3-Minute Guided Meditation to Make a Decision /Hard choices made easy! ENTER 2020 ON THE RIGHT PATH!

3-Minute Guided Meditation to Make a Decision /Hard choices made easy! ENTER 2020 ON THE RIGHT PATH!

atena sadegh: at the end of the day this guy sounds
cheesy but you really have one life to live and who else to live by by what
would you desire all the choices you make have led you to where you are in
this life at this moment and if you are right now in the midst of deciding your
next step whether it’s to start a family or make a career shift or what school
program you’re going to study and you’re not sure which way to go and you want to
really be aligned this is really the video for you today’s video is all about
making those tough decisions yes. Atena Sadegh: Welcome back to my youtube channel! If you’re new
to my channel welcome my name is Atena and every week I bring you videos to
uplift your mindset energy and give you those tools that you need to live a
pretty happy life making those really difficult decisions in life can be
honestly one of the most fantastic opportunities to suffer in this life
when it give you real blessing in this life but you can really suffer a lot
when you have to make a tough call and you’re not sure how to do it it just
really sucks your energy the constant debate and mental chatter so today we’re
going to really address how to make those tough decisions and be 1000% sure
that this is the right decision for you so let’s break it down into two factors
the first is the type of decisions where you can be 100% analytical about so for
example you want to know what kind of domain server to use you know there’s so
much competition out there that you might get overwhelmed in the beginning
but at the end of the day you can really write a list of pros and cons talk to a
couple of people who have this different type of server versus another and just
come to a logical conclusion it can take some time but it’s not a make-or-break
your life kind of decision what we’re really going to talk about today is the
second kind of decision making which is the really difficult kind the one where
there is no clear answer the one where do I go to art
school do I go to med school do I start a family now do I wait a couple of years
what kind of partner am I gonna choose in this life am I gonna have someone who
works a lot or do I want to have someone who’s more chill am I gonna move to a
different country should I stay here and establish my life and these are choices
that are really difficult because they give you an opportunity for you to
decide who you want to be and there is no right answer there’s only the right
answer for you and if you are not able to be in tune with your you end up
becoming a drifter you might be a high-performing trip sir a
high-performance drifter is not that far from a regular drifter basically when
you get trapped into doing what is the safest bet in this life based on your
surrounding system of reward and Punishment either by your parents or
society or your immediate surroundings of friends and they praise you or
disapprove of your choices and you make the choices based on their praise and
you end up being really successful in life by feeling somehow deeply empty
inside you wake up one day wondering how you got here
why you have a hard time waking up and participating in life even though by
everyone else’s standards you are a total quote/unquote success so
what do I mean by high performance drifter basically you know these tough
decisions like I said it’s an opportunity for you decide who you want
to be in this life and if you don’t have the strength to be unapologetically you
and to move forward with what you want to how you want to live your life you
end up being trapped by the pros and cons already laid out by society by
different systems of rewards and punishments and what a drifter means is
that you end up picking what is the safest option so you end up picking
what’s the safest option and honestly I can’t think of anything sadder in your
life than to just live through Dogma which is based on the result of other
people’s thinking patterns instead of you doing what you truly want to do at the end of the day this guy sounds
cheesy but you really have one life to live and who else to live by by what
what you desire all the choices you may have led you to where you are in this
life at this moment and if you are right now in the midst of deciding your next
step whether it’s to start a family or make a career shift or what school
program you’re going to study and you’re not sure which way to go and you want to
really be aligned this is really the video for you we are going to deep dive
into a meditation that I promise you will give you the clearest answer clear
as day for you to move forward and I’ve also developed some tools for you after
if you want to blink download after so I have a resistance workbook because every
time you want to make a leap or you’re making a choice that doesn’t feel like
the safe choice but you know is the right choice for you you’re going to be
coming up to a lot of resistance so I have a resistance workbook I also have a
free ebook for you guys so that you can develop a really solid unconditional
self love for yourself and that really starts with how you speak to yourself so
definitely download that as well but what is really going to help you is this
guided meditation that we’re about to do so I want you to pause this video go get
a paper and pencil so that you can write the answer to your question as soon as
we’re done with the meditation and another thing that you want to think
about doing after the meditation aside from downloading these free
resources that I have provided for you is you want to have maybe a vision board
with people or situations that reflect your choice so if you want to stop and
not have a family right away or if you want to have a family right away and
you’re scared you don’t think look for people who are living the life that
really exemplifies this do not and for the love of God do not ask the opinion
of people who are not living the life you want to live this is the fastest way
to discourage you and to again get trapped by Dogma and to live under that
fear safe umbrella that’s kind of BS to be honest with you
and so you have the vision board every morning wake up look at it while you’re
