20 Minute Morning Meditation For Manifesting: Do this Every Day

20 Minute Morning Meditation For Manifesting: Do this Every Day

this morning meditation for manifesting when practice consistently can help you create the life of your dreams whether you are looking for a career change new relationship a change in location or even improved health this practice along with a strong belief in your desire and faith that it can happen can support you create a safe and tranquil environment for yourself and commit to your meditation practice daily and experience the many benefits of consistency set aside the next 20 minutes for yourself and start by acknowledging your motivations for this committed practice hello and welcome I'm Sara Raymond from the mindful movement here we are an oasis where you can come to tap into your inner peace positive mindset and the ability for self healing let's settle in to this daily morning meditation I invite you to make yourself comfortable find a position that you can be relaxed yet alert take a moment to connect with your motivation for coming to this practice without making any judgments or attaching to expectations consider what you want to manifest in your life take just a moment to let it sink in connect with the first thing that comes to mind no need to stay here too long let these thoughts go for now and begin to settle in to a relaxed presence become aware of your whole body in your environment notice where your body makes contact with the surface beneath you and become grounded since the weight of your body making a strong anchoring connection notice the fabric of your clothes on your skin or the areas of exposed skin feeling the air simply become aware of your experience in this moment scan your body for any areas of tension and use your attention to welcome a softening a sense of ease to move throughout your body as you observe your body soften and release any areas you are able become aware of your breath and its natural rhythm and let your focus settle on the sensations of your breath since whatever part of your breath is most prominent perhaps you notice the air flowing in and out through your nostrils or you might sense the rise and fall of your chest with each full cycle of breath maybe you are aware of the path the air takes once you breathe in stay with this focus as you relax deeper and deeper both body and mind the first aspect of your breath that you notice can be your reminder for this practice when you find your mind wandering as it will often do during meditation when your body is relaxed there is space for dreams and possibilities to arise you can more easily connect with your authentic self and your true desires as you become relaxed I will guide you through a manifesting visualization this practice is not about perfection or about reaching completion this is the planting of seeds and shifting of mindset towards the belief that you deserve that which you desire this is about experiencing faith things may not feel aligned with the life of your dreams right now and that's okay simply work with what you have and begin to move towards what you want you can't change the past so be careful not to dwell there or attach to expectations based on the past as you imagine the outcome of your manifestation you may see vivid pictures in your mind or you may find emotions arising within you you may have specific answers to some questions or they may come later connect with everything that is coming up for you today and open your awareness to possibilities as they arise in the future now remaining relaxed and grounded begin to think about what it is that you want see it in vivid detail if possible as if you are watching a movie or perhaps if you are not visual you might hear it as a story in your mind being told all about what it is that you want imagine this as if it is true for you right now feel it in your body as truth experience as much detail as is available to you right now consider what feelings and emotions would you have more of in your life in this vision what are the values and beliefs that are important to you that will allow you to manifest your desires visualize both the outcome and the process to get there if it is clear without getting attached to either these feelings from your visualization are already within you you can choose to call upon the feelings anytime you can create any life you want your dreams are within your grasp when you choose to reach connect with what is showing up for you now breathe that in remain connected with the positive excited state of this visualization connected with the building energy of possibilities for the future and at the same time become aware of what you want and why you might not believe that you can have it be mindful of this inner conflict where part of you may be thinking you cannot have what you want you don't deserve it or that it is impossible do not fight these thoughts accept them don't stay here too long without judgment let go of your past beliefs that could be holding you back no need for judgment we can't change the past but moving forward be willing to let go of those old beliefs perhaps visualize letting go of a leaf letting it drift into a moving River see your limiting beliefs go and now consider and accept all of the positive reasons why you do deserve what you want why you will get it and what you will experience when you manifest your desires stay connected with these positive reasons for a bit longer it is important to acknowledge both the good and the bad although you will make sure you have accepted all of the positives and the negatives let go of the negatives and focus on the positives think of this as watering the flowers rather than the weeds we focus on what we want more of and let go of what we want less of we can manifest what we focus on what we believe in and what we have faith can happen stay with this visualization of what you would like to manifest as if it is true for just a little longer connect with your authentic self and any feelings coming up and now let the visualization go and bring your awareness back to sense the surface below you once more take a moment to ground yourself after having this dreamlike experience and feel the weight of your body making a strong anchoring connection become rooted in this present moment fully since the room around you again invite in a deep cleansing breath filling up with the possibilities of new and breathe out fully letting go of old habits and negative beliefs take a moment to honor yourself and the time you have spent here today has the first step in the creation of your dreams continue to water the flowers not weeds focus on your positive beliefs with faith that you can manifest what you desire when your life is aligned with who you are deep down inside you let go of resistance and invite in the ease and flow of life's energy this alignment brings a clear purpose and fulfillment to your life commit to this manifesting practice daily until you reach your desires make decisions aligned with your values and nourish what feels good to you when you are ready open your eyes may you manifest all that you desire while remaining grounded in presence thank you for practicing with me today I hope you have a wonderful day for a powerful effect practice this meditation daily until you manifest your desires additionally stay tuned for next week's sleep meditation for manifesting that you can pair with this morning practice once it is published you can find the practice linked here and in the description box below

17 thoughts on “20 Minute Morning Meditation For Manifesting: Do this Every Day

  1. I really liked this meditation- I am trying to manifest a pain free body – feel vitality again so I can continue my fitness quests… Thank you πŸ™

  2. Thank you for this meditation! It is exactly what I needed today, therefore I know the universe is trying to send me what I need.

  3. i love your meditations and (try) to practice regularly. 'water the flowers not the weeds' 🌼❀ I can't help always drifting into sleep though.

  4. Just finished this meditation for the first time and will be incorporating more into my daily routine. I am new to meditation but everytime I listen to one of your guided meditations, I tend to have some powerful experiences. I'm so glad I came across your channel and I can't wait to continue my practice with your help. Good vibes always ✌🏻❀😊

  5. Thank you. This is the message I needed today. Also, I was able to practice in the woods next to a lake with water gently lapping- extra peaceful & thoughtful 😌. I look forward to practicing this one again.

  6. I kid you not, I'd sat down and was thinking about how best to begin visualizing some major aspirational goals since I'm amid tectonic shifts in my life, and here was your newest meditation to manifest anything. πŸ™ As I look back on the last 18 months or so, I find it of no coincidence that your meditations and guidance have been undergirding my turbulent waters and are there, continuing with good medicine, to assist me as I manifest what is at my truest heart. Without the gifts of your meditations and wise encouragements, I'm not sure that I would be ready to do this challenging but infinitely rewarding work yet. Thank you both, and Sara especially. Your words and voice and salving of spirit continues to be an incredible gift to me- and the community you're growing. πŸ’“

  7. Thank you soo much β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  8. I want to thank you from the deep of my spirit! Today we are facing an historical beginning in our country.this meditation brought me calm and clarity.

  9. Some powerful words… Love the focus on watering the Flowers and not the weeds in life. πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you so much!! I'm going through a few difficult situations right now and it's a bit overwhelming. This meditation is so helpful and I appreciate your time and encouragement. Thank you for everything you do!! πŸ€—β€οΈβ€οΈ

  11. Thank You Sarah! πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ˜Š
    You have a gift of making wonderful meditations. Thank you for sharing it with us!! πŸ˜‡

  12. β€œWhen your heart truly desires something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve that thing, simply because it is a desire that originated from the soul of the world –Paulo Coelho”.
    May you manifest all that you desire while remaining grounded in presence. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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