano and with luck that information is in your DNA and you will easily play the piano because it is memory printed in the DNA but when it comes to spirituality it’s a wondrous variety of realities and It may or may not have to do with bloodline because if you follow something because it’s in the blood then you have no free will at all There are thousands of external influences that will make you choose a specific path But if you use your mind instead of restricting your choices to the illusion that it’s solely in the blood You will start to explore a lot more than your ancestors ever did There are thousands of people that grow up in a specific background Whose personality is- influenced by a lot of external factors social, economic, religious and political factors Personality has a great control over you but what truly is important is your Individuality the very thing that makes you who you are, without the external influences your very essence people who stick to their personality have the tendency to follow the same things they grew up with and the same ideas It’s inevitable to be influenced by the atmosphere or the environment we grew up in but with a strong individuality a person chooses other paths; there are plenty of people I know that were born in specific religious backgrounds ethnical groups countries, languages Culture in general and they grow up to be the exact opposite of what they have grown up with people who make choices not because of external influences or ideas that- And because it’s in the blood, and my community did this and my ancestors did that but because they made a choice the great majority of people follow certain spiritualities because they are either running away from previous religious oppressive systems or because they already grew up in that spiritual background or because they have been told stories when they were children or already adults and curiosity woken inside them and they Tried to follow those ideas certainly, in tribalisms many people will follow that path and they will tell you it’s in the blood our ancestors did it, but they are following that spiritual path because not only They grew up in it but because in this modern world of industrialization and materialism There is the need for minorities to preserve the old ways but The old ways are not preserved because it’s in the blood The old ways are preserved because knowledge is passed around and people keep doing it no one will lose a certain cultural heritage out of nowhere a certain cultural heritage will never be forgotten if there is but one single individual that has the information about it and passes it around that’s why it’s so important to keep on communicating and share knowledge I know people from Portugal, Portuguese, who are- Absolutely the best at Inuit native traditions and spirituality, from the peoples of the Arctic Circle I know people from Spain who are in absolute concordance with Native American spiritualies I also know people from China who are outstanding in performing magic and rituals of pre-christian Scandinavian religion Etc, etc Why? Was that in their blood? No… people felt a connection, a genuine interest a great curiosity about it and it called to them and so they have studied hard a long process of research, a long process of being in contact with it To perform the spirituality in the right manner, by trying and failing until they succeeded When people think it’s in their blood They get lazy, because they think they are entitled to that spirituality and they are special and the spiritual path will be easier and They think they are very much in concordance with it But they aren’t, and that’s an illusion you can only achieve such concordance with the spirituality- with the spiritual reality, if you work hard enough Because if you think you are special and entitled to a spirituality because you had ancestors following those old ways You are not giving the proper value nor the respect to that spirituality and your ancestors because you think it will just be given to you so easily your ancestors worked hard for their old ways, and fought hard to keep them alive and now you come and say it’s in your blood, and that’s it! easy! To give the proper respect to your ancestors and to the spiritual path you think they were on to and the spiritual path you have chosen for yourself You must work hard for it; study, explore, research, experience, live it Until you find a link and that you are in concordance with it That’s why so many people feel absolutely disconnected from the paths they have chosen and Don’t know what to actually do because they put themselves a label They think they are entitled to, and are lazy and just sit there waiting for the spiritual to come to them But what can we say in terms of spirituality about the reincarnation belief? Let’s take a look In many neo-paganisms there is a strong belief in reincarnation Reincarnation is the subject of many religions. It’s a global phenomenon and Obviously in some religions is more present than others but There are always traces of the belief in reincarnation Transmigration of the soul. I have had hundreds of people Actually now it’s thousands of people by- Who one way or another asked me if the Old Norse peoples believed in reincarnation? Yes, there are traces of that and I’ve already talked about that in this channel So indeed many people specially neo-pagans have this tendency To believe or be inclined to the subject of reincarnation But today I’m not going to delve on that subject and I’m not going to tell you my own perspectives on the matter the point is there is a general belief in reincarnation and I find it amusing that a lot of people, a lot of modern pagans believe in reincarnation But my statement of ancestral worship not being about bloodline doesn’t make sense to them So that indicates a lack of true understanding about what reincarnation actually means In reincarnation terms the body or matter exists But it’s just a vessel of the spiritual or rather of the everlasting Consciousness, which is the true self the body or matter is limited to this physical reality and its Shape and appearance is bound to the laws of this reality But the spiritual is limitless And this is one of the reasons I say the images of the gods are one of the worst traps that destroys faith People think of the divine as if the divine were like us and as if we ourselves were like the divine people create too much boundaries in their own thinking If people understand that we are all living spiritual entities belonging to a never-ending spiral or network of spiritual interactions then physical appearance means nothing We are made of the same stuff of the gods and all other spiritual entities across the cosmos We are pure consciousness and energy manifested in matter across time and space In the most basic understandings of reincarnation If you believe that you die and will come again to inhabit another body You will be in a body that was born in this world therefore That body is linked to specific ancestors; the blood in you is something of the physical reality Something that gives life to the matter that you require to walk about You will have specific ancestors and if you follow a specific