5 Min Listening to Sounds Guided Meditation

5 Min Listening to Sounds Guided Meditation

Meditating with sounds can be a very
effective way to quiet the mind and achieve a state of stillness and
meditation stay tuned hi I’m Shirley Archer your
mindful living coach. I help you say no to overwhelm with tips and strategies.
In this video we’re going to do a mindfulness sound meditation it will be
five minutes long. let’s begin start with 3 intentional breaths inhaling deeply
and exhaling completely you may breathe in and out through the nose, or if you
need to use your mouth that’s fine too Gently close your eyes or if you prefer
you can meditate with your eyes open just simply gaze downward soft without
focusing on anything in particular resting your hands in your lap or on the
thighs release the breath and simply observe the breathing without any effort to control it notice if it’s an inhalation or an
exhalation feel the sensations as the breath enters
your body perhaps you feel it most at the nose or at the throat maybe you feel
it in the chest or the belly but draw your attention to wherever wherever you
feel the breath as you inhale and exhale shifting your attention now draw your
awareness to the presence of sounds just as you brought your attention to the
breath without any emphasis on a particular
sound or noise just observe all the sounds around you softening the ears
allowing the waves of sound to roll up and roll back see if we can distinguish between the
sounds and the foreground like my voice and the multitude of sounds in the
background now sharpen your awareness to any sounds of man — humanity are you hearing any people’s voices? perhaps machinery maybe an airplane or
cars any sounds of humanity around you? now shift your attention and focus
awareness on any sounds of nature can you perhaps hear birds or insects
sounds of winds or water? and then once again shifting your
attention to any internal sounds can you hear your breath? can you hear your heartbeat? or hear digestive organs making any
sounds? now once again shifting your awareness
to all sounds without focusing on anyone in particular just observe the richness of the
symphony of sounds around you notice if you have any thoughts or
feelings that arise about any particular sound and if you observe that instead of judging or trying to stop the thought or
feeling if you can just label what it is that are you analyzing does a
particular sound make you happy or angry observe any reactions to sound and then once again bring your attention
back to the breath perhaps curling the sides of the mouth
into a gentle half smile as you continue breathing in and breathing out
feeling centered and still at one with all the sounds around you very gently rotate your fingers will the
shoulders if your eyes are closed open the eyes perhaps enjoy your stretch
bring your attention and awareness fully back into the room feeling calm centered
in your mindfulness of sound this guided meditation is part of a playlist of five minute guided meditations I hope that you enjoy it I’m very glad you
shared this one with me today thank you

2 thoughts on “5 Min Listening to Sounds Guided Meditation

  1. I love connecting with sounds during meditation to anchor my mind in the present. Sometimes when I focus on breathing, my mind can be very restless. Paying attention to sounds is a strong enough focus to calm my mind and allow me to observe any thoughts or feelings that may come up. Have you tried meditation by listening to sounds? If yes, share your experiences.

  2. So helpful! Thank you!! Sounds have the same nature as sensations in our body and mind. Will definitely be taking some self-care time to watch again.

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