A Few Words on God

A Few Words on God

God is, and has been a powerful force in the history of humankind. The concept of God has taken many forms, and many religions. God has been given many names. Some claim that God is simply fiction, but that’s meaningless to me because we are a race governed by stories. The stories we tell ourselves are inescapable without letting go of the ego. Fiction, is just in our DNA This is gonna be a little bit different… when I use the word god, I mean what I say in a secular sense, I Personally see God as independent of religion. This is simply the way I choose to see the world. My perspective is the only thing I can speak about. Since there’s a lack of material on God in a secular sense. I thought I would share my view. Let me begin by saying I am deeply ignorant on the workings of God, I understand very very little about how the universe works. Can make only the most basic of observations. for example, sometimes water falls from the clouds in the sky. And, sometimes it’s the Sun that’s peeking through the leaves. Sometimes I feel like life piles up on my chest and throat and I can’t get the air that I need and other times, I’m OK, I’m alright. I can’t tell you what it means or why it happens. I have no clue why I, or any of us are here and what we’re supposed to be doing. Naturally, I spend a lot of time thinking about gotten, seems like a lot of people look to God to answer all these impossible questions. And yet so much that is said using this three-letter word, it doesn’t make sense to me. What about the insane, and justices, that exist in this world? What about the suffering that occurs in all of our lives? Why do people have to die? Why do all things come to an end? I feel like I keep trying to add one plus one and getting 5 or 6 or 27. I think a lot about how quickly time is passing. Sometimes moments occur in my life and I feel unable to grasp their meaning. I’m aging. Before I know it, I’ll be in the twilight of looking back at all the things I dreamed of and accomplished as a young man full of energy, but also full of questions Usually my thoughts on death, are what lead me back to God. I’m told I asked my grandparents about death, when I was four years old. Since then not a whole lot has changed. I still think about it most days. If it all just ends, why are we running around in a world that feels incoherent nonsensical? What am I even trying to accomplish in the first place? Here’s what I can say, My idea of god, has changed a lot over-time. little by little I’ve come to see God, as the best possible friend I could ever have. I’m not entirely sure how I came to this conclusion but, something about it feels right. This is a friend that loves me so purely and deeply I’m unable to understand its death. God is a friend, that will not leave me in a friend that I have so much to learn from. My friend cares little about reverence, about shame, about respect or about anything else that I do for that matter. There are no expectations. Instead, I see God is infinitely patient. Love is the only word god knows. You can turn your back to this friend, and I often do in my ignorance and selfishness. This is something I’ve done in confusing or overwhelming parts of my life. I say to myself, ”I’m so lonely.” Or, ”I’m so lost.” In fact I think I spend the majority of my life bumping against my many invisible walls, living in the limitations of my mind. Figuring out how to understand and take care of myself. None of this changes the fact that God is, And will always be there. This is a comforting thought for me. I run around trying to prove myself in the world. looking for recognition and acceptance, React in funny ways when were desperate for these things. I’m unnecessarily competitive. I have a little bit of a temper. I’m not the best with criticism and I’ve been selfish at times. Spend a lot of time trying to rationalize the way things work. trying to connect the dots… To fix myself. I don’t think this is how God operates. As far as I understand things there is no justice. No, right or wrong. God is simply the way things move, and it is I who choose to let fear close my eyes, from seeing things as they are. Instead, I feel my friend is with me in the moments when those walls of mine fall. In moments of music. In moments of pure embrace with others. Moments of focus and creativity in peace. Moments of selflessness… Moments of stillness… They might be fleeting moments, but somehow there are also moments that last an eternity. In these moments, My friend says to me: Hi. I’ve been waiting for you.

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  1. I just wanted to say that as a Christian/Catholic, I really admire and respect your perspective on God. I find that sometimes I don’t quite resonate with all the teachings of my faith, and find it hard to reconcile certain concepts with contemporary ways of life. However, whenever I strip back the layers and get to the core of it all, I feel what you are saying is the truth of it all…and that feels right. Whatever methods people feel comfortable to reach that conclusion or state of being will all be relative and equally important. Thanks for sharing your views on a topic that can be very controversial and keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. This video took my breath away! I can honestly say that you are one of the few talented people on Youtube.
    I loved your perspective on the concept of God.

  3. Interesting. Your views on God are very similar to my own views on death. It’s not a stretch for me to see them as one and the same really. Throughout everything I’ve felt like death is my only true friend. Not in a depressing way, but in a comforting way. We all succumb to death eventually, and he is patiently by our side until that time comes. Whether you are overcome with joy while skydiving, or deep in a suicidal despair, death doesn’t abandon us. Doesn’t judge us. Doesn’t treat anyone unfairly. It’s there waiting for that moment when it’s time to take us. Not because death wants to take us, but simply because that moment has arrived and he is there to usher us through that experience out of a desire to care for us. But for that one moment where he is called upon to do his duty for us, there are countless other moments that death shares with us as he patiently waits.