spiritual path because it’s in your blood you are following, and are bound, to a reality produced by matter and not by the true self, which is your consciousness residing in that matter in that body so let’s say you follow a specific spiritual path because It’s in the blood and your ancestors called to you you follow that spiritual path Through the rest of your life Throughout the rest of your life and then you die If you believe in reincarnation or the existence of an everlasting consciousness Then when you return to another body, you will be born and inhabit a new body of a different ethnical group Than the one you previously belonged to You have just returned to this reality on another body which automatically gives you other ancestors Are you going to follow your old spiritual path of your previous ancestors? or are you going to follow the spiritual path of your new ancestors? if you believe in reincarnation Then you believe that you will always inhabit different bodies of different ethnical groups which automatically gives you different ancestors every time you return so if you follow a spiritual path because It’s in your blood In every reincarnation you follow different spiritual paths according to that ethnical group of the ancestors of that ethnical group So tell me: the spiritual path you have chosen is because your ancestors did it? it’s because it’s in the blood? or you were inclined to a specific path because the memory of that specific path resides in your everlasting consciousness? and in truth your belief system and the cult of the ancestors you feel a connection with are just memories printed in your consciousness? which people call spirit or soul That’s why I said in other videos that people choose the spiritual path that calls to them not because it’s in the blood but because it’s in your everlasting consciousness this of course if you believe in reincarnation Look around you and you will understand that the spiritual transcends religions and civilizations We see this in archaeology. I am an archaeologist. And as one of you rightly pointed out There are certain symbols that can be found in disconnected societies throughout history People who have never had any connection with each other impossible unless of course, they travel through time and the identical symbols, or similar or with the same meaning and religious connections appear all across the world which might indicate indeed that the spirit transcends religions and civilizations and those mean nothing because of the everlasting consciousness that will reflect past experiences on the mind when it inhabits a new body or this might be the case that we are absolutely connected with each other and the cult of the ancestors is the cult of virtually every one of the past What calls to you also resides in the subconscious of other people But they just feel more inclined to another spiritual path because it’s what’s more active in the conscious and that doesn’t make you special because you have special ancestors, since your ancestors- Are virtually the same as everyone else The spiritual path that calls to you is in your subconscious Which then is reflected in your conscious If you follow something because it’s in the blood you are restricted to the realities given by the matter You are restricted to the information of the physical But if you follow a spiritual because it calls to you Because you follow your own mind and make your own decisions and choices You are following what’s in your subconscious and is reflected on the conscious This is what I mean when sometimes I say we must work to unlock the hidden secrets stored deep in our conscious But this perspective is only applied if you believe that the soul spirit or, everlasting conscious exists Which you forcibly have to believe if you believe in the ancestors and their influence upon us so if you believe in reincarnation But believe the ancestral worship is about biology You are contradicting yourself Because your ancestors do not live in your blood What’s in your DNA is information Ancestral memory yes, but information of the past, a code that gives you a lot of informations and Indications and gives you all the physical traits you have Including diseases it belongs to the physical Your ancestors are not in your blood if you believe they are spiritual entities Ancestral memory is one thing, ancestral spirits is another So a few heathens reduce ancestry to biology alone – the cult of the ancestors This is actually a modern idea This idea that “the ancestors are in the blood” and has nothing to do with old religions and spiritual perspectives Like I said a lot of people try to transport ideas of of the present into the past The idea that the ancestral worship is a matter of bloodlines started during the 19th century and with political nationalist ideas in the perspective that certain populations were “pure” certain “races were pure” which has inspired racist ideologies in the past decades and idea that never existed in the past again I find it funny that it’s those unfortunately more linked to Germanic paganism that still follow this perspective and I find it funny because you clearly never read the sources, the Old Norse poetry for instance otherwise You would not believe the cult of the ancestors was a question of bloodline if you read the accounts of how ancient societies and other ancient cultures in general Thought about the accessable worship. You would be in shock to realize it was never about bloodline and keep the “race pure” I’ve told you in this channel there are plenty of Norse Sagas that tells us that the essence of a person could live on not with procreation and having the descendents, solely, but by giving one’s name to another person That person would carry out the name of someone which means the person would Inherit the skills and attributes of the person who gave it a name an individual’s personal essence and fate ancestral power, örlög, and the spiritual entity itself, could be inherited by someone named after them It wasn’t a requirement to be related to that person. In fact, even the child of an enemy could be adopted by someone and That someone would give his own name to the child thus beginning a new ancestral line not by blood but by connections external to biology so ancestry in many Old Norse Sagas could be determined by intentionally naming someone This this is a case of spirituality so why are people trying to reduce it to a biological matter when the cult of the ancestors has always been a spiritual approach To people you don’t even have to be biological related As I’ve said in the video about the cult of the ancestors, I have given you Specific classical examples of Romans adopting children and giving their names, and they became their descendants these adopted children would continue the cult of the ancestors, worshiping the ancestors that adopted them There is no bloodline in here. No consanguinity connections when a Roman woman gave birth at least among wealthy families and nobility it was up to the father to accept the child or not; to grab the child up in the air and say: “I recognize you as my child” or “I do not recognize you as my child” If the father did not recognize the