5-Minute Letting Go Meditation for Minimalists

5-Minute Letting Go Meditation for Minimalists

Hello friends this is Youheum. Welcome to a guided meditation session for letting go, decluttering, and minimizing. Feel free to
take this time to close your eyes to lie down or sit upright. You can also let
this be a visual experience if you want to leave your eyes open. The choice is
always up to you. Letting go is to surrender, to surrender
the stress and clutter that has been building up. Letting go is to surrender the stale old air and to invite refreshing new air
through the in-and out-breath. Ride the flow of letting go. Allow this air to
flow freely, to cleanse and to renew. Each out-breath representing the release from attachment,
the release from tightness, from possessiveness, from pain, and suffering,
and the fear that what I have is not enough, that I am not supported, that I’m
lacking, and I am unsafe, that I cannot survive. Letting that grip, that hold
melt away with each out-breath the body slowly opening up to the new and lighter
me. The heart opening up to new experiences that the present moment
holds. The mind expanding welcoming the new ways of beingness, new ways of
expressing, new ways of freedom. The space opening up inviting new ways
of nourishment, new ways of growth, and letting my in-breath be the
representation of this openness, this new and welcoming approach, this new me
completely safe, supported, loved, and deserving of true whole everlasting
abundance. Continuing this flow of letting go, easing into it, allowing it to be
absorbed and accepted into everyday life. Letting the breath be the guide,
letting me in and the out being a guide to peace to harmony and calmness. Continue breathing, continue letting go,
and continue accepting that I am safe, that I am supported, that I am whole. In-and-out. In-and-out. Slowly opening the eyes inviting new
energy perhaps moving the tip of the fingers, the toes and rising to a seated
position. Taking the deepest breath I have taken
the whole day, releasing through an open mouth. Big exhalation. And if you wish, feel free to take your hands into a prayer pose. Leave a slight gap between the thumbs.
Bowing gently and sending a lotus in gratitude for the miracles of healing,
the miracles of life, the miracle of this present moment, the miracle of our
brothers and sisters here together, and the miracle of being on this earth, this
universe, coexisting. Thank you for practicing with me today. Share with me
if this was helpful in some way in the comments below. Please like and subscribe
to my channel. Also, more guided sessions are to come in the future and I also
offer a free recording in the descriptions below. Thanks again for
joining me and I hope to see you again soon.

68 thoughts on “5-Minute Letting Go Meditation for Minimalists

  1. Hello friends, sending good vibes and love your way through this quick guided session. 🙏🏼 Drop any suggestions for the next guided meditation! What do you need help healing? Also better audio is coming in the future since I am right now away from my gear traveling.

  2. It's 00:53 at night on Poland. I feel stress, I compulsive thinking about money, about sad experience and Your video give me peace. Thank You so much.<3 I love You always

  3. 🙏♥️ Thank you! Just perfect! 😊✨✨Wishing all who celebrate a beautiful Thanksgiving.🍁🍂

  4. Thank you. You have a wonderfully relaxing voice! I actually had many more creative ideas when I lost focus on your voice, but still relaxed. 🙂

  5. Would love to see more of these. I just started meditating recently and find it helpful. What about nature focused guided imagery?

  6. Thank you for this guided meditation. I had a emotional day and this allowed me to release those emotions before I went to sleep. Just a lovely video.

  7. I really liked it but would have loved it if you had taken longer pauses between your phrases and would have spoken less. I prefer less talking to more talking in meditations, personally. Thank you💕 🌸🙏🏼

  8. This was great for a quick way to relax at the end of the day. Would love a meditation for healing physical ailments if possible Thanks.

  9. Loved this meditation! Looking forward to more like this, maybe even some longer ones too. I really enjoy your videos- I always find some wisdom and inspiration in each one.

  10. If you made a podcast of guided meditations, I’d be listening to every one of them. Your voice is so calming and your words were beautifully scripted. Thank you. 💕

  11. Dear friend 😘 thank you this was a meditation that offered worth and safety for me inviting all the things I want to have in my life like calm protection abundance letting go it spoke to me and I enjoyed spending time with you doing this thank you for your beautiful spirit xx

  12. Sitting in bed after a busy day managing 7 children, I am so tired and my mind is still busy. I listen to you and closed my eyes, was so incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for bring some peace at the end of a long day for an Australian. I look forward to more videos like this. 🥰

  13. Thank you for this Meditation.. short and very helpful… And it helped me change my mood for a while .. ☺️ thank you .. let goo

  14. Lovely way to relax before a hectic day or decompress from one. Thank you. More of these types of videos would be appreciated.

  15. Youheum, thank you for sharing your kind and wise support. When I felt too wired to meditate, this video helped calm, center and inspire me. Also sharing with a friend who is sick. Many thanks from Chicago, Rachel

  16. I am in my apartment sick with my two cats I couldn't make it to a Thanksgiving invitation but I am at peace watching you meditation video.

  17. Would lift this experience A LOT if you recorded it on a better microphone. The poor sound quality bothers me and gets me out of peace. Thank you.

  18. That was amazing need that today for some reason started dropping few tears will definitely be looking forward to more ♥️

  19. A very small suggestion: toward the end of the recording a very high frequency pitch was picked up alongside your voice which made it difficult for me to process your message. Otherwise, a very lovely and centering meditation. Thank you.

  20. Hello! Thank you so much for sharing this meditation. It is just what I needed this morning. It’s 11.30 am here. I was feeling anxious and you have really helped. Thank younb💕🙏

  21. Youheum I've been following you since you started this channel and I love watching all of your videoes, however, before I became a vegan your "What I eat in a day" became a factor of me changing my eating habits. I would really like you to upload more videoes of what you eat in a day, I really missed them 🙁 <3

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