  4. I’m unnecessarily competitive, I have a little bit of a temper. I’m not the best with criticism, and I’ve been selfish at times. I spend a lot of time trying to rationalize the way things work. Trying to connect the dots…. ARE YOU DESCRIBING ME?

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing!
    The perspective into your perspective is amazing!
    I would like to suggest some videos that have added to the shaping of my view on life's undulation: the Wisdom books Series by the Bible Project (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job). Give them a view, I think you'll find them useful 🙂

  6. Wow Nathan thank you that was so powerful ! You expressed exactly how i feel about God not being a Being but a dynamic, a movement. I struggle with putting words on things like that but you did it brilliantly. Thank you so much

  7. This is a really interesting perspective. I love God and I love Jesus, even though I do believe they are just as well. 
    If you are ever curious and want to see if you can find more answers that feel right, feel free to check out https://www.comeuntochrist.org. This is the religion that makes sense and feels right to me, so I want to share it with everyone else so they can see if it is right for them too.

  8. Lost? Ngl there are homless people that spund happier than u do on this video and u definitely have more than they

  9. What an incredible video. Thanks Nathan for sharing such a personal view on such a controversial topic. I have been trying to put into words how I feel about GOD and I feel incredibly reflected on the words you say. Thank . you!!!!

  10. Even if this video gets less views I feel it is with this kind of videos you, Nathaniel Drew, will make the world a better place and your friend proud. There is already so many minimalists teaching us habits but there is only very few people reflecting on topics like this and doing it in such a humble and reflective manner. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I feel like we all have some innate sense of something bigger than us all.. like every people and culture is given one small torn piece of a picture of God. None of us have the full picture, but we all have the right idea, the right start towards something — and maybe one day all our pieces will come together to show us our true purpose, our end, and our beginning.

    The same goes for right and wrong. I think there is some sort of objective goodness or rightness, but none of us can conceive of it in its entirety, we have to somehow pursue that rightness together, like bringing our respective dishes to one huge potluck feast of truth and justice. No one is right, but everyone has a small seed of truth, if only we rely on each other to nurture that seed and pull the weeds around it. No one can find God or truth on his or her own, we need the rest of mankind to join us in our search.

  12. read quran and you will know who is allah(god) i know u love reading so why don't u make it experiment

  13. hey great video! There's another youtuber named "Ikenna" that has done a video called "i learned spanish in 7 days" im not sure if he's talking inspiration from you but you may want to check it ouy (i havnt seen him credit you at all)

  14. Peace be with you Nathaniel Drew. This video was very enlightening, and it's amazing seeing how many questions and concerns you have as well as your perspective on God. I think that many of your questions could be answered if you read the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam. I invite you to Islam so you could explore the Islamic views of God (Allah). I feel like you may be able to relate to the Islamic perspective of God. I highly recommend you watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d16CpWp-ok regarding the meaning of life. I think it could answer many of the questions you have. All the best, and I enjoy watching your videos 🙂

  15. I got goosebumps watching this video.. I think that is a sign from God that what you said is so true. God is my friend too.

  16. Nathaniel, you posted this at a time where I am just beginning to explore my definition of God, the feelings I have around the word and how the are confounded with my definition of God. It does me good to know I am not the only one feeling God independently of religion.

  17. This is why I love your work so much! You surprise me every time. So beautifully done. I got goosebumps. I am just beyond words.

  18. keep questioning.. may God (that you trust about his existence) guide you and guide us all to the blessed way of life..

  19. Thank you Nathan for sharing. It's like you spoke from my heart. I used to be an atheist and through months of self improvement (how I find your wonderfully and humble channel) I find that God has found his way into my being. I'm not into organized religion, but a deep personal relationshi is what I strive for. Peace and balance in my life.

  20. Beautiful video. It is true. He is our friend and ever present help in time of trouble. He loves us with a love so great that if it were just us left on earth, he would be beaten, whipped, and crucified all over again; even if we were to have nothing to do with him. His love is unconditional. ✞=♡

  21. God Almighty is there, He exists and we know that because we exist.
    He created us. Why? To acknowledge Him and worship Him. In return for what? An eternal life of bliss.

  22. The burden of proof is among those claiming such a high entity based off some book made by retards 2000 years ago to seek power. Indoctrination is a real thing and unfortunately it takes alot of will power to admit youre wrong. GOD IS FAKE. We are just stupid monkeys finding answers. Stay humble

  23. So I came down to the comment section, because I liked the video so much. And then this comment section turns out to be so positive and inspiring. People who just seem to want to share and learn from each other. That's something I haven't seen in a while on this platform. Somehow, good videos have the power to brings this out. It gives me hope, just like the video does. Beautiful. Congratulations on this incredible work of art (which must have cost a lot of time to construct), dear creator!

