15 BEST 6Pack ABS Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)

15 BEST 6Pack ABS Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)

100 thoughts on “15 BEST 6Pack ABS Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)

  1. Holy monkey balls!! I just completed 3 sets. I know some exercises I did not do correctly because I’m sore from lifting at the gym. But I will continue. Thanks Chris💪🏻👍❤️

  2. Yes! This is awesome I can’t wait to try this. I’ve been doing your exercises for 2 weeks and I already have abs, feel stronger and can do more reps than when I started. This will fix my half mass human flag.

  3. And that makes me beyond frustrated and disappointed in myself, being a martial artist, lol—u have inspired me to train even HARDER now, thanku!👍🤗

  4. Chris thx a lot for your videos. I'm going through them and I'm feeling great day by day. Quick question do you have the intro song anywhere so I can listen to it or it's just designed for the intro of your videos.
    Thx for everything!
    Mad love, peace out! 👊🏼

  5. This got me sore in 1 day over night. Bette than what I was doing each day which was push-ups only. Love your vids bro they are really the best and the bring out the best in things

  6. hey, some tipps for the third Exercice? I still cant balance on my back, so i cant get my upper Body and my leggs in the same Moment to the air.

    thanks for this Training i do it now like 4 weeks every third day. and i can see the first results!

  7. Man all these 6 pax guys are so silly. You are the only cool 6 pax guy. Even i started to exercises with your videos. And really good music u do.Thanks for taking care of us 😉

  8. alright i followed all the 15 exercises step by step properly and the result is really very helpful and extremely effective but my stomach,legs,thighs are paining like hell frm 2 continuous days but now it has started recovering but i aint going to skip regular exercise cheers thanks buddy its really very helpful👍👍👍👍

  9. guys I have a question: if I am in the mass phase and therefore I am eating more and I am in caloric surplus, do I need to do exercises for the abdominals or is it useless and is it better to train them in the definition phase?

  10. I'm following these exercise daily. At first I could only do less than half. But as I improve I'm almost capable of doing this whole routine. Plus. I'm seeing improvements and shape of my body. Minor but it add ups. Let's do it Thenx athletes!!

  11. Me: Looking through the comments to see if this routine is 3 rounds
    Me: Didn't find that comment,' Starts to watch the video'
    After the video…
    "That is one round of the 6 pack abs workout routine"
    Why you do this to me…..

  12. Muito legal a série apresentada, acredito que se possa alcançar, bom nível de aptidão física em pouco tempo, basta treinar com dedicação e persistência!

  13. It really is crazy what being consistent can do. I can do those switching mountain climbers, knee to elbow, without stopping! About 1 month ago, I could hardly go for 10 seconds. Thanks Thenx, you are seriously helping me change my ENTIRE body

  14. when I do this 2:07, I don't feel tired, it's just that my waist feels like breaking. (only till 5 times) 🤕

    Okay, this is first time to me!

  15. So which are more effective these or the video you did using weights? You pretty much said the same about using weights? Just wondering.

  16. This is for fit people only. I was looking for make loose weight but something possible for me. My upperbody is heavier than my lower

  17. I’m 13 and I made this workout routine and there is 4 main days: 1st day is Arm workout day, 2nd day is Ab exercises, and 3rd day is Leg day, 4th day is a rest day where I can rest my soar body parts. Does anyone know if this is a good workout routine for a 13 year old boy?

  18. To be honest I'm not sweating on this 15 exercise so I add warm up 6 exercises after that I add 10 exercise for losing fat

  19. So the workout should be done without any rest between the exercises? I’m intermediate in Calisthenics, but I don’t think I can complete this workout without ANY rest between ex.

  20. I thought about this for a moment…I think I saw these exercises in someone's channel…that means those execise works…I'm not hating or something I mean if others do it too then…it kinda works…Right?!

  21. I have been doing these exercises for the past few weeks and it is making my abs more defined and noticeable. Just want to say a big thank you 🙏🏼

  22. I got 8 abs, i got one muscle near ribs it is like i had new set of ribs it is like fish gills. Side abs and i had body like bruce lee. But i don't have leg muscles. And calasthanics is very use full even in martial arts. Chris is awesome. 😊

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