child the father would put the child literally on the streets and Whoever wanted would take the child This child could be adopted by someone Become a slave Or being eaten by the dogs, but if the child lived That child would perform rituals to the cult of the ancestors, but the child did not have a father anymore Nor a mother, but would worship those who might want to help Who might have a connection with the child which means the child could even worship the ancestral family members of the parents that adopted her or even friends The cult of the ancestors was about emotional connections people created with each other We clearly have this in Slavic ancient societies, which unfortunately I never develop much in this channel But I would like to on a future video, but just to quickly tell you the ancestral worship among Slavs Especially Western Slavs near the Germanic borders were- was all about the tribe not the family, but all the families that belonged to the tribe and Outsiders that were incorporated within the tribe Indo-europeans were very much involved in ancestral worship They worshiped legendary heroes people of great renown people whose deeds Exceeded what was considered normal they worshiped people they had no biological connections with because There were those who- Whose great deeds made them have a special place in prayers and worship and later they became Gods ancestral worship gave birth to the worship of many deities Most Slavic peoples at least the ones we know of which are a lot did not believe in the spirit of a single individual but the collective spirit as long as the tribe survived, their spirit would live on the cult of the ancestors of- to the Slavic peoples of old was about the spirit of the tribe, the group of people of different families and even of people from Outside that they accepted in the tribe Yes migration was a thing and many tribes accepted outsiders, people of other ethnic groups and Thus they started to belong to the ancestral worship when they died Which is why in archaeology We find different ethnic groups in graves of of specific cultures some people nowadays believe to be “pure” But more on Slavic peoples on another video if you believe ancestral worship is about biology and In the idea of keeping the race pure. Well, I’m afraid there are bad news for you since genetics constantly find that there is more genetic variation within specific- specific racial and ethnic groups, than between different groups Ancestral worship in traditional cultures had a great emphasis on a continuous personal ritual practice with the objective of strengthening relationships with ancestral figures in the various sources, these rituals were either towards specific individuals or to a broader sense of ancestral collective spirit which by the way included a lot of animal spirits Plant spirits, spirits of place and so on. So again if ancestral worship was about bloodline beastiality or zoophilia must have been quite important. I am only joking obviously But animals and plants were included in the ancestral worship You see why it’s important to understand about a subject first, before jumping to conclusions? How can you have arguments against or in favor of something if you don’t know anything about it? anyway as I’ve said before people Love to give labels but ancestral worship Wasn’t about labels, but about connections Racial Categorizations wasn’t a thing in the past Ancestor worship was never about abstract categories and placing people into groups. Just like the ones We call today as “white” or “black” or “Asian” and so on That’s a contemporary thing Not a thing of the past Ancestral worship was about relationships that connected people To a broader sense of community, to a spiritual network But bloodline was important in a specific aspect in the ancestral worship indeed And those of you who think it’s about keeping the bloodline pure Will not like this at all. So better just Leave now before you have an heart attack or something The merging of different ethnic groups was very important for the ancestral worship to merge lineages to merge various ancestors to strengthen one’s connection with the ancestors – to have different ancestors important and powerful ancestors This is the only time bloodline enters and it’s the very thing modern racists hate the most When the truth hits hard and shakes those very fragile foundations of an obsolete belief system, it’s painful to watch Whether you accept it or not, the truth is the same Melding lineages of different ethnical groups was seen as a unification of ancestors creating a single web of ancestral spirits the matrimonial union was an expansion of the ancestral lineage ancestral worship even to this day in many societies that still maintained this activity was also about the worship of people that we feel a strong connection with not my blo not by blood but because we see them as role-models, and we require their help there is also the case of people that that feel a stronger connection with those they have chosen to be their family and Not the actually family members in the past this was also part of the ancestral worship, to continue to praise those who were important to us that do not have to forcibly be biologically related to us Ancestral worship has its basis on animism and some day I might talk about that which will certainly put an end to modern religious perspectives that have been greatly corrupted by contemporary political nationalist propagandas or maybe not… Because some people clearly want to stay in the dark In a fervent denial and will end up frustrated and alone ancestral worship in the past in the old cultures Certain modern neo-pagans like a profess they follow but clearly know nothing about it But fortunately it’s just a minority the ancestral worship was about interconnections and Relationship that went beyond the boundaries of skin-color or nationality when you let go of the narrow idea that ancestral worship is reduced to biology alone an infinite number of doors will open up before you and it will strengthen your spirituality Because in the previous videos those who argued that ancestral worship was solely about bloodline all I saw was denial hypocrisy, lack of well-structured arguments that lead to pathetic, unhelpful and destructive contradictions Don’t transport your modern way of thinking into the past because it wasn’t like that at all and by being incapable of making a separation between politics and spirituality it will ultimately destroy the freedom and creativeness of our own consciousness Now I repeat: what I said in this video is just one perspective not the only possible truth but think about what was said in here and remember: The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about Alright my dear friends I hope you have enjoyed this video and that it might have been useful If you really enjoy it I will ask you to please share it if you feel that it contains useful information that others might hear and It might help them share it in all of your social media and give it a thumbs up, or- on this video, or however you say it Thank you so much for watching. See you on the next video and as always tack för idag!
(Thank you for today!)

