3 Tips On Spiritual Protection From Psychic Attacks

3 Tips On Spiritual Protection From Psychic Attacks

being under spiritual attack doesn't mean you have to be helpless all you have to know how to do is take spiritual action have survived survive so severe body is your boy astral Sosa from reprogram the matrix calm welcome back to the channel in this episode I'm going to share with you three different tips on how to spiritually protect yourself there are so many different types of attacks that can happen on a spiritual level whether it be directly at your spirit whether it's at your energetic bodies whether it's at your subconscious mind these types of attacks are very common and it can happen on your normal you know daily activities whether it's running errands going to the store to the post office you know hanging out with your friends while you're at home sleeping you still during meditation at the gym it really doesn't matter spiritual attacks can happen and you have to be prepared at any time some of these attacks can create chaos in your life or emotional distress or even caused an extremely low energy so you don't have the energy to actually get up and do the things that would actually make you happy so it's very important that you understand on a spiritual level what is going on in your reality tip number one is gonna be your awareness and not just any type of awareness but awareness of you know your spirit awareness of your energetic bodies awareness of your subconscious mind and your emotions and whatnot because these type of spiritual attacks can affect all of these different areas in your life so you have to have the awareness of them if you're not aware of it then you won't even know you're under attack you will just feel basically the effects from the attack whether that be something like low energy you'll feel the low energy but you're curious and wondering where did this low energy come from it doesn't make sense I ate enough food today you know I've been exercising all this different type of stuff how come I don't have any energy you know so you have to be aware of all these different things you see when it comes to your spirit it's like are you getting out of line with your spirit with your higher purpose is something pulling you in changing your mind on things that actually matter to you so for example you might say okay I want to start eating healthier and then all of a sudden you know something is telling you to eat bad and eat all these different snacks and all this type of stuff although that doesn't really align with your spirit because through you know your spirit you wanted to stop eating this stuff you wanted to start being healthier so an attack could have came in to actually cause you to get out of line with what your true you know being is but then it can also get into energy this is when your energy can be altered in some type of way whether you end up having that extreme low energy you know you're very lethargic and don't feel like doing anything or you're procrastinating becoming very lazy or sometimes it can even be too much energy you could end up having too much energy where it's like you use all this big amount of energy and you don't know where this energy came from and then all of a sudden you're just burnt out and then you fall into the laziness and stuff like that so the energy can fluctuate really fast sometimes when you're going under these attacks and then there's the subconscious mind where all of a sudden you might have these random thoughts that you know aren't yours and you're like why am I thinking like this like why is my mind telling me to do this you know you're getting angry with people you're wanting to hurt people when really you know you have a big heart so it doesn't make sense to you this could be due to you know some type of script running in the background you've been subconsciously programmed in some type of way and you're not really aware of what happened you know you have to be able to to tune into these different scripts that are running in the background it's like software on your computer that's running even though the window isn't up it's still running in the background so you have to be able to tune into that brain wave or that frequency in order to identify you know where is this script coming from so your awareness is very key without awareness you won't even know what's going on you won't even recognize that you were under some type of attack you won't even recognize that there's a script running in the background you won't recognize that you know your energetic bodies has taken damage so it's very important to have awareness on a bunch of different levels not just awareness of hey you know I got to get to work today and then I got to come home from work and you know feed my cats we'll feed my dog or something but awareness of what's going on in your outer environment but what's also going on in your inner environment so tip number two is you have to be able to shield your energy and what I mean by that is getting into them with your electromagnetic field every person here not just person but you know every object for that matter has an electromagnetic field around it and the stronger the electromagnetic field the less it's going to be able to be manipulated by something else that has an electromagnetic field because electromagnetic fields they can you know come into contact with each other and it can disturb one or the others electromagnetic field or both for that matter so the stronger it is the more effect you're going to have on you know something else on the outside coming into the vicinity of your aura or your electromagnetic energy so you have to be aware of this you know this is going to provide protection for your energetic bodies I just did a video not too long ago on you know your energetic bodies and tapping into it so I recommend checking that out if you don't know much about your energy bodies because you know we have an etheric body we have our spirit body we have our mental body we have you know our Chi body we have all these different bodies and we have to be able to protect them because if one is