having your cup of coffee or cup of tea and just reconnect with it because this
is a really great way to continuously establish that relationship between the
mind the vision and what you’re going to create in the world so without further
ado you have your paper and pencil good and we’re gonna do a guided meditation
and once we’re done with this so ask yourself a question before or think of
the situation right now that you’re in and you’re not sure what to do and after
this meditation the first answer that comes to your mind this is the right
choice for you do not psychoanalyze it to bits
this is a proven method it is the right choice for you and after that of course
it will be hard maybe especially if it’s going against everything that you know
to do what you want to do but I promise you it is so rewarding when you live
your most authentic life you end up being a more vibrant person I’m gonna
stop right here just do the meditation give me your feedback after if you are
having trouble manifesting or creating what you want to do the path that you
want to definitely message me I’ll link my personal email below and I am or it
is so excited for you that you clicked and that you’re going to do this
meditation without further ado let’s do this all right so I want you to start by
sitting comfortably place a pillow behind you or a yoga box so you can sit
up straight and I want you to start rolling your shoulders back and forth
and letting go of any tension put your arms to the sky and move from side to
side adjust your clothing however you may need and I’ll start closing your
eyes and I want you to concentrate on really relaxing that jaw line move it
around if you need to but definitely let go of any tension you might be holding
there and I also want you to relax your forehead
any tension that might be there consciously wiping off and especially
between your eyebrows because this is where I want you to focus your gaze for
this guided meditation now start breathing deep into your chest and from
your nose hold for a few seconds and release and as you release I want you to
let go of your shoulders just a little bit more and you can even take your
breath all the way into your stomach let’s try it one time one time together
into your nose all the way to your stomach hold and release we hold our
stomachs in all day so by allowing us to breathe deeply into it it does bring a
deep sense of comfort now bring your left hand over your heart and you can
place your right hand over your left hand and you can also alternate by
putting your right hand on your solar plexus which is your power chakra and
this could help the energy between the heart and the solar plexus move a little
more because it can get a bit tense when we’re trying to make these difficult
decisions now for the next three minutes I really want you to focus on taking
these deep breaths and concentrate on three happy memories they can be
anything so start thinking of a moment where you felt so much joy happiness
peace alignment maybe you are laying by the beach maybe it was a really nice
date or a movie night or perhaps it was a really big anniversary and just start
going through every detail of this moment what are the smells that you
remember smelling what were the feelings that you had in your body did you have a
big smile on your face were you dancing around what were the words that were
coming out of your mouth and just start replaying all of these moments for the
next three minutes and I’ll come back from
time to time to remind you to breathe but really do a deep dive in remembering where you were when this
happy memory was occurring all the words that you are hearing or the thoughts
that you were thinking and really just let your body feel that happy emotion
the excitement maybe even the feelings of success let that energy really take
over your body and I want you to take now a really deep breath again and as
you exhale I want you to just let go of where you are right now and really go
into that moment really juice it in what were you seeing who are you talking to
do you remember the clothes that you were wearing do you remember the season
that it was outside was it night or was it day feeling the love that you felt in that
moment feeling blessed and grateful think the universe that that moment
happened in your life really think any person were yourself anything that had
to do at that moment and feel the gratitude over the joy the happiness now you’re coming in towards the end of
this meditation really take a deep breath again really feel that joyful
breath and then exhale and relax just a little bit more and start becoming
conscious of where you are right now in this room come back to reality and now
as you have this really amazing nassif your body start opening your eyes you
can start rolling your shoulders back move your body around and right now this
is the moment where you are ready to be honest with yourself and really seek the
truth and answer your question whatever this answer is I promise you your heart
has an intelligence of its own and it knows the best for you let it be and
write it down you got this you

24 thoughts on “3-Minute Guided Meditation to Make a Decision /Hard choices made easy! ENTER 2020 ON THE RIGHT PATH!

  1. I hope you enjoyed the meditation! Don't hesitate to do it a second time if needed! And let me know how it goes 🙂

  2. I LOVE this! I'm a great believer in meditation and there's a lot out there in terms of information, but what I really loved about this is the specificity around meditation for the purpose of decision making. This is HUGE and will help so many!
    I also love the practical advice you gave around the stories we tell ourselves around choices and decision making in general.
    Brilliant video!
    P.S. Not sure if you're into numerology/angel numbers and signs from the Universe but the fact that your video is 14:44 kept me watching more!
    New subscriber x

  3. This is fantastic Atena! I meditate daily and I can't wait to add this into my routine. Truly so grateful for your channel and resources! <3

  4. Nice video! I have to say I am glad you put the time for the meditation so I could skip to that. Do you know you can put a linked time stamp in your description?

  5. Love this! Meditation is so powerful. Such an amazing tool to stay grounded, focused and simply re-connect with oneself 🙂

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