#21 – Effectively Praying for our Needs and the Needs of Others

#21 – Effectively Praying for our Needs and the Needs of Others

let’s talk a little bit about
intercessory prayer because you know you talked about how often when
you get into that place of communing with the Lord a lot of our
needs kinda fall away but yet we have mandates in scripture like
pray for the peace of Jerusalem, remember those that are in
chains you know people ask us to pray, I
probably get more than most but people are constantly saying will you
pray for this, will you pray for that and I say I will, and I i feel like I’m a liar if I don’t so I’m you know what we do have things
outside of our own needs that require our prayers where does that enter into your prayer
life? Well I see it in Abraham’s life when God says that wonderful phrase
that everybody loves shall I hide from Abraham the things that
I’m going to do? Oh that phrase is huge to me because it’s not just a information there was an
invitation Abraham had communed with the Lord, had
rested with him, had eaten with him and then as he’s walking in the presence
he had been with God, God says shall I hide from Abraham the things I’m about
to do, I mean the sweet communion that Abraham had
with God, made God ask himself if he should keep something from him and
then their Abraham received from God, God’s
plans not just as information but a literal
invitation to affect the outcome and he did he
prayed specifically intercession for Lot. I
believe intercession is that way shown to us in Genesis 17 I
think it is as we’re with him and we commune with Him,
the Lord will begin to say shall I hide from Daniel what I’m going
to do, and there you can participate or enter into the things that are
specifically shared with you from the Lord as an invitation to affect their outcome
by prayer I have a hard time forcing burden for me burden comes from Him, I believe I don’t think we can make a burden and I
think we can work up a burden I think a burden comes when God speaks
into a man scripture actually puts together the
oracle of God and the burden of the Lord many of the prophets say the oracle of God came to me, the
burden of the Lord, so as God speaks into a man the man receives God’s
feelings concerning this thing so that he bears in himself the burden, the actual weight intercessory weight of the thing that
God has spoken to him but the the Voice is accessed by laying your head on his
chest so as we lay our head upon his chest we gain access to the divine treasure chest, So, I’ve got this pattern you’ve set out, which is pretty clear you’re not just going before the Lord and coming with a list of things to pray, obviously waiting to kind of
sense and hear what’s on his heart, you pray that back to him is that the only way that you do it or
are there things that you pray for everyday like your kids
or your wife every day you know, or is it only when you
sense a burden to do the majority probably ninety percent is
just feeling a burden but for instance if I hear somebody sick
your or something like that a young kid is sick or someone in the
family is sick or there’s issues going on, things that I know about
I will literally after worship or through worship offer them
to the Lord, I give you praise Thanksgiving, I worship you, I glorify you I ask you that this situation with Dan
will be solved if its a situation that I know of I’ll
bring it before Him, because I know we all have
these times we just know something is important you know what I mean? Somebody sends something to you
or whatever. I try not to let too much into that because I don’t want to eclipse
him, you know, I want everything to be in him and with him, you know so many
times we can put so much on ourselves that we’re carrying so much
stuff for him that we don’t even see him anymore I want everything to come from
him through him to go back to him. Do you think that
there are people who are intercessors, in other words they
have a special calling and a gift to pray for
others, and to pray for situations that are kind of different from you know any other
Christian yeah I do believe that as we lay on him
and as we rest in him he forms us into what we’re going to be
by giving us specific delight or desire or specific burdens. For instance, an
evangelist who lays his head on his chest, he hears souls, it’s all
he hears and the Lord says okay, this way. An intercessor, or someone who’s called to intercession lays his head on his chest and says I’ve got to weep for these people, you
know, I’ve got to they’re directed in their line of what
they actually are…a prophet has one concern, what is God saying, so
when he lays on the chest, all he hears is God’s voice,
what’s on God’s heart you know and you know prayer is intermixed
in all of it…Lord help me win souls or whatever, a teacher, a
pastor, you know whatever we are in God, will be heightened and directed in the sweet
place of worship and surrender even as the earth was formless in void
in the beginning and then the Holy Spirit hovered on the waters
and spoke and brought formation and light to what was dark
and formation to what was what was unformed, our lives are that way as
we are in his presence and he speaks and forms us
in that place not everybody’s a mountain, not everybody’s a
tree, you know the forming comes from the speaking in his presence

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  1. I do really like these videos, but I feel like the answers back to the questions is a bit too complicated sometimes. Maybe work a bit on that 🙂

  2. God lays on our heart what is on His heart and He works through us and based on our gifts or where we are….as vessels.

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