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    You are a very learned man Arith but you are only a man NOT a God or THE GOD however one believes. The vast majority of us greatly value the knowledge you so generously share with us asking from us NOTHING more than an open mind to receive it.
    Some people just aren't able to give you that. Some of them think they can until something goes against what they hold true. It's upsetting and they feel attacked. This is NOT on YOU!!
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    It seems that some people refuse to learn from the mistakes of our past, and it's difficult to believe that we are in the year 2019, and this situation is still prevalent in our modern day society.
    You have NEVER once given me the impression that you have an agenda, or any secret desire to change people's way of thinking, and as I said in a previous comment;
    'It's nice to hear the point of view of an actual practitioner who is also an impartial academic in this vague subject.'
    I stand by that statement, and hope this kind of narrow minded stupidity and ignorance only serves to strengthen your resolve to keep making these excellent videos to help educate and inform others about this fascinating subject, and I would actually be very interested in your personal belief system, and while we maybe wouldn't agree on everything, I'm certain we could live harmoniously on the same planet without too much conflict:)
    Thanks again for your superb content.
    All the very best Arith…:)

  8. Lossa inte hjärtat vän. Det du tillhandahåller är kunskap, några av oss är antingen generade att fråga och inte vet vem du ska fråga. Ditt skägg ser bra ut förresten lol.

