10 Reasons You Should NEVER Meditate

10 Reasons You Should NEVER Meditate

she's infinite waters diving deep once again we are out here we're nature we got the birds all around us it is a glorious day and we are not meditating that's right we are not meditating ten reasons you should never meditate uh-oh we even had breakfast yet can I get a hello okay a lot of people ask me do I meditate of course I meditate I love meditating but meditation is not for everyone meditation is great for some people but terrible for others so as a psychologist I'm gonna share with you why meditation may not be for you as a counselor but also as someone who who loves the breathing that good ass prana baby the first reason you should never meditate is if you want to keep your current brain exactly like it is put your hand up if you don't want your brain to change whoa hands going up then don't meditate what say it again Joe meditate I warned you are you meditating now you've got a whole new brain in 2011 the great dr. Sarah Lhasa of Harvard showed how just eight weeks what is eight weeks of meditation gives you a whole entirely different brain increase cortical thickness in the hippocampus baby so now you got better memory oucampus deals with learning your emotions but more so a lot of people don't realize that amygdala decreases in size that's what she found out and the amygdala is linked to fear are you always fearful the cat down the road is chasing you really fearful right now no yes so meditation does wonders did you know that people who are really depressed have a smaller hippocampus they are more prone to depression you have a smaller hippocampus who are more prone to be depressed so meditation increases what we call neurogenesis it gives you more brain cells to get your butt into nature baby the second reason you should never meditate because you don't want to do that is if you don't want to give up gulping that's right the food down on your plate at supersonic speeds don't worry it's not going anywhere anytime soon oh just eat it goodness sakes you just put it on just put it on your plate and you just where did it go nobody knows that was me along my early journey like as soon as I would see food on my plate would be gone in like five seconds oh my crown is our date back yeah it's not nice but if you don't want to give that up for some reason then don't meditate when I started to meditate what happened but once in my life seven day vegan challenge baby I was actually chewing the watercress like mmm not so good I was chewing my food and that meant I could be outside in nature and not spend eight hours on the toilet anymore meditation will help you form more intimacy with your food now you're getting personal with your food bring it on you don't want to do that okay let's keep going then the third reason you should never meditate is if you love constantly being in a rush you ever called someone busy where are you going busy what's your name busy yeah they're always busy they are like a cockroach on steroids so many of us we are in a hurry to get nowhere fast and that was me along my early journey so if you don't want to give that up then don't meditate because because what meditation actually does is that it slows you down well I was just speeding a minute ago no no no it slows you down they ask Buddha they said Buddha what have you gained from meditation what it was like nothing what yeah nothing but I've lost anxiety worrying it does wonders but the fourth reason you should never meditate is if you love your mind whole put your hand up if you are mindful no not mine for like mindful meditation what is meditation by the way when I talk of meditation I am talking about any activity that pulls you into the present moment to see what you are actually doing right now okay you got your mindful right now your not mindful you're not actually paying attention to what is happening right now you're thinking about what I call hot garbage if you don't want to give that up don't do it oh I won't don't don't do it no meditation when I started to meditate daily I realized the hot garbage I was thinking about was not serving me at all let go of circumstances people and places no longer serving you that's what meditation does in helping you become your greatest version you just flow with the wind so peaceful right now although the leave swaying back and forth Dada Dada the fifth reason you should never ever meditate is if you don't want to give up back chatting yourself like what's the worst thing you've ever said to yourself I'm terrible I said that I say that from time to time I'm no good sometimes I still say that but I let it go afterwards but if you don't want to let that go like back chatting yourself know meditate because when you meditate which is absorbing yourself into the present moment you stop judging yourself meditation is when you allow thoughts to come through you without judgment it is when you accept yourself a hundred percent slow motion outside and that means I get it you maybe said something you shouldn't have said you offended someone don't worry about it hopefully they'll forgive you hopefully probably one meditation will make you your best friend it does wonders the sick reason you should never ever meditate is if you don't want to give up that poor concentration you have that poor focus you have like a few months ago I met someone they told me their name and I actually remembered it for once but do you know that a few years ago when I wasn't meditating so much people would