  24. i feel like you might enjoy "la magia del amor" by gerardo schemdling, its all in spanish and theres some stuff there about outside day to day life but the core message is that life is about Love (of all forms) and all the ways to practice it <3

  25. I am so grateful I found you back in April. Your content is astonishing, I really enjoy being able to experience your perspective on life.
    Although I probably don’t always share your perspective, I find that you have words I’ve never even thought but still sound like my own.
    Thank you for the fresh breezes on my clouded mind. I hope your creations gives you life and pushes you further, you are amazing.

  26. This is simply a perfect video. I just love all you’ve said and i feel the same kind of conection with good. I like you vert much man and your channel is truly great

  27. I am such a feeler. This is not the first time for me crying to your videos. This one particularly, i'v watched it three times at this point and still cry all over again. So i think, This is it! my everyday wake-up-call video.

  28. Very nice video!
    People seldom speak about God today, and your style of explaining your friendship with him is really interesting.
    God bless you!

  29. Good video but how can an god be ur best friend hes not actually present in our life, its like a child with an imaginary friend its make believe

  30. I love the throwback videos to little Nathaniel. The child’s perspective and how your eyes and smile are still the same. Thank you for your honest perspective and for sharing your heart and what god is to you. You are brave.

  31. I love watching your videos because they show uniqueness and your truth, that is brave and that is amazing!

  32. Ok, so I strived not to say this, but you are a very very wise and attractive man 😂😂 I'm gonna vanish from the planet now, goodbye forever everyone

  33. If you hadn’t introduced your experience of God as secular I would have never known that was what it was, this was overall a very beautiful example of someone having a relationship with God and thank you for sharing it, I thought it was very powerful and also very brave. I think it’s a shame these experiences aren’t shared more, but of course, it can be tricky on a beast like the internet, so kudos. I do wonder though, you being someone both intellectually inquisitive and spiritually engaged, whether you’ve ever considered reading the bible in a year, or any other religious text for that matter. I respect your view of God being outside of those religious constructs, but it’s for precisely that reason I think a video on the subject would be interesting. A book review, of sorts. I think it would be especially interesting to see a secular reflection/review of a religious text, and whether you found it had any impact on your life or your evolving view of God.

  34. I don’t believe in god. Just the thought of a guy with powers creating a whole planet and elements and all kinda of species and animals of different kinds seems weird to me ( I believe in magic tho what’s wrong with me ) god is just an excuse for people who have lucky and are happy to show off how great they are. On the other hand, Satan is just an excuse for people to act bad and how horribly they (can) behave. Those characters are, to me, just excuses and ways to blame others for our behaviors.

  35. What you said about god being your friend is how most of us Catholics think about it and also god isnt the only creature up there there is also some evil and god cant control the evil because everything he has created has free will also people have free will and make mistakes which lead to other mistakes as in people dying and the world changing God didnt tell you what to do he just advises you but you dont have to follow so what i wanted to say do not forget god is not here to create pain and suffering he is here for love

  36. I share your thoughts but why haven't I ever thought of naming Him "friend". I think a lot of why we're here and I keep feeling that it's the most important assignment God gave us. For me, the goal of our existence isn't to go to heaven or hell (that's just a collateral consequence) I think we're here to answer the question of why God created humans to begin with….while there was angels and everything else why did we get the right to exist?
    It might sound like just stories for some but I believe that this happened : when God was planning to create Adam and he asked angels to bring him some dirt and mold from around Earth angels asked God "Why are you creating someone who will kill and do bad?" God then replied "I know what is unknown to you"…sounds like typical mysterious? Well God already has this reputation no need to reply like this for me maybe it's just something that angels might never understand. On the other hand he made sure is humans will hear about this because he knows we're curious creatures who will do anything if challenged to do so.
    So maybe, just maybe, the reason we're here is to find why we were created. There is definitely a reason/reasons

  37. God is the best possible friend I could ever have.
    For some reason, this perspectives really intrigued me. Food for throught. Thanks Nathaniel.

    Thank you for the beautiful video as well.👍👍👍👍👍

  38. Cute kid! That is one human commonality. We all begin our journeys as infants and children, curious, inquiring, energetic and wide-eyed about the world we are entering.

  39. I think that people search for a purpose for life in belief there’s some metric that they will be judged upon for entry into some afterlife. But I believe that’s wrong. I think that because life is scarce, we should spend the majority of our times enjoying it. Whether or not there’s an afterlife doesn’t change the fact our life is limited. So, we should just enjoy life. Prop your feet up, drink some oj, and make some friends.

  40. Beautiful video! I never write comments, but this really was amazing, I had to! 🙂 Truly amazing, mystical and beautifully done. Loved hearing your perspective, I think I'm on a similar page with you on God. 🙂

  41. Just found your channel! You have a really wise point of view. I loved this video. I hope your relationship with God grows and always remains strong. May I ask if you studied film? This looks so well made.

  42. Since I subscribed your channel, I feel like I've finally found my soulmate. You calm me down everytime .. thank you Nathaniel . There is no need to tell you cause I'm sure you'll keep doing wonderful work. 🙂

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