10 Minute Guided Meditation For Sleep And Relaxation

10 Minute Guided Meditation For Sleep And Relaxation

today’s meditation will guide us through
the body to help us release tension and stress
and promote healing relaxation find a quiet place where you won’t be
interrupted feel free to grab a blanket if you feel you may be cold find a
comfortable position whether that be laying seated with your legs crossed or
in a chair if you’re laying place your hands beside your body palms facing up
and open if you’re seated feel free to place your hands on your
lap take a moment to observe the breath as you inhale and exhale allow the breath to naturally
flow in through the nose out through the nose observe the sensation and observe
as you exhale you may notice the breath feels warm observe as it hits the upper
lip draw your attention to the belly as it
rises with your inhales and lowers with your exhales keep that free-flowing natural breath if
at any point your mind begins to wander say calm allow the thoughts to float out
as fast as they float in and come back to the observation of the breath with
every exhale begin to let your vessel become heavier more relaxed you bring your attention to the crown of
your head where we will envision a bright white warming loving light this
light is pure filled with unconditional love comfort and reassurance allow this light to begin entering the
crown of the head flowing into the forehead the back of the head begin to
feel the forehead relaxed as the head becomes heavy if your eyes are opened
allow them to gently close the light begins to make its way into the jaw
maybe your lips and teeth begin to slightly part you allow this warm light to fill into the
neck shoulders and upper back take a slow deep breath in on the exhale
release any tension in the shoulders the upper back sinks deeper back and
shoulders become heavy with each exhale the light flows through the arms all the
way into the fingertips the hands become heavy fingertips begin to naturally curl you may feel warmth numbness or tingling
sensations throughout the hands and fingers this is a completely normal
occurrence simply allow end up serve the light begins to travel into the
torso slow deep inhales begin to release tension within the chest and ribcage this warm loving light begins to hug the
belly all the way around to the low back maybe the low back becomes heavy as you
fully exhale you light travels into the hips and thighs feel the hips become heavy the knees
fully relaxed as the light flows all the way through the calves into the feet and
toes the feet maybe get heavier you may start to feel numbness or tingling
simply allow and observe allow the body to fully surrender you feel free to remain here as long as
you’d like we’re begin to bring your awareness back
to the breath as we begin to wake up the body start by wiggling the toes and
fingers maybe bend the knees slow gentle
movement rocking the knees side to side when you’re ready with your eyes closed
roll to the right side take a moment here full inhale full exhale smile
give gratitude give thanks to self for giving yourself this time for you next inhale slowly come up to see it

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  1. OMG what a beautiful relaxation, Teacher Bird …. You really have a beautiful and calmed voice 😊😊😊😊 … Thanks for all 😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏

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