tell me their names and I would just completely forget but you see meditation once again increases the cortical thickness of your hippocampus baby of your hippocampus so that means it improves your memory you actually know what you want to do with your life or once the seventh reason you should never meditate is if you don't want to give up being constantly stressed always complaining then don't meditate how meditation helped me along my journey was that I realized I was just calm it D stressed me totally like meditation a meditation by the way it's not just sitting in a lotus pose singing Kumbaya with a bunch of grapes in your mouth no meditation is any activity that could be dancing singing whatever it is you're just so tuned into the power of now okay so you feel all the stress vanish that is what meditation will do for you that is what meditation does for you but if you don't want to give up always feeling stress well don't bother to meditate the eighth reason you should never ever meditate please don't do it is if you love breathing wait for it in wait for it that wait for it small whoa ask prana baby like are you just sniffing up air and that's it you love doing that you love it your look then don't meditate please please don't bother meditating when I never used to meditate I wasn't whoa breathing in that good ass Prada baby I wasn't breathing deep from the base of my spine and that's what meditation does for you it improves your cardiovascular health it boosts your immune system you're smiling you're more happy you're more abundant you become more successful that's what meditation does for you now the ninth reason you should never ever meditate is wait for it you don't want to give up blaming yourself I get it you can't get over what you did yesterday none and I've scrapped that you can't get over what you did last week then it's crap that you can't get over what you did three years ago and is haunting you to death don't worry about it now if you don't want to give that up always like blaming yourself right then don't bother meditating because you see meditation will show you in life in life everybody is worthy for a second chance but more so everybody gets a second chance and the more I started to meditate I realized meditation was just like a book you're writing with a pencil and ok you made a mistake you made a mistake I don't worry about it tomorrow it's a whole new day which means is the whole new other opportunity every day is a new start and that's what meditation shows you the tenth reason you should never ever meditate is what what are you living in the past you know what okay you don't want to give up living in the future – then don't meditate you don't want to do it you don't want it then don't meditate it's that simple but if you want to live in the present moment baby if you want to actually pay attention when you're driving if you want to have more confidence then meditate because you see meditation will take you out of the path take you out of the future and bring you back into the beauty of what is happening right now at this present moment right now I'm talking into a camera and it feels fantastic meditation will give you a sense of humor that's a bonus one but if you can't give up being serious all the time then don't bother meditating right and a lot of us were so serious because we think gosh our past defines us and we think that thinking about the future is going to make you happen no no no you got to start becoming present and making the best of this moment the future doesn't exist it's illusionary it's an illusion the past doesn't exist either the only thing that exists is right here right now and that's the beauty and the power of meditation whoa that one is for you breathing in that good oz Prada baby we're out here we're in nature it is just such a beautiful day I just want to go like thank you nature look at you have it have a beautiful day infinite waters diving deep once again stay well stay healthy you you

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  1. Or no one has time for mystical and mythological crap like this, meditation doesn't work at all.

  2. Been searching around to see cons of meditation, so I know the risks of going ahead, but I can’t find any. I want to change my brain and slow down, perfectly what I need.

  3. I love your message man!
    Thank you for your honest work that you do.
    You do inspire my self on my path of self awareness.
    May the Force be with you always.

  4. Get lost jack ass, your face is like my poop….. The most stupidest video ever seen. All videos like this should be banned for creating false impression on people.

  5. I not watch but I know what people do and try tell I give but . Think you know is lie you believe a truth still lie you tell you defend as truth .crazy most are me now to figuring out nuts and nuts itch crazy nuts .hear listen think if think you know obviously needs more thinking before can know or guess likely lie anyway . Let the breath need the mind hear the breath the mind will know believe you breath now you think you need the breath don't listen can't hear there breath believe you need a lie if makes cents pass on I tap out me say easy my ass figure out wtf people do I can't lie to me dumbass I say but many lie believe truth fight for lie they never even look only think they know

  6. Who else is watching this because the odd1sout talked about it in he seven day began baby solves all your problems

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