vulnerable that one can be the way that you know these different attackers on a spiritual level can come in and find our vulnerability okay again you know when it comes to energy it could be that they're coming in and taking your energy energy vampire or vampire energy and they're using that energy to manifest certain things that they want or to use it for some type of creativity because a lot of times they lack creativity so they'll try to ride your wave and get energy off of you there's a lot of different things that can happen out of that so you have to have like these different multo multiple layers of protection just in case you know one of those protection layers gets broken through you have another layer setup and you also have different layers possibly for your different energetic bodies it depends on how detailed in how deep you want to get into your protection which is important but to some people it might not be as important as it is to others you know and when it comes to your energy this can affect you know your mood all of a sudden you can have these different mood swings where you're swinging from happy to sad you know it's like your mood is just fluctuating you're just having these emotional spikes you know where it's just like boom just spiking up all of a sudden you're just very joyful for no reason and it may seem like oh that's a good thing but sometimes too much joy can lead to a crash it's like taking an energy drink in this like you have all this energy and you're walking up and everything but then all of a sudden you crash and you're like man I'm tired you know the same thing can happen with joy and happiness they can insert something into your life to make you very happy and overjoyed and the next thing you know boom the crash happens and then you're very depressed so tip number three is going to be using your spiritual protection tools it's very important that you go out and you get some tools to help you protect yourself on a spiritual level or it could be like I said on the energetic level or a subconscious level and you have to understand how your spiritual tools work and how they operate and what tool to use in a specific attack because a lot of people they just have kind of their go-to protection tool which might be something like sage for example a lot of people use sage smudge sticks and sage smudge sticks can work for a lot of different things but sometimes that night might not be the appropriate tool for the specific event that's taking place in your life at that moment so you have to understand how your tools work so you can't use incense you can use different herbs and smudge sticks where you can start tapping into you know your crystals and using crystal grid systems and programming your crystals or you can get in tune with the different codes and insert those into the grids whether it come from a physical aspect of using your body your body language or different hand signs and mooches or even opening up your eye and allowing energy to come out or taking energy you know that needs to be taken from your eyes there's a lot of different ways that you can approach this but you have to understand how it works you know I have a whole workshop you know dedicated to beginners out there or anybody that's been learning but they haven't quite figured out how to protect their self on a spiritual level I have a whole workshop with over seven hours of footage you know dedicated to this exact topic so it goes into more detail than I of course cinnamon in this video you can check that out I have a link in the description is called the beginner spiritual warrior video workshop and you have to realize that when it comes to attacks they are adapting they are learning new ways to attack new ways to break out of you know the walls and stuff that you have up right now to protect yourself so some of these things you know over time as you start waking up and your vibration gets high and your energy is higher they might start coming in with more advanced tactics you know so I have an intermediate video workshop as well that's going to be coming on the way but for now everybody should start with that beginner spiritual warrior video workshop so that they understand their tools how they are used and you know what tools they should use for what reason and sometimes you can use multiple tools for the same reason so you have to understand that every different attack is you know is not like you know just some cookie cutter attack sometimes they can come and attack you spiritually in a different type of way once they learn different techniques or they learn how you're protecting yourself so it's good to have these multiple different levels of protection and having different tools you know you can use something like you know an animal totem or a dragon or something and there's different ways to implement this tool you know into your protection whether it be protecting your dwelling or whether you're bringing this you know this totem with you in the subconscious through the subnet when you're out and about in society so you have to understand how these different tools work that's very important and having these multiple tools you know having different sigils and and protection around you if you have a topic that you would like to see covered on this channel I'll have a link in the description where you can fill out a form and possibly have you know your topic where your question answered in a future video also make sure to leave a like and subscribe and click that little notification bill to get all future updates on the channel that's pretty much it I want to thank you all for watching peace in and out would love my highest vibrations and always my gratitude

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  3. I asked myself this exact question earlier today and you answered it in totality. I’m so grateful for you Astro ❤️❤️❤️ been following you for a LONG time now. And will always remain.

  4. Hey astro high vibes x3
    Wondering what the best material to use for a bell is, to help send the protection with intention x44

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