  9. G'day mate,I'm from Australia,after all ur studies do U believe in Odin?l love the thought around nores mythology

  10. just a technical thing: You might have to tweak with the mic settings a bit. you can hear a weird mechanical echo just a few milliseconds after the original sound. not sure where it's coming from but i find it a bit disturbing. keep the great kontent up 🙂

  11. It is more Race than actual blood Line i aint planning on begging for Money from Book publishing or going to My forefathers in Linz but….i See What you did There!

  12. Very insightful speech. I agree that one of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from reaching a higher degree of truth and spiritual attainment is the sense of laziness and self-entitlement that people have by just belonging to a specific ethnic group. You need to work hard to progress, indeed. I say let's not dismiss blood but let's not forget that spirit is paramount and just calling yourself this and that isn't going to get you anywhere. Heritage is important, but we must work on it and not just inherit it and brag about it. Our ancestors were great for the very reason they didn't just passively receive a legacy from the past, but instead tried to contribute to it, make it greater if possible and worked hard for themselves and their own communities. Heritage is not a privilege, it's a treasury to deserve first, to keep and honor then, and to enrich if you can.

  13. I agree that our ancestors are both of blood and spirit. Those of spirit are ones whose writings or teachings have influenced us. Our genealogical ancestors are those of blood. We also have those ancestors who are more proximate, ones who we may have known in life, and those who are more distal; who are long in the past. We should venerate all of our ancestors both of spirit and blood, both proximal and distal.

  14. And I am grateful, because you help me to eliminate my ignorance, things I fought for, but deep in my soul I knew I was wrong and being ignorant.

  15. Don't fret over the loud mouths, Arith. They just can't deal with someone who can open minds without the use of an ax.

  16. Bravo Arith it's refreshing to hear people talk straight about life, the Universe and everything as I had thought that we had lost the ability, the human race that is.
    My axiom is that the truth is there is no Truth, because we all experience and witness life individually and so cannot rely on the "truth" of others. Following one path is like walking through a park or through a wood and only seeing the trail beneath your feet, missing all the beauty around you.
    Take good care of yourself, my friend.

  17. If we all took dna tests we would find we belong to a few different ethnicities so which ancestors do you pick to follow and which do you disregard? I have a varied ethnic background and have Jewish Christian and pagan in my line. In my house we pay general respect and homage to them all in a general paganistic manner. We try to keep our cup empty so to say because if you keep it full then there is no room to learn anything new. How does an investigator comes to his own truth about a case if he doesn’t look at all the angles and possibilities? He can’t just throw out the facts he doesn’t like. I’ve been to different churches, pagan places, ethnic festivals, read and studied and been to Chinese Buddhist monastery for teaching. There’s so much to learn and respect and know. Your faith in whatever should not be shaken by being open but will add to it. Hopefully I understand better what Arith has said just for my own growth.

  18. I really appreciate you walking us through the idea of developing critical thinking in our spiritual paths. People don't like the answer of "you have to do the work" and learn and make up your own ideas about these topics. Its easier to try to figure out exactly what Arith believes so that we can either say "he's one of the good guys" and just learn from you OR to decide Arith is completely wrong and full of shit. We must learn for ourselves, educate ourselves, and make up our own ideas. And knowing that isn't final – we have to remind ourselves of how this spiritual path thing really works (as it is part of our twisted culture to polarize popular figures of any kind).

  19. Your approach to the knowledge is exactly why I follow your channel, knowledge can be found on all paths. Thank you.
    Remember you can't help anyone, you can point out tools that may help people, it's completely up to them to pick up the tool and carry it in their tool box and figure out how to use it.
    Keep up the good work, you are appreciated! Peace.

  20. Of course, I don't believe that you are saying, you are so neutral that you say nothing and Of course, I don't want to be like my ancients however they are always present in my genetic code. I believe in natural law and everybody evolves in many different ways and in many places. I do not need vahalla to fight for my beliefs. I remind you the world is rules by conquerors who are not neutral. My father told before dying:—– Be better and stronger than I, Its your goal to reach it——–.

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