5 Relaxing Songs For Your Dog

5 Relaxing Songs For Your Dog

1. Chopin–Raindrop Prelude 2. Mozart–Sonata №16 in C, K545 3. Bach–Invention 8 in FΔ 4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 5. John Barry–Somewhere In Time Theme Song ♪Outro Music: Chopin–Heroic Polonaise♫

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  1. Les inventions de Bach c'est plutôt pour violon et alto normalement… d'où le fait qu'il n'y ai que 2 voix ça fait pas beaucoup à jouer au piano et sonne bizarre les 2 instruments étant sensés se donner un dialogue en questions / réponses. Je les ai joué jadis au violon.

  2. I am sorry to tell you but your dog is not relaxed. He is a little bit anxious, with some panting, yawning and lip licking. He is a beautiful dog and you’re probably good at caring for him. But most humans don’t understand the meaning of those signs in dog body language.
    (2 minute video from BBC programme with quick summary)

  3. тааааааак…………..ни одного русского комментария?……… ну да, не Бузова же!

  4. My dog fell asleep to this? I put my phone next to him and he just kinda dozed off. Truly, it was quite beautiful though.

  5. Aquilo é um cão? Parece um desses bonecos felpudos da guerra das estrelas, 1a trilogia… n lembro o nome. Kkkk

  6. The casually-dressed Lord Vinheitero…a sight I never expected to see. The only consideration when playing these songs to calm your dog is that you can only use a portion of the keyboard if the small mutt is sitting on it at the same time.

  7. I know who dog's favourite composer is. Offenbach . Because they do – the little rogue nect door never shuts up.

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